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Is Smoking Really Harmful to Your Fitness Goals ?



Smoking is dangereous and harmful to you. You know it.

True or not, some statistics may be very scary for some, such as the fact that 40% of male heavy smokers die before their retirement, compared to only 18% of nonsmokers.

For women, they may get menopause around 4 years early, have low weight babies while giving birth and develop a lot of osteoporosis.

If you smoke, why should you considering to stop smoking right now ?

1-The Real Risk of Smoking

The biggest misconception about smoking is the emphasis on lung cancer.

The real danger comes from vascular diseases, provocking heart attacks. All the toxins that you get when you smoke cause inflammations on your arteries, little by little.

Few people know that these vascular diseases, heart attacks,.. will cause much more deaths to smokers than all cancers combined

Then even if you may not have noticed it yet, smokers in general get sick much more often. That’s because smoking makes you becoming a sponge to bacterias, by paralyzing the cilia in your lungs. Cilia is the thing in your lung that put bacteria out of it.

If you don’t die because of it and reach an old age, you may will still have:

  • Diminished endurance (and poor sexual endurance too)
  • Bad breath
  • Diminished eyesight
  • Yellow teeth

2-Smoking also Reduce Your  Fitness Performances

When you really need oxygen during your workout, it will be harder for you to have it. If you have a reduced lung capacity due to smoking, the volume of oxygen you  get will be smaller, with less oxygen in your blood.

But that’s not it.

Smoking will also reduce your capacity to grow and transform yourself as it prevents dirctly cellular growth and will limit your nutrient uptake and repartition.

If you are serious to obtain a great physique on a long term, you know wht you have to do. Stop smoking

3-Why Do no Need to Stop Smoking Now

Here are some important avantages you will get if you stop smoking:

  • Breathing improves
  • Improved ability to cope with sudden exertion
  • Loss of smokers cough and reduction of phlegm
  • Natural decline in lung efficiency slows down to a rate similar to nonsmokers
  • Your senses such as your tasting and your smelling will improve
  • You will have a much more better breathing
  • You will diminish smoke related illnesses

Now pay attention. If you don’t smoke, be sure not to be a passive smoker.Passive smoking is when you breathe people’s cigarette, and it is almost as dangereous as inhaling from the cigarette itself. If you are  passive smoker, you may get increased risk of coughing, irritations, headaches and a lot more.

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