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The Best Supplements for Bodybuilding



supplements bodybuilding

When it comes to bodybuilding, proper nutrition plays a vital role in it. You can’t have one without the other and vice-versa. If you are a professional bodybuilder or even an amateur one, surely you already know you need to be on a healthy diet to achieve your health goals. Another thing bodybuilders should do is take supplements to help keep them able to build their muscle. Keep reading to learn about the best supplements for bodybuilding.


Joint Supplements


Joint supplements are essential to take if you are a bodybuilder because they have a mix of ingredients to help support your joints while you are bodybuilding. Without the help of these supplements, your joints will hurt too much to make your dream of being the best and biggest bodybuilder come true. These supplements include a mixture of Calcium, MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, and much more.


Without taking joint supplements, you could seriously injure a joint and not be able to lift weights for a while. That wouldn’t be good, would it?


Although taking joint supplements is vital for bodybuilding, that is just one step to take. You also have to know the proper form when weight lifting as not to injure yourself in the first place.


Fat Burners/Thermogenics


They are called both fat burners and thermogenics for a reason. Not only do they help burn fat during your bodybuilding activity, but they were also made to boost your metabolic rate as well as your thermogenesis. Because of this, they help lead to a high-calorie burn.


Another reason for using fat burners is because many bodybuilders do like to show off the work they are doing on their body and sometimes, it can seem like the fat and bulk are hiding the good stuff. If you want a beautiful body from your efforts of bodybuilding, you will need to take fat burners/thermogenics to go along with the work you are doing on your body.




Multivitamins are a supplement everyone should know about and be taking, not just bodybuilders. However, especially bodybuilders should receive one dose per day of one of these supplements to help provide them with their nutritional needs for the day.


The main reason bodybuilders especially should be taking a multivitamin is because they tend to be more prone to nutritional deficiencies since they put more strain on their body than the average person does because of the weightlifting on a daily basis.


These are just a few of the best supplements for bodybuilders.

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Vitamins and Minerals

3 Different Creative Ways to Drink More Water




Let’s face it, we all need water. However, if you’re anything like a lot of other people who actually like the taste of, well flavor, you might not be getting enough because water has no taste to it. Never fear though! There are a few creative ways to get enough water every day. And, the added benefit of the weight you will lose because you are getting enough water for once.


Keep reading to learn a few creative ways to drink more water.


How Much Water Do You Need, Though?


The amount of water not only differs by each of us but you will also need more water when exercising. Take a quick test really quick to check your body’s hydration by pinching the skin on the back of your hand and letting go. If your skin snaps back right away, you are getting enough water. However, if it takes its good old time snapping back into shape, you might need more water. Not only this, but we all need to be drinking half of our weight in ounces of water every day. So, take the number of your weight and divide it by two. That is how many ounces of water your body needs every day.


Continue reading for more information on how to add some fun and flavor to your water.


1 – Add Some Fresh Fruit to it


Most of us don’t drink enough water because we don’t like the taste of it. However, you can fix that by either buying flavored water from the store or by adding your favorite fruit to your water. You can try lemon wedges or even chunks of strawberries or pineapples to add some flavor to it to get it into your body easier.


2 – Make it a Drinking Game


And pair it with other activities. For example, if you are binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix, you can play a drinking game while watching your favorite show. Every time something bad or something good happens on the show, take a drink. Before you know it, your glass will need to be filled already! You get the picture, I’m sure. Make it fun to drink water!


3 – Set Reminders or Use an App


You know the saying, “there’s an app for that,” right?  Well, there is surely an app for helping you remember to drink more water. There really is one: Beachbody Nutrition +App you can download to help you remember to drink it and to track your progress. You can also just set a reminder on your phone to drink water as soon as you wake up and keep drinking it throughout the day, in between other beverages, of course. Don’t forget to drink water before going to sleep at night. That is if it doesn’t keep you going to the bathroom all throughout the night when you should be sleeping.


You get the picture though! Make drinking water fun and get your daily goal in of enough water for your weight every day. Before you know it, you will be shedding pounds and not even realize it.

–> Click Here to Have More Nutrition Advice

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Vitamins and Minerals

Don’t Miss the Benefits of Vitamin D (The Sun Vitamin)



vitamin d

Vitamin D is completely different from most other vitamins you can find.

Indeed, it behaves like a steroid hormone. But please don’t panic.

It is called “The sun vitamin” because when your skin is exposed to the sun, it is produced from your cholesterol.


1 – What Do You Need to Know about Vitamin D ?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamins :it dissolves in fat or oil and can be stored in the body for a long time.

There are two main forms of vitamin D:

– Vitamin D2 : found in some mushrooms

– Vitamin D3 : found in some fatty fish and egg yolks.

Vitamin D3 is the most beneficial because it is almost twice as effective at increasing blood levels of vitamin D as D2


2 – Why Is The Sun So Important to Get it ?

Ultraviolet B rays of the sun are allowing the production of Vitamin D

If you have the chance to live where there is plenty of sun all year round, then you will probably get all the vitamin D you need, just by just going outside.

If you don’t have the luck to live in a sunny place, you have to take Vitamin D supplements, especially during winter time.


3 – What Are the Real and True Benefits of Vitamin D for Your Health ?

Vitamin D has a tons of benefits for you :

-It decreases cancer risks by 60% (just with a very small amount)
-It will help you to live longer by diminishing all heart diseases
-You will have more power
-Your bones will be much more resistant
-You will have much more energy

So don’t wait any longer : take a good sun bath or supplement yourself with this amazing vitamin.

I hope you clearly understood by now the good impact of Vitamin C on your health.

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Vitamins and Minerals

4 Top Food Supplements to Have a Good Health



food supplements

Although you may be on a diet and think you are getting the vitamins and nutrients you need for your best health, you are wrong! No diet is perfect and to be completely honest, many diets do not provide you with the nutrients your body really needs to live a healthy life. Although there are good diets that you can try, it is better to also take food supplements to help with the nutrition you need. Here are some of the best supplements you need for your best health.


1 – Multivitamin


Multivitamins are good to take to get the essential vitamins you need on a daily basis. By taking a multivitamin, you can enjoy the benefits of taking just one pill every day instead of taking many pills every day. Many of us are already on a lot of prescribed medications and take five pills or more per day already so why would you want to take more when you can take just one to get the nutrients you need? Make sure, when choosing a multivitamin, that you choose one that contains the nutrients you need for your health. You can choose one by reading the label and making sure it contains what you need most for your health.


2 – Fish Oil


Although there has been some negative studies done on fish oil supplements, you can still benefit from taking them on a daily basis. The studies that were done did not find any real facts on their research. Fish oil is a really good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids which is not only good for your mental health but it also good for your heart health.  Also, because fish oil supplements are an excellent source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, they can help you absorb other supplements better for optimal health. They also help your good cholesterol and improve your metabolism.


3 – Vitamin D


If you haven’t figured it out yet, Vitamin D is great for your health. When your body is low in Vitamin D, you are more prone to different types of cancer, weight gain, depression, and being low in this very important vitamin can even cause your body to not absorb the nutrients you need for your best health. You can easily get Vitamin D just by spending time outside when the sun is shining. Getting out in the sun is really the easiest and best way to obtain this vitamin in your body.


4 – Folic Acid


You may already be familiar with Folic Acid and how good it is for women who are pregnant to take it. The reason for this is because it can prevent your baby from being born with spinal cord problems as well as brain disorders. However, this very essential vitamin is also great for both men and women because it is a great source of Vitamin B which is good for preventing Alzheimer’s Disease. It is also great for controlling high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, and improving your blood flow.


These vitamins and many more are essential for your best health. Living your best health can allow you to live longer and live a happier life. Live your life to your fullest potential by taking these best supplements for health.


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