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Top 3 Pre Workout Foods to Have the Best Training



Pre workout foods mistake :



Now here is my recomendation for the best 3 pre workout foods.

You may be surprise by what you will read in a moment, but keep it mind that this is extremly important for you in order to have a good training

1-Don’t eat anything solid

When you eat, a lot of your energy goes into the digestion, if you you decide to eat right before your workout, you will pump blood ino your muscles. Then the food will take longer to be digested and it can cause you stomach pain. You can become very lethargic and it can be highly unproductive to your work out

If you workout in the morning, you won’t have a lot of time to d igest the aliments.

However if you work out during the afternoon, you can eat 3-4 hours before. So you will have the time to digest.

2-Do no eat carbs right before your training

Concerning your pre workout foods, it is better not to eat right before your training, and I will tell you why.

If you eat plenty of carbs as your pre workout foods, you will rise your blood sugars level, and then it will drop during your training. You can as a result feel a bit tired or even sleepy.

Morever, there are also a lot of advantages to not eat carbs for your pre workout foods. Your nervous system will work best. You will release more adrenaline, and your psychomotor performances will increase.


3-Prepare yourself mentally

Before training, there are a few things to do mentally that are extremely important. I ill tell you these things in a moment

Now if you want to know also which kind of food you have to ABSOLUTLY avoid, click on the link below.

Clich Here to Know the Bad Foods to Avoid

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