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Fruit Juice

Why Fruit Juice Could be Bad for You



There is a big misconception about fruit juice.

You hear again and again the same sentence : “Eat more fruits, they are good for you”

And this sentence is true to an extend, like almost everything in life, you have to pay attention to details.

In the years 1980 to 1990, we used to consume around 15g of Fructose per day (mostly from fruits). Today we eat like 75g, which is 5 times the amount, often from refined sugars (sodas, fruits drinks…)


1-Fruit Juice can have a lot of Fructose

Fructose is a type of sugar which most of it can only be metabolized by the liver.

And the fructose ingested will be transformed into glycogen and stoed in the liver, ready to use it as soon as it needs it.

But when the liver is completly full of glycogen (it can store around 100g), the next fructose ingested will be turned into fat by the liver.

It can be an issue if you want to stay very lean.

But that’s not it. Fat is not only the issue.

By eating too much fruits causing fructose to turn into fat into the liver, some fat can stay there and not get out wit the time.

This can lead to Fatty Liver Diseases (FLD) which are booming nowdays, with persons consuming exess amount of fructose.

Excess amount of fructose can be also lead to problems like diabetes, metabolic syndromes and obesity


2-Prefer Taking Fruits instead of Fruit Juice

Consuming fruits instead of consuming fruit juice is a no brainer.

Fruits contain water and fibers, and it will be difficult to eat too much fructose by eating only fruits.

So although it can bevery convenient, a real piece of fruit is much better than fruit juice.

You will get all the antioxydants and keep the natural fiber.


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