David Michigan

David Michigan is a life and fitness coach, motivational speaker, health expert and worldwide model & actor, specialized in mind techniques, such as visualization, hypnosis and self hypnosis. He also gives motivational speeches and has various columns in Muscle & Fitness, Forbes, Huffington Post, Men's Fitness and Buzzfeed. Since a very young age, he's lived to help people to improve their health, enhance their longevity and to encourage them to accomplish their dreams. Michigan, who grosses more than 5 million followers combined on Instagram and Facebook, focuses heavily on forging connections, facilitating fitness and life coaching sessions, helping to train the public mentally by giving motivational speeches and (due to his background as a Worldwide model), has also participated in helping the girls in Miss Tattoo France and soon in Miss Tattoo World. His ability to connect with audiences has been a driving factor in his success. You will with his knowledge and help, cultivate a better mindset, know what you truly want andrealize your deepest dreams. He will simply wake the real you.

Wake the real you !

David Michigan

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