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Why Do you Need a Sense of Urgency



You have to create a sense of urgency in your life, coming from the realization that you do NOT have forever.

You can often be caught up in your so called “thoughts about improvement” and you know that deep down inside you, you will never take any real steps to improve.

If you lack a true sense of urgency, trust me you will face the danger of living in unfulfilled dreams and you don’t want that.

1- Setting Deadlines Help you to Implement a Sense of Urgency

You can not allow yourself to put your dreams or goals aside.

By instauring deadlines, it will help you a lot to create a sense of urgency and to get your things done.

Deadlines will allow you to prioritize what you want to do because your time is so limited in your life.

It will also push you through all the steps you need to do to accomplish your goals.

As deadlines can be  constraining, the best thing is to reward yourself each time you acheive one of your deadline.

This way you will keep your motivation along the way.

2- How Do You Create in yourself a Sense of Urgency ?

Here are some steps you can already implement to create this within you:*

  • Think on a constant basis that your life goes fast and you don’t know how many days left you have to life.
  • Watch and regiter your progress along the way. Then adjust and do the changes that you need
  • Find your own actions and strategies for raising your urgency levels.
  • Take a lot of action and always stay focused on what is important for you
  • Monitor progress and adjust where and when necessary.

The choice is yours. Either you waste your life by watching your life as a spectator or simply create RIGHT NOW a true and

unique sense of urgency within you, allowing you to truly live your life.

Using Visualization will also help you a lot:

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