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The Secrets to Your Personal Development and Self Growth
by David Michigan

– Find Your Way and Give a Meaning to Your Life

– Become Mentally Strong

– Find your Inner Peace

– You connect to your Unconscious

– Free yourself from the past

– Be happy

– Get up early easily

 – Develop your Memory

– Well Manage your Time 

The Secrets to Weight Loss Mastery and to Gain Muscle
by David Michigan

– How To Lose The Weight You Want To Lose Without Putting The Feet In A Sports Room
– Tips for Having a Better Body with  Nutrition
– The 4 Super Foods I Eat
– The Connection Between Your Mind and Your Muscles
– 2 Methods You Should Absolutely Do To Progress More Quickly
– 5 Tips for Keeping a Diet How to Apply the 3 Secrets to Have Confidence in Self
– The Best Exercises to Have Rounded Buttocks
– My Magic Secret against Water Retention
– How To Defeat Your Brain on Sugar Consumption
– The Best Abs Exercises (All Levels)
– Food to Absolutly Avoid
– How to use The Power of Visualization
– The Secret Method of the “Mirror”
– How to Lose Fat 2 Times Faster
– A Method to Eat Your Preferred Food Without Storing It into Fat
– What are the Best Food Supplements
– How To Continue To Enjoy Yourself In The Restaurant

The Secrets to Learn Self Hypnosis and Meditation
by David Michigan

– Realize your dreams
– Connect to your Unconscious Mins Easily
– Find Your Internal Psychology
– Control your Chakras
– Get Rid of your Stress
– REALLY Find yourself 

The Secrets to Get Abs and Have a Flat Belly
by David Michigan

– How to Get Your Abs Without Going to the Gym
– The Secrets of Fat Loss on Your Belly
– How to Lose Fat Locally on Your Stomack
– An Essential Aspect to see your Abs
– What You Should Eat
– The Secret Number 1 to Lose Fat
– The Best Foods to Get Abs
– The 2 Things to Keep in Mind
– The Best Time to Do Cardio
– The 4 Main Components to Target During Your Training
– Best Exercises to Work The Lower Abs
– Best Exercises to Work The Obliques
– My Personal Secret that Allowed me to get my Abs Quickly
– How to Boost Yourself Well Before a Training
– What You Should You Do to Maintain Your Abs
– How to Keep your Abs for the Long Term
– What you Need to Know on Stretching
– How to Use the Law of Attraction

The Secrets of Nutrition: Health, Longevity and Diets
by David Michigan

– You will learn how to build your own diet 
– You will be in full shape during your days
– You will know the best foods to lose weight fast
– You Will Learn Mistakes Especially Not Commit to Nutrition
– You live longer
– You will free yourself from your bad eating habits
– You will finally know how and what to eat
– You Will Learn To Lose Weight By Eating Foods That You Like
– You will avoid many diseases

The Secrets of Instagram: How to Become a Great Influencer
by David Michigan

– You’ll Learn to Become Quickly a Great Influencer
– You Will Be Admired on Social Media
– You Learn How To Grow Your Community
– You’ll Know Well Long Kept Secrets
– You’ll have a Better Esteem for Yourself
– You Will Be Able to Make Money Easily As an Influencer

The Secrets of Healing: Soprology, Magnetism and Hypnotism
by David Michigan

– You Can Heal Some People
– You Will Learn Hypnosis
– You Can Heal Yourself
– You Will Learn Sophrology
– Communicate with Your Unconscious
– You Will Learn Magnetism
– You Will Develop your Spirit

The Secrets of Losing 10 Pounds in Just 10 Days
by David Michigan

– To Lose 10 pounds after 10 days
– To Feel better in your body
– An Effective Method to Use When You Want to Lose Fat
– To Know Exactly What to Avoid at Any Price

The Secrets of Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
by David Michigan

– You’ll learn how to trust in yourself
– You will know how to be at ease in all situations
– You will become stronger mentally
– You will learn to connect with your unconscious

– You will have a better esteem for yourself

– You Will Destroy the Fear of Judgment of Others

The Secrets to Get Rid of Stress, Anxiety and Depression
by David Michigan

– You will Destroy the Fear of Stress
– You will know how to be at ease in all situations
– You will become Stronger Mentally
– You Develop Reflexes to Overcome Anxiety

– You Will Become Stronger Mentally

– You’ll Learn to Connect with Your Unconscious

The Secrets of Magic and Mentalism
by David Michigan

– You’ll Learn Magic Effects
– You will be Admired in society
– You’ll Learn Mentalism Effects
– You’ll Have the Keys to Wow Girls and Boys

– You’ll Know Well Long Kept Secrets

– You’ll Have a Better Esteem for Yourself

– You’ll Get New Powers

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