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How to Use The Power of Visualization



The most successful persons use visualization every single day to accomplish their goals.

I really want to show you that you can use the power of visualization everyday to obtain whatever you desire.

1-Why Visualization is so Important

You can really program your mind and your body to do almost anything that you desire, with the power of your imagination. Now of course as humans, we have some physical limits like breathing under water or flying in the air.

But apart from your physical limits, you are only limited by your mind.

You just can’t have something in your life without first visualizing or imaging it.

It’s not «  I will believe it when I see it. » like you will hear all the time, it is exactly the opposite. You will see it when YOU BELIEVE IT.

2-How does Visualization Work ?

As weird as it can be for some people, your brain does not distinguish the difference between the image of the event and the actual event.

For your mind, whatever you imagine becomes your reality. That’s why some people have everything they want in their lives, because they have a complete trust in their own imagination and their own abilities.

The more you add sensations, feelings and emotions and the more powerful your visualization will be. It doesn’t really matter if you can’t always get a vivid image, but what is REALLY important is that you really have to FEEL your experience.

3-What Can I Do to Improve my Visualization ?

First you really have to relax yourself, relax every part of your body: your neck, back, chest, arm, thighs…

Make yourself really confortable, lying down for example or sitting and cut all distractions possible. Also Breathe deeply.

With a little training, you can really improve your visualization.

Then start by imagining yourself in a place that you already know. The more familiar the environment, the easier it will be for you to begin with. And after, little by little, you start to add things that you want in your visions. Don’t limit yourself. It is your mind and your life. Put here whatever things you want to have.

At the end you really have got to go into the details. The details of mental imagery is very important, even often more than the vividness of an image.

The more details you add, the more real it is for your unconscious mind.


Use and practice visualization and imagination everytime you can. You have to really do it.

I will show and teach you later in other articles or videos advanced techniques.

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3 Great Ways to Enhance Your Life and Obtain your Goals



improve life

In life you have the choice: either you want to progress, to discover new things about yourself, to improve your life on a daily basis… or you can just wait that something magic happens to you.

Choose right now to decide a part of the fade of your life, and I guarantee you that your life will improve every day.

You just need to implement these 4 top ways for improving yourself and getting what you truly want and desire in life.


1- Have a Daily Exercice Routine Habit

Choose a moment during your day, where you know you will always have the time to do at least 10 minutes of exercises.

You are working with your mind every day, your body also needs a bit of training, if you want to stay healthy.

Choose whatever activities you like the most: running, swimming, going to the gym…

2-Read Every Single Day

Books are an amazing source of knowledge to improve your life and really focus on what makes you happy.

Almost every successful people are reading a lot.

Here are 3 good books you can start to read right now:

-The Way of the Superior Man
– Think and Grow Rich
-The Power of Now


3-Wake  up as Early as you Can

When you wake up early, nobody will bother you. Thus, you will have all the necessary time to do whatever thing you want to accomplish.

You are totally free to do it.

Morever, you will teach your mindset to continue to stay productive during the rest of the day


Do not limit yourself to these 4 ways of improving your life, and choose whatever things you need to go further.


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