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How to Wake up Early: 5 Simple Strategies to Conquer Your Alarm Clock



Wake up early and your life will never be the same.

I promise you that.

Easier said than done ?

Yes, if you don’t know yet the tips I will give you now.

1- Wake Up Early by Making this Promise to Yourself

You have to have deep inside you the need to become better.

It is crucial

By really knowing that getting up early is something that will
tremendously help you, you will be happier doing it.

Remember some people wonder every day how they
can live longer.

But you can already do that !

Imagine the benefits for you of having 2 hours more
each day to do what you want.

You win a full YEAR of life every 12 years !

That’s around 5 years more in your lifetime !

Imagine all the things you can do in 5 years…

Let’s start now.

2- Decide How to Fill your New Morning Hours

What do you want to do ?

Sports ? Cultivate yourself ? Read ? Meditate ?

By knowing very clearly how to fill your new precious time,
it will get you even more excited to do whatever you want.

Because when it is early in the day…

…nobody can bother you !

So choose now what you want to do, whatever it is.

3- Stay Positive Whatever the Hours of Sleeping  You are Getting

You can sleep whatever hours you want: if you consider that
when you wake up you won’t have enough sleep, you will
wake up very tired.

Even if you sleep 9 hours and you tell yourself it won’t be enough,
guess what ? You desire comes true. You feel bad when you wake up.

Just tell yourself you will be fine and begin to change your associations
in your mind by feeling within yourself positive vibes.

It works very well.

4- Have a Morning Ritual to Help You to Wake Up Early

Your morning ritual is key because it allows you to transform the
process of waking up early into something automatic.

You won’t have to do any kind of efforts after to wake up early.

It will be automatic.


-5:30 = Wake Up
-5:30 to 5:45 = Meditate
-5:45 to 6:00 = Read an Inspirational Book

And even it is basic actions such as drinking water, write
them down because it is important at the beginning to have
a good process really installed in you.

5- Put Your Alarm Clock Very Far Away From You

If you place your alarm clock far away from your bed, you will have
to get up to turn it off.

By standing up, your brain wakes you up very quickly putting you in a
different state.

After this I advise you to enter directly in a other room to further
the process.

Now if you do already wake up early but you want to have more focus:

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Recover after a session, 3 essential points !



New year, new resolutions? So get back to activities! After seeing how to get back to sport without getting hurt, we will see how to recover after a session in 3 points. Just to continue on a good start !

1/ Drink a lot of water

So it is ! Although we must initially drink 1.5L of water a day, during an intensive physical activity it is necessary to hydrate the body. Why ? First, to compensate for sweating, and therefore the dehydration of the body. Then, this dehydration increases the blood, which takes longer to circulate in the dilated vessels. It is necessary to compensate for this by an increase of the blood volume thanks to the water. Finally, to help the kidneys eliminate toxins more easily, instead of storing them.

Source – Mindset Santé

2/ Stretch properly…

… and for a long time! Two minutes of sloppy stretching are not enough. On the contrary, you will think you have helped your body, and be disgusted the next day at the onset of aches. Yes, you will certainly have some, especially at the beginning. But you can limit them. With the absorption of water, you have to stretch at least 5 minutes per worked parts. There are tutorials on the internet, or PDF to help you. To recover well after your session, do not leave this point aside !

Source – ascs art martiaux

3/ Cover yourself, take a hot shower and eat

Avoid eating, especially eating too much, before your session. But, you have to feed your body after an effort. So, of course, with a healthy meal (even if a fast food is nice sometimes) ! Do not think either that, as you are hot, you must discover yourself. Especially not ! Your body is getting colder, and being weakened because you’re tired, and you’ll get sick if you don’t cover you. So, on the contrary: take a good hot shower and cover yourself.

Source – Natura Force

I hope these tips will help you continue your fitness!

See you soon !

Clotilde – @lesvolutesdeclaudia

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Get back to sport without injury, how does it work ?



Get back to sport ? That’s great ! Without any injury ? That’s so complicated ! Indeed, going too fast or not taking any precautions for your body, the exercise turns directly to the drama.

Why ? Because, when you’re not doing sport during one, two, three months… or three years, the body can feel an aggression, exhausts easily and inevitably tries to regain flexibility it no longer has.

Results: At best, huge body aches that will make you suffer for three big days. At worst, a tear or a breakdown, and you wouldn’t move at all. Conclusion: a disgust of the effort, a project that is delayed and finally falls into oblivion.

Source – Têtu

So, what can you do ? It is very simple ! If you used to run, don’t run more than half an hour for a few sessions, before gradually increasing. For the abdominals, it’s the same. No big sessions at the beginning, otherwise you will not be able to move ! Start with a series of each exercise, and then increase gently. All with a warm up, stretching, and drink a lot of water for recovery.

In all cases, getting back to sport is not the most easy thing. You need a good part of motivation, and during a gloomy month like January, it’s always complicated ! So, try in a small group of two or three people. There are groups every weekend in different cities to go running, walking or other groups. Do not hesitate !

Source – Marie Claire

Good luck ! See you soon


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Great Ideas to Stay Motivated to Work Out and Eat Healthy Every Day




stay motivated

When it comes time to workout, sometimes we could use a little extra motivation. This also goes for eating healthy every day. There are so many temptations in front of us all the time. However, if you want to be healthy and stay healthy to live longer, you will need to stay away from temptation.


Getting motivated and staying motivated is easy to do if you really put your mind to it and stick with it. If you really want to lose weight and stay healthy, you will do whatever it takes to do this for yourself. Remember, this is your health and you must have control over it.


In order to stay motivated and keep healthy to be able to live longer, you will need to push yourself and keep telling yourself that you can do this. You Got This! Here are some great ideas to stay motivated to work out  and eat healthy every day.

Put Your Workout Clothes On for No Reason


You might think you don’t have a reason for putting them on because you don’t feel like working out. However, once you have them on and notice how nice you look in them, this will motivate you to get yourself in gear and get that workout started. Not only this, but once your family and friends see you in your special workout clothes, you will have to work out because if not, they will wonder why you are wearing them. You don’t want that to happen because it could be embarrassing for you. So, get out there and get your workout done!

Write Down How You Feel After Your Workout


Writing down how you feel after each workout can really motivate you to get your workout in every single day. How does this work so good to motivate you? Because when you wake up each morning, read the paper you wrote down how you felt when working out on and it will make you want to workout even if you don’t feel like it as soon as you wake up. This is because working out makes you feel great afterwards and if you read the text, you will remind yourself that you will feel really good once the workout is done.

Keep in Mind Why You Started in the First Place


Keep in mind and remember why you started in the first place. Do you have goals? Did you start working out for weight loss, building muscle, or just to be healthy all around? Whatever the reason for your workouts, keep the reason in mind and make sure to always think about that reason every time you try to get out of doing a healthy workout. Write your reason down if you need to and keep that paper or whatever you wrote it down on with you all the time, especially when you are trying to talk yourself out of getting your exercises done.


Keeping these tips in mind when needing to ensure you stay with your regular workout and healthy eating routine is very important because these tips can help keep you on track.


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How To Stay Focus Almost All the Time



how to keep focus

Why should you stay focused ? Why is it so important to focus ?

Because the first step to achieving your goals and dreams, you have to stay on your own road.

If you go all over the place, nothing gets done and your true priorities are left behind.

Here we will see how you can really focus.


1- Focus by Avoiding Distractions at All Cost

If you want to really focus, your greatest enemy is distraction.

For example, when you exercise or go to the gym, please don’t look continually at your phone or your surroundings.

If you want to look around to see what everyone is doing or worse to ask yourself what everyone is thinking about you, you
will never be focused very long.

Same thing at home, I know it is very easy to do it nowadays with smartphones, but don’t check your emails or your social network every minute.

These are BIG distractions.


2 – Don’t multitask To Focus More

You may have heard that multi-tasking is very good because you can do everything at once.

Sorry, but it is not the case.

The truth about multitasking is that it brings you a lot of confusion to your brain and slows you down a lot.

Because you will never be totally engaged in one task, and thus lose your focus.

A lot of studies have been made about multitasking and they globally find that people who multitask perform more poorly that people who don’t.

So althought it can be tempting, don’t fall into the trap of multitasking.


3- Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is also a big enemy of your focus.

If you delay continually your projects or your activities, things will never be really done.

It will always be the next day, the next week or the next month,… but deep inside you, you know that nothing is changing.

You may say you work best under pressure. This is something that can be good, just to set a deadline.

And once you have accomplished your task, it’s important to reward yourself.

This way you will make a positive reinforcement for yourself, which means more motivation for you

Once you begin to have more focus, you can combine it with the power of visualization

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How to Get Motivated When You Have no Energy




How can you get more motivated in your life ? Are you lacking some motivation ?

If you want to create motivation within yourself, you have to know what you really want in the first place.

Don’t think yet how you will get it, that comes later.  Just decide what you REALLY want, being as clear as you can be.

Then you have to think about WHY you want it. Your WHY has to be found deep down inside you, like a burning reason.

Stronger and more powerful than anything, whatever people may think about it or about you.

With these 2 actions, you will have your motivation that is only personal to YOU. Your OWN motivation.

You know now what you want and why. Most people don’t. But not YOU, you will have a clear path towards your goals now.

So here is the sum up of these 2 simple steps you can easily follow:


1-Get Motivated by Finding what You Truly Want (Step 1)

You have to be totally clear about it. Your clarity of vision is key here before moving to the second step.

You can begin by making a list of the top 3 things you actually want right now. Write everything down.

It will help you to have something concrete on paper and makes it more real to you.

You will be able to look at it regurlarly, like a reference point.


2-Get Motivated by Thinking WHY You Really Want it (Step 2)

If your reasons to want it are big enough, the “how” does not really matter at the beginning. Even you don’t know how to

have it, just desire strongly. Creating a strong motivation inside you comes much more easily when you really know what you desire at first.

Your habits will also change accordingly.

Click Here Now if You Want to Change or Improve your Habits

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Why Habits Are So Important to Get the Body you Desire



Habits are Very Important.

Almost all successful people have very strong habits, which they can rely for every single day.

More than 90% of your doing every day are just routines, including your nutrition and sport ones.

What you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, how long do you exercice and how often… on a daily basis, will dictate the shape of your body.


1- You Become What you Do Daily With Your Habits

A lot of people think that being successful is how much your work. Or they may say that it comes from intelligence or natural talents.

But nothing will beat persistance and determination.

When you are very self-disciplined and organized, you can really shape your whole life to an extend you can’t even imagine.

By implementing new good rituals in your life, you will be able to have consistent and purposeful actions toward your goals.

The good thing is that you choose your habits and do new routines that will allow you to reach what you truly want.


2-Create New Fitness Habits

A lot of people have difficulties to create their habits. That is because you don’t break your old bad ones. You just replace them with good ones.

So the good habit will replace and overcome the bad one.

Now comes what I want you to do. Write a list of all your bad habits that you want to change. Like for example eating junk foods, not training enough, not eating well in a restaurant

Once you are done,  do the same with the good ones you would like to have such as controlling your hunger, exercising regularly, eating healthy fats…


3- Putting your New Good Habits in Action

Now that you know what fitness routines you want to implement, you have to set a goal. You need to have a broader vision. It can be : losing 10 pounds, gaining 15 pounds of muscle, getting rid of my belly fat

Are the good habits that your wrote directly linked to your goals ?

If so, it’s perfect, and if it’s not you have now to write new good ones that are directly link to the realization of your goal.

If you goal is to lose fat, your new habits might be to eat only 50 carbs a day, to perform fasted cardio 4 times a week and to do intermittent fasting.

Then you have to stick to what you wrote. Be totally committed and to track your results every day, because you are what you do everyday.

Let me know in the comments what routines you would like to implement in your life and how you plan to replace your bad habits.


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