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How to Wake up Early: 5 Simple Strategies to Conquer Your Alarm Clock



Wake up early and your life will never be the same.

I promise you that.

Easier said than done ?

Yes, if you don’t know yet the tips I will give you now.

1- Wake Up Early by Making this Promise to Yourself

You have to have deep inside you the need to become better.

It is crucial

By really knowing that getting up early is something that will
tremendously help you, you will be happier doing it.

Remember some people wonder every day how they
can live longer.

But you can already do that !

Imagine the benefits for you of having 2 hours more
each day to do what you want.

You win a full YEAR of life every 12 years !

That’s around 5 years more in your lifetime !

Imagine all the things you can do in 5 years…

Let’s start now.

2- Decide How to Fill your New Morning Hours

What do you want to do ?

Sports ? Cultivate yourself ? Read ? Meditate ?

By knowing very clearly how to fill your new precious time,
it will get you even more excited to do whatever you want.

Because when it is early in the day…

…nobody can bother you !

So choose now what you want to do, whatever it is.

3- Stay Positive Whatever the Hours of Sleeping  You are Getting

You can sleep whatever hours you want: if you consider that
when you wake up you won’t have enough sleep, you will
wake up very tired.

Even if you sleep 9 hours and you tell yourself it won’t be enough,
guess what ? You desire comes true. You feel bad when you wake up.

Just tell yourself you will be fine and begin to change your associations
in your mind by feeling within yourself positive vibes.

It works very well.

4- Have a Morning Ritual to Help You to Wake Up Early

Your morning ritual is key because it allows you to transform the
process of waking up early into something automatic.

You won’t have to do any kind of efforts after to wake up early.

It will be automatic.


-5:30 = Wake Up
-5:30 to 5:45 = Meditate
-5:45 to 6:00 = Read an Inspirational Book

And even it is basic actions such as drinking water, write
them down because it is important at the beginning to have
a good process really installed in you.

5- Put Your Alarm Clock Very Far Away From You

If you place your alarm clock far away from your bed, you will have
to get up to turn it off.

By standing up, your brain wakes you up very quickly putting you in a
different state.

After this I advise you to enter directly in a other room to further
the process.

Now if you do already wake up early but you want to have more focus:

–>Click Here to Improve Yourself<–

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How to Always Be in a Good Mood



good mood


How to always be in a good mood.

Learn what to do to feel better in your life.

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3 Great Ways to Enhance Your Life and Obtain your Goals



improve life

In life you have the choice: either you want to progress, to discover new things about yourself, to improve your life on a daily basis… or you can just wait that something magic happens to you.

Choose right now to decide a part of the fade of your life, and I guarantee you that your life will improve every day.

You just need to implement these 4 top ways for improving yourself and getting what you truly want and desire in life.


1- Have a Daily Exercice Routine Habit

Choose a moment during your day, where you know you will always have the time to do at least 10 minutes of exercises.

You are working with your mind every day, your body also needs a bit of training, if you want to stay healthy.

Choose whatever activities you like the most: running, swimming, going to the gym…

2-Read Every Single Day

Books are an amazing source of knowledge to improve your life and really focus on what makes you happy.

Almost every successful people are reading a lot.

Here are 3 good books you can start to read right now:

-The Way of the Superior Man
– Think and Grow Rich
-The Power of Now


3-Wake  up as Early as you Can

When you wake up early, nobody will bother you. Thus, you will have all the necessary time to do whatever thing you want to accomplish.

You are totally free to do it.

Morever, you will teach your mindset to continue to stay productive during the rest of the day


Do not limit yourself to these 4 ways of improving your life, and choose whatever things you need to go further.


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Great Ideas to Stay Motivated to Work Out and Eat Healthy Every Day




stay motivated

When it comes time to workout, sometimes we could use a little extra motivation. This also goes for eating healthy every day. There are so many temptations in front of us all the time. However, if you want to be healthy and stay healthy to live longer, you will need to stay away from temptation.


Getting motivated and staying motivated is easy to do if you really put your mind to it and stick with it. If you really want to lose weight and stay healthy, you will do whatever it takes to do this for yourself. Remember, this is your health and you must have control over it.


In order to stay motivated and keep healthy to be able to live longer, you will need to push yourself and keep telling yourself that you can do this. You Got This! Here are some great ideas to stay motivated to work out  and eat healthy every day.

Put Your Workout Clothes On for No Reason


You might think you don’t have a reason for putting them on because you don’t feel like working out. However, once you have them on and notice how nice you look in them, this will motivate you to get yourself in gear and get that workout started. Not only this, but once your family and friends see you in your special workout clothes, you will have to work out because if not, they will wonder why you are wearing them. You don’t want that to happen because it could be embarrassing for you. So, get out there and get your workout done!

Write Down How You Feel After Your Workout


Writing down how you feel after each workout can really motivate you to get your workout in every single day. How does this work so good to motivate you? Because when you wake up each morning, read the paper you wrote down how you felt when working out on and it will make you want to workout even if you don’t feel like it as soon as you wake up. This is because working out makes you feel great afterwards and if you read the text, you will remind yourself that you will feel really good once the workout is done.

Keep in Mind Why You Started in the First Place


Keep in mind and remember why you started in the first place. Do you have goals? Did you start working out for weight loss, building muscle, or just to be healthy all around? Whatever the reason for your workouts, keep the reason in mind and make sure to always think about that reason every time you try to get out of doing a healthy workout. Write your reason down if you need to and keep that paper or whatever you wrote it down on with you all the time, especially when you are trying to talk yourself out of getting your exercises done.


Keeping these tips in mind when needing to ensure you stay with your regular workout and healthy eating routine is very important because these tips can help keep you on track.


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Happiness: Good or Bad For Your Health ?





Many people may be wondering, although it is true and a fact that happiness is good for your health, can it also be bad for your health? Yes, to both! Being happy doesn’t only give you a better quality of life and a healthier life, it can also be bad for your health in some ways. Read more to find out how happiness can be both good and bad for your health at the same time and how to find a balance between the two.


How Happiness is Good For You


It is good for your heart. Those who are happy, have a lower heart rate and a lower blood pressure. Meaning, they don’t have problems with high blood pressure which can lead to a whole lot of different health problems, including stroke and heart attacks.


Being happier in life is also good for your immune system. It actually makes it stronger. Have you ever met someone who is always in a bad mood and also gets sick a lot? This is because they stress over too much and this can cause them to get sick. A research study was done and it found that those who thought more positive thoughts, were less likely to even get a little cold. This is compared to those who think negative more often, who also get sick a lot more often as well. It actually makes a lot of sense, if you think about it.


How Happiness Can be Bad for You


Although being truly happy is associated with better health and a better overall quality of life, there are times when being happy can be bad for your health too. I know it doesn’t sound like the two should go together. However, being too happy can lead to you being less creative, and even less safe or cautious about things.


This actually makes sense because if a person is too happy, or is experiencing mania, which is a high level of energy, they can get careless, thinking they can tackle anything that comes their way. They also tend to think less creative and are not able to solve problems as good as those who experience moderate levels of happiness.


Being happy is not suited for every situation either. This means that if you are in a spot where you should be experiencing anger or sadness, but you are happy instead, this means you are too happy and need to take it down a notch. We often experience times and things that make us mad or sad and this is a normal part of life.


Looking for happiness can cause you to find the opposite. How does this work? If you are trying too hard to make yourself happy, you could make yourself feel just the opposite.


How to Balance it All Out


One thing is for sure, too little happiness is just as bad as too much happiness. Because of this, you should find a good medium and just be a regular happy person who doesn’t think they can conquer the world every single time in every situation. Secondly, there is a time and a place for being happy. If you are in a situation where you should be mad or upset about something, let these emotions come to light. It is a healthy balance to be mad, sad, and happy when the time calls for it. The saying goes; there is a time and a place for everything and everything has a place.


What do you think about this?

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Can an Increase in Sunshine Make People Happier?





The answer to this question is a definite, YES! Why is it, that getting more sunshine can make people happier? There are several reasons for this and not only does it make you happier emotionally but increases your physical well-being as well.


One major reason is that when we are outside in the sun doing different things like gardening, playing games and enjoying sports, and fishing and swimming, we are happier because we are enjoying ourselves whether we are alone, or better yet, with other people who also make us happy. However, there are other reasons, as well. Have you heard of SAD? Or Seasonal Affective Disorder? SAD is a seasonal depression that happens to people in the winter months. The reason we are subjective to SAD during the colder months, isn’t because of the cold, however. The main reason many of us experience SAD during the winter months is because of the lack of sunshine we get.


Often times, we would prefer to stay under the covers rather than going outside to deal with the cold. Although many of us cannot do this because of work and life overall, some people do stay in bed all day. It isn’t just because we don’t want to deal with the cold, though, but rather the problems that come with SAD. SAD is a form of seasonal depression and being depressed makes us prefer to sleep all day.


Health, Happiness, and the Connection to the Sun


Not only does being outside doing different things either alone, or with other people, make us happier, but the increase in sunshine also provides the serotonin we need to improve our moods. Thing about it this way, once our brains recognize sunshine, our levels of serotonin increases, making us happier. However, once the sunshine is gone and it gets darker outside, this is when our levels of melatonin increases, which promotes sleep.


Not only does sunshine make us happier but it can also make us healthier too. This is because getting our daily dose of sunshine provides us with our daily dose of Vitamin D as well. Vitamin D can promote bone health and growth and cell health and growth.


Another reason for getting more sunshine making us healthier and happier, is because it makes us want to eat better for making ourselves feel better, overall. Promoting a healthier diet can make anyone happier because being healthier by eating right can give us more energy to do the things we need and want to do throughout the day. This makes us feel accomplished which is yet, another reason we are happier and healthier.


Although it can be easy to forget about getting more sunshine because of the advancement in technology these days, it is detrimental to living a better life. Make sure you get outside more often, getting out in nature. Although with the invention of synthetic light, we often forget to do so. However, getting outside in nature is more fun, don’t you think?


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Living Longer and Being Happy: Is There a Connection?




living longer


Can a positive attitude and being an overall happier person, make you live longer? Is there is a connection between being a more positive, and happier person, and living a longer life? Yes, there is a connection! This is great news for the optimists in the world!


According to a study done at Carnegie Mellon University, those who are happier and overall, more positive people, can increase their chances of a longer, and better quality of life. Why is this true? The main reason is because you don’t worry as much as those who think negative and are not happy with their life. In other words, because you get over things faster than those who make mountains out of molehills, and don’t stress as much as those who tend to stress about every little thing that goes wrong with them, your body doesn’t swell up as often or at all, for that matter and you don’t get sick that often.


When this study was done, many people were given the cold and flu virus while participating in the study. According to the study, those who received the cold and flu virus and those who thought positive more often about life, got healthier faster. This is opposed to those who thought negative more often whereas, they tended to stay sick longer.


Inflammation and Being a Positive Person


Not only did the study find that those who thought positive more often, get better quicker than those who thought negative more often, but the study also found that if you tend to worry a lot, stressing over every little thing there is, your body tends to swell up and this is inflammation. Inflammation can cause people to die sooner because our bodies retain water and this can go to our hearts and kill us. However, those who think more positive about their overall life and just the same as those who are happier, tend to be healthier without the problem of inflammation, meaning their bodies don’t swell up as much or at all, and they tend to live a longer and better quality of life.


It does make a lot of sense if you think about it. It makes perfect sense because when we stress over even the smallest of things, we can easily get sick and stay sick. Stress can kill people! It has been proven many times. Stress is a bad thing overall for our hearts, our emotional well-being, and our lives, period!


How You Can Leave Stress Behind and Live Longer Too?


There are a couple of easy ways to leave the stress behind, which makes us sick and can easily kill us if we get too stressed, and live a longer, and happier life.


One way is to count your blessings every single day for at least one month. Every day, sit down and think about what you are most thankful for in your life, and write these things down. Read them over and think about each thing and why you are thankful for them. Doing this every day for one month can give you a better outlook on life.


Another thing you can do is, instead of making mountains out of molehills, try the opposite for one week. Try making molehills out of mountains instead. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff!


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Personal Development

How To Stay Focus Almost All the Time



how to keep focus

Why should you stay focused ? Why is it so important to focus ?

Because the first step to achieving your goals and dreams, you have to stay on your own road.

If you go all over the place, nothing gets done and your true priorities are left behind.

Here we will see how you can really focus.


1- Focus by Avoiding Distractions at All Cost

If you want to really focus, your greatest enemy is distraction.

For example, when you exercise or go to the gym, please don’t look continually at your phone or your surroundings.

If you want to look around to see what everyone is doing or worse to ask yourself what everyone is thinking about you, you
will never be focused very long.

Same thing at home, I know it is very easy to do it nowadays with smartphones, but don’t check your emails or your social network every minute.

These are BIG distractions.


2 – Don’t multitask To Focus More

You may have heard that multi-tasking is very good because you can do everything at once.

Sorry, but it is not the case.

The truth about multitasking is that it brings you a lot of confusion to your brain and slows you down a lot.

Because you will never be totally engaged in one task, and thus lose your focus.

A lot of studies have been made about multitasking and they globally find that people who multitask perform more poorly that people who don’t.

So althought it can be tempting, don’t fall into the trap of multitasking.


3- Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is also a big enemy of your focus.

If you delay continually your projects or your activities, things will never be really done.

It will always be the next day, the next week or the next month,… but deep inside you, you know that nothing is changing.

You may say you work best under pressure. This is something that can be good, just to set a deadline.

And once you have accomplished your task, it’s important to reward yourself.

This way you will make a positive reinforcement for yourself, which means more motivation for you

Once you begin to have more focus, you can combine it with the power of visualization

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Why Do you Need a Sense of Urgency



You have to create a sense of urgency in your life, coming from the realization that you do NOT have forever.

You can often be caught up in your so called “thoughts about improvement” and you know that deep down inside you, you will never take any real steps to improve.

If you lack a true sense of urgency, trust me you will face the danger of living in unfulfilled dreams and you don’t want that.

1- Setting Deadlines Help you to Implement a Sense of Urgency

You can not allow yourself to put your dreams or goals aside.

By instauring deadlines, it will help you a lot to create a sense of urgency and to get your things done.

Deadlines will allow you to prioritize what you want to do because your time is so limited in your life.

It will also push you through all the steps you need to do to accomplish your goals.

As deadlines can be  constraining, the best thing is to reward yourself each time you acheive one of your deadline.

This way you will keep your motivation along the way.

2- How Do You Create in yourself a Sense of Urgency ?

Here are some steps you can already implement to create this within you:*

  • Think on a constant basis that your life goes fast and you don’t know how many days left you have to life.
  • Watch and regiter your progress along the way. Then adjust and do the changes that you need
  • Find your own actions and strategies for raising your urgency levels.
  • Take a lot of action and always stay focused on what is important for you
  • Monitor progress and adjust where and when necessary.

The choice is yours. Either you waste your life by watching your life as a spectator or simply create RIGHT NOW a true and

unique sense of urgency within you, allowing you to truly live your life.

Using Visualization will also help you a lot:

–>Click Here To Discover the Power of Visualization<–

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How to Use The Power of Visualization



The most successful persons use visualization every single day to accomplish their goals.

I really want to show you that you can use the power of visualization everyday to obtain whatever you desire.

1-Why Visualization is so Important

You can really program your mind and your body to do almost anything that you desire, with the power of your imagination. Now of course as humans, we have some physical limits like breathing under water or flying in the air.

But apart from your physical limits, you are only limited by your mind.

You just can’t have something in your life without first visualizing or imaging it.

It’s not «  I will believe it when I see it. » like you will hear all the time, it is exactly the opposite. You will see it when YOU BELIEVE IT.

2-How does Visualization Work ?

As weird as it can be for some people, your brain does not distinguish the difference between the image of the event and the actual event.

For your mind, whatever you imagine becomes your reality. That’s why some people have everything they want in their lives, because they have a complete trust in their own imagination and their own abilities.

The more you add sensations, feelings and emotions and the more powerful your visualization will be. It doesn’t really matter if you can’t always get a vivid image, but what is REALLY important is that you really have to FEEL your experience.

3-What Can I Do to Improve my Visualization ?

First you really have to relax yourself, relax every part of your body: your neck, back, chest, arm, thighs…

Make yourself really confortable, lying down for example or sitting and cut all distractions possible. Also Breathe deeply.

With a little training, you can really improve your visualization.

Then start by imagining yourself in a place that you already know. The more familiar the environment, the easier it will be for you to begin with. And after, little by little, you start to add things that you want in your visions. Don’t limit yourself. It is your mind and your life. Put here whatever things you want to have.

At the end you really have got to go into the details. The details of mental imagery is very important, even often more than the vividness of an image.

The more details you add, the more real it is for your unconscious mind.


Use and practice visualization and imagination everytime you can. You have to really do it.

I will show and teach you later in other articles or videos advanced techniques.

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How to Get Motivated When You Have no Energy




How can you get more motivated in your life ? Are you lacking some motivation ?

If you want to create motivation within yourself, you have to know what you really want in the first place.

Don’t think yet how you will get it, that comes later.  Just decide what you REALLY want, being as clear as you can be.

Then you have to think about WHY you want it. Your WHY has to be found deep down inside you, like a burning reason.

Stronger and more powerful than anything, whatever people may think about it or about you.

With these 2 actions, you will have your motivation that is only personal to YOU. Your OWN motivation.

You know now what you want and why. Most people don’t. But not YOU, you will have a clear path towards your goals now.

So here is the sum up of these 2 simple steps you can easily follow:


1-Get Motivated by Finding what You Truly Want (Step 1)

You have to be totally clear about it. Your clarity of vision is key here before moving to the second step.

You can begin by making a list of the top 3 things you actually want right now. Write everything down.

It will help you to have something concrete on paper and makes it more real to you.

You will be able to look at it regurlarly, like a reference point.


2-Get Motivated by Thinking WHY You Really Want it (Step 2)

If your reasons to want it are big enough, the “how” does not really matter at the beginning. Even you don’t know how to

have it, just desire strongly. Creating a strong motivation inside you comes much more easily when you really know what you desire at first.

Your habits will also change accordingly.

Click Here Now if You Want to Change or Improve your Habits

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3 Quick Tips To Be More Focused at The Gym Instantatly



It is so important to stay completely focused at the gym during your training. The more you learn to have a good focus, the more the results will come.

It is a learning process and very worthwhile.

Here are some quick tips to have a very good concentration:


1-Learn your Best Way to Be Focused

To learn your best way to be focused, you have to know yourself a minimum.

Do you have mental pictures of your goals in your head while you train ? Does listening to your favorite music motivate you during your training ? Do you prefer to perform alone or with other people ?

I would like you to remember a time when you felt very focused, with no distractions whatsoever. Remember the conditions of that event, and see if you can pick some elements for your training.

Focus internally on your motivation, confidence, behavior and your emotions and feelings and you will have a very good control on yourself


2-Be Focused More By Getting out of your distractions

Right before your training and as soon as you  begin your workout, you must have a clear picture of your goal. Why exactly are you here ? What is important for you by doing your activity ? Find it out.

Please don’t use your phone. Don’t be the person who’s checking social media apps during the training. You will have all the time in the world to do so later.

Don’t be distracted by other people in your gym, even if it is crowded. One way it’s to stop talking that much. It is ver easy to get stuck in a conversation, so don’t begin one


3-Be Focused Completly on the Process

When you decide to focus completly on the process of doing your sport, you will have less distractions and doubts in your mind.

You have to be totally in the present moment. Any thought that does not contribute to perform what you is ineffective and useless.

Instead be focused on the actions you very need.

Focusing on the process allow you to focus on what you can control


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Why Habits Are So Important to Get the Body you Desire



Habits are Very Important.

Almost all successful people have very strong habits, which they can rely for every single day.

More than 90% of your doing every day are just routines, including your nutrition and sport ones.

What you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, how long do you exercice and how often… on a daily basis, will dictate the shape of your body.


1- You Become What you Do Daily With Your Habits

A lot of people think that being successful is how much your work. Or they may say that it comes from intelligence or natural talents.

But nothing will beat persistance and determination.

When you are very self-disciplined and organized, you can really shape your whole life to an extend you can’t even imagine.

By implementing new good rituals in your life, you will be able to have consistent and purposeful actions toward your goals.

The good thing is that you choose your habits and do new routines that will allow you to reach what you truly want.


2-Create New Fitness Habits

A lot of people have difficulties to create their habits. That is because you don’t break your old bad ones. You just replace them with good ones.

So the good habit will replace and overcome the bad one.

Now comes what I want you to do. Write a list of all your bad habits that you want to change. Like for example eating junk foods, not training enough, not eating well in a restaurant

Once you are done,  do the same with the good ones you would like to have such as controlling your hunger, exercising regularly, eating healthy fats…


3- Putting your New Good Habits in Action

Now that you know what fitness routines you want to implement, you have to set a goal. You need to have a broader vision. It can be : losing 10 pounds, gaining 15 pounds of muscle, getting rid of my belly fat

Are the good habits that your wrote directly linked to your goals ?

If so, it’s perfect, and if it’s not you have now to write new good ones that are directly link to the realization of your goal.

If you goal is to lose fat, your new habits might be to eat only 50 carbs a day, to perform fasted cardio 4 times a week and to do intermittent fasting.

Then you have to stick to what you wrote. Be totally committed and to track your results every day, because you are what you do everyday.

Let me know in the comments what routines you would like to implement in your life and how you plan to replace your bad habits.


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