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What is Calisthenics Training?




What is the Best Calisthenics Workout Routine?

Calisthenics training is a type of training you can do with no added weights or if you don’t have access to a gym with weights or machines. You can do different exercises when doing calisthenics and this type of workout routine can be done as a stand-alone workout or with your regular fitness routine. It can be tailored to fit a beginner, intermediate, or even an advanced trainee. Keep reading to learn some of the best exercises in a calisthenics exercise routine.

Upper Body Exercises


When concentrating on upper body exercises, the best ones to do are pushups and pull-ups. Pushups are a good exercise to build muscle in your shoulders, chest, and triceps. They also work on enhancing your core stability as well as your muscular endurance.



When doing pull-ups, you are working on your grip, biceps, and your back muscles. Doing pull-ups are a great way to test your upper body strength.


Mix it Up a Little

When doing these two exercises, you don’t have to stick with the regular version of either one. For pushups, try mixing it up a little by doing different versions of it like clap pushups and T pushups. You can also use a stability ball or a medicine ball and you can also try doing them with one arm instead of two. Mixing it up can be a lot of fun!


When mixing up the pull-ups routine, try doing them on a tree branch or a couple of gymnastic rings. You can also try changing up the width of your grip to mix things up a little bit.


Lower Body Exercises


The squat is one of the most popular lower body exercises out of all of the rest of them. You can also mix it up with squats by doing them a little different each time you do them. You can also change your feet arrangement and the speed with which you are doing them. Not only this but you can even try what they call Tabata Squats. These kinds of squats are the fast type where you test yourself to see how many you can do within 20 seconds. There are also one-legged squats that you do with just one leg. One-legged squats are also known as pistols. These exercises are good for strengthening your lower body.



Lunges are another great lower body exercise you can do when doing calisthenics. They are a little complicated but can also be fun at the same time. They sure can be a challenge. You can do lunges by taking a big step forward, and lower your body until your leg is parallel to the floor. Although this exercise concentrates mainly on your quads, it is also a good exercise for many other muscles as well.


If you don’t have access to a gym, weights, or machines, why not take a shot at some calisthenics exercises and see how good they make you feel? Doing upper body and lower body exercises will work your entire body,  making you feel great when you are done!


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