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The Secrets to Stop Being Hungry All the Time and to Control Your Hunger



Sometimes for some people, it can be very difficult to stop being hungry. It seems like they have a lot of cravings or feel hungry all the time.

It’s like they have no control over themselves, despite their willpower.

Here are some important things to do or not to do, that are very little known:


1-Cut out Rapid Sugar

When you eat during the day High Glycemic foods like sodas, breads… you will rise your blood sugar very quickly. As a consequence, you will have a quick burst of energy.

But the problem is that your blood sugar will then also drop quickly. It will leave you with more hunger than before your eating.

So you can stop being hungry by limiting at its maximum the consumption of foods high on the glycemic index (GI)


2-Stop Being Hungry by Drinking a Lot

This is one of the most best ways to stop being hungry and to control your hunger.

Drinking a lot water will not only flush toxins from your body, but it will also keeps make your stomach feel full, therefore cut your hunger.

As soon as you want to eat something, drink some water or some tea. It well helps a lot to control your hunger


3-Eat Slower

When you are eating, it takes some time to send the right signals to your brain (around 15-20min) that you are full.

If you eat fast, you can introduce in a you a lot of food and your body will think you are still hungry.

So please, take your time the next time you eat, and you will thank me later.


4-Eat More Protein

This is one of the best way to cut your hunger. Proteins reduce a lot your cravings for sugar and high-fat foods.

You will feel sastified much more longer if you add more protein to your meals.

As a source of good proteins, you can eat: eggs, lean beef, chichen, fish and seefood


Now even if you are not hungry anymore, try also to avoid eating these kind of foods:


Clich Here to Know the Bad Foods to Avoid


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