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bad foods

3 Bad Foods to avoid at all or that you should limit



Of course you can eat whatever you want because it’s your own body, but there are 3 bad foods to avoid if you want to live longer, if you want to have a better health and if you want to feel better, deep down inside you.

The Top 5 kinds of food to avoid that I will reveal to you will also prevent you from having a lot of diseases or simply from having a lot of circulating toxins in your body.

1- Trans-saturated fat

A lot of vegetable fats that are used nowadays, such as …. Contain pleinty of trans fat, whichi are closely link to serious diseases such as cancers for exemples.

Please stay avay fom this list of foods

Instead you can eat….

2- Sodas

Sodas contain so much bad things you can’t even imagine…I know it can taste good for some and be very refresheshing but then…but the disadvantages (heart diseases, increased risk of diabetes, dissolves tooth enamel) outweight the advantages by far

Drink water instead and you will be perfectly fine

3- Sodium

Even if it is not an aliment by itself, and that the body needs it for your pH balance, people tend to eat way too much of it, usually from processed foods such as pizzas, soups, proessed meats…

All this lead to very bad problems such as fluid retention where you can feel « bloated », and blood pressure which make your kidneys, your heart and your blood vessels work a lot harder

To conteract that, the best is simply to avoid eating all this amount of sodium in such bad foods, or also eat potassium-rich foods such as bananas and spinach.


Now sometimes it can be very tought to choose healthy food when you go to a restaurant. So if you really want to know what to choose when you go out, you can click on the link below:


Click Here to Finally Know the Best Food to Choose in a Restaurant


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bad foods

3 Tips to Eat Clean and to Stop Eating Bad Foods



bad foods

Taking care of your daily food intake, knowing what to eat and what not to eat, and buying healthy and organic food are very important things to consider if you truly want to have a good life and to live longer.

Maybe you are a bit lost… Maybe you don’t really know how to have a clean eating.

Don’t worry. Here are 3 tips specially made for you, to start eating clean right away.


1 – Don’t Eat too Much Sodium

Some people swear that the worst enemy for your health is sugar. Trust me, in reality, in most cases, sodium is even worse. It leads to high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases and tons of illnesses.

And sodium is like a snake: sometimes you don’t see it coming. You think you are eating clean because you are eating frozen organic green vegetables ? Think again.

They are packed with tons of sodium, because they are frozen foods.

Limit yourself to 1,5mg of sodium per day, and you will be fine.


2 – Reduce Your Processed Food Intake

Every food today seems to be processed. However, it is always better to follow nature’s rules. For example, nature did not make red candies nor blue sugar drinks.

So a good rule you can keep in mind is: whatever you cannot find in nature, try to not eat it.

Eat natural foods like eggs, fruits, vegetables, fishes,… there are still tons of foods that are not processed.

Do not be like anyone else, and respect your body by eating natural ingredients.

3 – Try to Eat Less Meat


People are often confused on the fact they need to eat meat in order to have proteins.


Proteins are absolutely necessary to survive, but meat is totally not necessary. Eating meat puts a lot of pressure on yourself for your digestion, and the less meat you will eat, the more it will help to reduce your risk of heart disease.

There is no need to go into veganism either. Just replace the meat by eating fish and eggs, if you still want to keep animal protein sources.

And if you still want to eat meat, please try to avoid at all costs sausages and bacon.

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