“As for sport, you clearly showed me that there was no “I do not have time” but rather “I do not take the time”. Today I train 4/5 times a week and yet I have many other

activities beside. Thanks to you,  I never do sport by constraint, always for pleasure, it is my new lifestyle.


As for food, you made me understand that excessive sugar was the enemy of the body and that an excessive amount of  carbohydrates did not give good results on the physique.

From these councils, I learned a lot about nutrition and today it occupies a central place in my daily life. The pillars of my diet are vegetables, fruits and whole grains.


I always admired you, your ability to practice various activities but especially to master them successfully!  I love your optimism and your perseverance! Thank you for everything”

— Jimy, train driver




“Dear David, I am writing you to thank you.


Today I am proud to send you the official photos of myself : before and after. These photos are the witnesses of my physical evolution but not only. When I started this process I was not so sure of reaching my goals. I said to myself “this physique is for others.” As much I doubted, and yet I continued to dispel all these doubts and fears.


Today, the phrase “when one wants one can” has more meaning than ever before.


I am well aware of being the driving force behind this process but the truth is that I also owe it to your hypnosis sessions, your thoughtful advice and the motivation you can bring.


I feel good with myself, I regained confidence in myself when my reflection began to change … Finally !!


After so many years to look for the way to reach my goals I finally get closer and closer.


A few years ago I would have been satisfied with my current physique and now I know that I can still more and it is also a way to create a constantly better version of oneself.


This change is not only a physical change but a much healthier lifestyle change that you have helped me to establish and with which I now feel much better.


For all that I thank you a thousand times.”


— Emily, veterinary






“About 3 years ago I met david in a gym, and although I train all day, I no longer evolved. I weighted 73kilo for 1m60, I was in a bulking phase, my goal at this time was to be able to participate in the French championship of bodybuilding.


At that moment I had very low confidence, I was a little lost, how will I be able to be shredded if  know nothing about the diet ? Then during a talking with David, he told me that he was mental coach and that he could help me to surpass and conquer fear in order to be able to acomplish my goals.


We saw each other outside outdoors for me Programmed To find comfiance, which really helped me to concentrate on my goal, then in parallel he (David) advise me every day, step by step, on my diet, the various circuit training that I had to perform on the approach


Of the contest, in 4 weeks I managed to lose 12 kilos, with 2 training a day, thrown into the skin of a champion, these advises were pushed, on readings also to improve myself mentally, I went on stage and won the 4th place in less than 65kg, but the first time of my life in 23 years that I see my abs !


That day,  no tension & no stress! DAVID had prepared me for this, on the contrary, I did not want to get up on stage !


3 years later I still call to David, for your personal help, for these counsels his precious and benevolent miracles.”


— Michael, fitness coach




“I smoked cigarettes rolled for five years, and other things a little less legal. I was a student and I met my boyfriend who is a non-smoker. Often he advised me to stop. One day he offered to see you to do a hypnosis session to help me get rid of the cigarette. I was constantly lacking money in addition so I thought I had to try even if I did not really believe it.


During the session it was a very special feeling and being of a very sensitive natural . I remember crying all along the hypnosis session.


As I went out, It was like I was in a special world as if you are very tired and you can see the scene unfold before you without feeling like you were participating. Very bizarre sensation.


During the 4 months that followed, it was very hard, I even tried 2 times to smoke but I could not get it anymore it was like the first cigarette in my life that hurts the lungs and that makes you cough, and that’s nothing agreeable.


Little by little I no longer wanted to smoke not even with drinking a drink which was the hardest at first.


Today I feel like I have never been a smoker with just 1 hypnosis session.”


— Anna, sport teacher





“The sessions that we did together worked well and allowed me to move forward to my goals which are based on improving my diet because I was either too strict or the opposite : eating in excessive amount. This helped me a lot, but I felt that we should have had one more session because it worked on me at least 3 months, but then I went back a bit on the old habit.


So I worked deeply on what you teached me : self hypnosis. Because you told me I really need to work on myself, rather than only nutrition : like to visualize every day what I really wanted in life and on my training etc…


And it is true, already I am a little more stable and you improved a lot of things in my life since you made me discover this tool . But I feel that, I still have to work on myself, especially to manage my emotions because that is what prevented me from reaching my goals.”


— Romain, security industry





“As far back as I remember, I have always suffered from my physical appearance. At school I was called viewed as « the little fat girl ». As a teenager I went through phases of bulimia and anorexia that only worsened my self-esteem. I have consulted several specialists: dieticians, psychiatrists, endocrinologists … with whom I tested countless regimes that only worked for a while, I systematically resumed my lost pounds, it was a vicious circle, I reground and I felt even worse than before, I was disgusted and isolated in my depression, yet I at 30 years met my future husband who loved me as I was with my pounds and My mood jumps.


Almost a year ago, after more than 40 years and after 2 pregnancies, I decided to take over my body without having to go back to “medical” specialists, I had heard from a friend of mine Hypnosis and I thought why not ….


During my first consultation with you, I can tell you now, I was rather septic but curious. I did not want to talk about it for fear of failure. After three sessions, I had already lost 20 pounds and I thought less and less about the food, on the contrary I wanted to move my body, to go out in the nature, I rediscovered the sport that I had Long since abandoned, your coaching was smooth, always benevolent, positive in all respects encouraged me from day to day. I felt around me changing eyes: my husband, who had not dared for a long time to speak to me about my weight, found himself telling me that I had changed for some time, wondering what was happening to me.


My co-workers found me rejuvenated, I had a hellfishing! I was no longer afraid of becoming like before because I felt myself reborn. At the 4th session of hypnosis one year after the first I had lost 45 pounds. Today I have reached a stable weight that satisfies me, I still need your coaching sessions for sport and lifestyle, they are for me as a therapy, they help me to continue this way In which I feel so good in my body and mind.


I will never thank you enough for all the help you have given me and that you will bring me again today.  You have helped me to love myself, to understand myself, to develop my self-esteem and all without medication. I wanted to send you my testimony so that, perhaps, other people may also benefit from it.”


— Marta, teacher






“David is much more than a fitness coach.


It is a person who perfectly guided and advised me in my eating habits with an exact science.


Training is not the most important.


It is necessary to train well, but it is necessary to know the good gestures, the rest, and of course the food that goes with it.


David accompanied me to have the dream body I wish I had.


Everything is possible and this is only the beginning.”


-Azzedine, Actor and Owner of Miami Food





“Hypnosis was something unknown to me but it has always interested me. I thought I was not receptive to hypnosis. I was also afraid of being manipulated by this practice. But I started, I obviously did not want to deal with a charlatan.


So I turned to David Michigan following the recommendations of my acquaintances. He knew how to truly explain what hypnosis really was, and I decided to trust him. Today against all expectations I realize things that I used to push back the next day. This allows me to attract unexpected and positive events in my life.


I was surprised to see another aspect than the one we all know: the theatrical one. My body reacts on the long term and hypnosis acts on me internally. I feel like I do not react immediately, but in fact two days later I find myself executing the object of the hypnotic session.


I thank him and warmly recommend him to everyone who wish to change their lives and especially to have a cultivated, benevolent and above all hyper qualified guide.”


—Marie, web designer






“I bear the testimony of my gratitude, for having shown me that everything is possible for those who do not experience the mental barriers of fear.


And that any experience of progression can be easy when it passes through the joy of sharing. I am very proud to count among my mentor David Michigan, the motivational shaman.


You are the best, I have not had the opportunity to tell you it often, but I thank you for all you have brought to me.”


— Gregory, piano teacher





“Thanks to David I learned to train correctly, do the exercises properly, when you do not give up, everything comes to you and I am  living proof.


I eat 5 times a day with more fruits and vegetables. I also consume less carbohydrates per day.


I took 5 kilos in 2 months thanks to you David.


Thank you for everything”








“David Michigan gave me two hypnosis sessions, a year and a half apart.


Both were very simple. He asked me to reflect on something that I wanted to change at home, something that was inscribed in my unconscious, these ways of being and thinking that systematically bring us into the same automatisms, and that in this case I wanted to change.


For my part being of a distracted nature, I often lived through the past or through my fantasies or my dreams. So I have always had difficulty concentrating and living in the present without being in three different places at once.


The first session was based on the idea of ​​living in the present. David listened to me talk about it a little and when we agreed on the message to pass to my unconscious, he invited me to sit down and relax and listen attentively.


Then he used images to trigger the relaxation and a journey of thought in an imaginary place of perfect relaxation and concentration. The confidence and benevolence that it releases allows us to be more and more relaxed and concentrated until this place towards which we go little by little in a pictorial way, then it speaks to our unconscious and passes the message.


I was aware of what was going on, but the mind is so available and listening to this voice that reassures us and calms us that the message impacts the mind.


The message conveyed, David makes us awaken from this relaxation in a few steps, and one runs, without any difficulty.


David exudes a great serenity, his voice soothes, his words and his techniques of relaxation and suggestion are perfectly mastered, so that the message passes easily and becomes a new reality for the unconscious and is entered in an efficient and lasting way .


For my part, my life changed rather quickly after the two sessions, I found that my attitude was reoriented on this precise point (to live in the present); I made a lot of choices that went in this direction and that allowed me to advance in my life by being much more sensitive to what I was living at each moment.


It was the same after the second session I followed a year and a half after: although I always wanted to keep this attitude of listening to what surrounded me and what I saw, I wanted to know more about anticipating and putting priorities in my life, and especially not being afraid to project me.


I have since made the choices in this direction that have adjusted my life, and in particular questioned my future life by being less worried, to better anticipate it, and to make choices in this regard meaning.


The experience of hypnosis is an incredible experience to do with oneself. It makes it possible to realize the power of its unconscious and how it is not fixed, it is enough to direct it with the imaginary, and for that it is better to go through the technique of an experienced professional.”


— Justin, actor





“I explain to you my true story. Since I was small, I’ve always been skinny with a lot of health problems. I’ve been sick a lot for 6 years straight. I never stopped health problems again. My mother worried me we had to go to the doctor. He said to her that I had a cancer and she was shocked. Fortunaltly in 2015 the cancer took an end. The situation was still complicated and my parents believed that they had to offer me a special gift for me for Christmas. It was a subscription at a Fitness Gym. I started at 19 years at Fitness. I went from a skinny guy at 43kg to a muscular one of  69kg .


And nowadays with you David I’m motivated, I listen to you, to your real experience, I like to be teached by you David and I hope to thank you for your help in the future. My passion is bodybuilding and I want to be a bodybuilder.


I remember since I met you on november 5th,  I’ve always been a big fan of you since that day. You learned that I was deaf and mute and you accepted me. Since this time, you are still communicating to me and helping me, and I deeply hope it will continue that way.”


—Enzo, student





“My thanks to David Michigan for his precious advice in bodybuilding and nutrition.


His skills in the health and sport community have enabled me to improve on a daily basis:


– My performance of my workouts, the quality of execution of movements, but also on which exercises to favor.


– My choosing of the best foods to gain muscle quickly.


I highly recommend him.”


—Quentin, moneyman





My name is Thomas, I’m 30 and I’ve known David for a few years.


When I met David for the first time, I immediately realized that David was a being with extraordinary abilities.


Whether in terms of physical development, lifestyle, life counseling or his psychic abilities through hypnosis, David excels in all areas.


I asked David a year ago for medical problems. Through hypnosis sessions, he managed to cure me completely of my pain. First through hypnosis sessions at my home and then through Skype sessions, he managed to help me and calm my pain.


Also, David has helped me to fully utilize my potential and to live in a healthier and balanced way, by providing a balanced diet and physical exercises in line with my abilities.


I highly recommend that you call on David to help you live better and feel better about yourself and your mind.






David i want to thank you a lot but a big lot i cant believe it, its been 9 years since i started smoking and i have never been able to keep myself from doing it until yesterday… i have to say i had my doubts i believe in it i mean like i didnt know how it was going to work with me.. and im impressed im so joyful thanks to you to your work. I spent a whole night drunk (which normally is where i smoke the most) without smoking not even a bit of tabaco. Im so happy. Im a non smoker and it feels so good i recomend this hipnosis session to everybody who wants to stop. It really works.!  Im so impressed david ! Havent smoked ! Have been rejecting every cigarrete even in front of people smoking i didnt want to do it. I know next weeks will be harder but i feel confident and ready to face it. Thank you thank you so much



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