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Learn 5 Great Yoga Poses for Beginners



yoga poses

If you are discovering yoga, it is essential that you begin to learn the 5 yoga poses you are about to see, so you will be able to have a very good foundation and to feel comfortable when you decide to do more advanced poses.

It is highly recommended that you do these poses everyday. Also remember : it is always best to listen to your body. This principle comes first. So don’t be shy to modify a bit the poses you are about to learn, if you need it to feel better.

Here are the 5 Poses :

1 –
The Tree


 The tree


The Tree is a great standing posture to work your balance. The more you do it, the more you will obtain a clarity of vision and a peaceful mind.

Just put your left foot on your inner right upper thigh, and press your hands together in prayer position. Do not lean forward and keep your abs under tension to have a better balance.


 2 – Child’s pose

 child pose


Every time you feel tension, do this special pose

To do it, it is very easy : bring your feet and knees as you see on the picture and stretch your arms forward. Lower your head and let your body release all tensions.

3 – The Downward Dog


This pose will stretch your entire body.

When you do it, it is important to keep your knees a little bent and to walk your hands forward, to stretch yourself even more.

Keep yourself in this position for 30 sec and then take a rest.



4 – Triangle


The Triangle is a standing posture designed this time to stretch the sides of your waist, while toning your entire body.

The keys to do it are to put down your right hand as close as possible to your ankle, while imagining you are touching the ceiling or the sky with your other hand. This will allow you a very good stretch.


 5 – Plank




Now comes a physical pose : the Plank. It is a good way to strengthen your body and to develop your balance.

Slide your heels backward and have your arms well raised.

Don’t forget to take deep breaths and to contract your abs


Remember with these 5 yoga poses that you have to do these every day if you want to have fast results.

It will only take you 2m30 if you do each pose for 30 sec!

What are you waiting for ? 🙂


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3 Benefits of Yoga: Change you Life Forever





Yoga can help heal not just the body but the mind as well. It has many physical and mental benefits when practiced properly. Although you don’t need to get the perfect Yoga pose the first time you try Yoga, it does help to know what you are doing when practicing it. Whether you are a beginner or have been doing this mind-body healing exercise for a long time now, you will feel the benefits of it while practicing it. Here are the many benefits of doing Yoga.


1 – Physical Benefits of Yoga


Not only can the practice of Yoga reduce chronic pain, including lower back pain, but it can also reduce your blood pressure and keep it under control, help ease carpal tunnel syndrome, help reduce insomnia, ease arthritis and get rid of headaches. If done properly, it can keep you from experiencing these problems again. Keep reading to learn more physical benefits of practicing Yoga.


  • Will increase your flexibility
  • Will increase your muscle strength and tone
  • Will improve your respiratory system
  • Will increase your energy and vitality
  • Will keep your metabolism in check and maintain it
  • Will help you lose weight and keep it off
  • Is good for circulatory and cardio health
  • Will improve your athletic performance
  • Can prevent you from getting injured during a sports game or while exercising


2 – Mental Benefits of Yoga


Besides the many, many physical benefits of practicing this awesome mind-body relaxation and posing technique, there are also many mental benefits to doing Yoga. One major mental benefit of practicing Yoga is the part where it helps reduce and keep control of the ugly stress we all have in our lives. Whether you are a very busy person, like most of us, or you have had a traumatic event happen in your life, like most of us, you know how stress can rear its ugly self. Whether you are having back pain, neck pain, or headaches, or you are experiencing severe anxiety and having trouble sleeping because of stress, just by practicing this great exercise, you can reduce stress and keep it under control to where you won’t have to deal with it and the nasty effects it causes.


Overall, the meditation and breathing methods from Yoga can help with your mental well-being. With practicing Yoga regularly, you can learn how to cope with stress better and see your life in a more positive way. Regular Yoga can also help increase your body’s awareness, keep you calm, increase your mental clarity, can help with concentration, can help clear your mind, and can help center your attention to where it should be. The fact that it helps provide you with body and self-awareness, you are able to detect physical problems earlier and do something about them to keep you healthy and prevent things from happening in the future.


3 – Beginners Are Very Welcome to Start Yoga: No Excuses!


Whether you are a serious couch potato or are already a well-known athlete, you can practice Yoga no matter what stage you are at. This is because it doesn’t matter what size you are or what fitness level you are at.The reason for this is that there are Yoga poses for everyone and classes that anyone can attend and it doesn’t matter what style of Yoga you are practicing or thinking about practicing. Yoga is for everyone!


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5 Benefits of Meditation to Have a Better Life




benefits of meditation

Like Yoga, meditation is good for you too. However, also like yoga, you have to learn it and it is for everyone, not just for those who already know how to practice it. It is better to research and learn everything there is to know about meditation before trying it. This way, you can get the most benefits out of it. There are many physical and mental benefits of meditating.


1 – The Practice of Meditation Reduces Stress


Practicing meditation and getting good at it as well as doing it on a regular basis can reduce stress. We all have to deal with stress at times. Some of us way more often than others. If we didn’t have stress on a daily basis, most of us wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves. However, living without stress is a good thing. You won’t totally be without it but if you meditate on a daily basis, you will reduce it and learn to cope with the remaining stress you will still be living with. Life wouldn’t be normal without some stress. This is especially true for those of us who live very busy lives. Learn to meditate and do so regularly and you will reduce stress, keeping you healthier and happier.


2 – Meditation Improves Concentration


Many people say that they don’t have a hard time concentrating anymore because they started meditating and do it regularly. We all need to concentrate on things we do in our lives to do them better. This is especially true if you run your own business. You will need to be able to concentrate on the business so you can do your job right, and even better at times. Learning how to meditate can improve your concentration, allowing you to work on the task at hand the way you need to.


3 – Encourages You to Live a Healthier Lifestyle


Some people say that by meditating on a daily basis, they are now eating better, not drinking alcohol, and have also quit smoking. Some say that they only want to put good things into their body. This is all because they practice meditation on a daily basis.


4- Slows the Aging Process


Those who meditate on a daily basis say that they feel younger. It is a fact that meditating on a daily basis can slow the biological age process down. This is because, and it has been proven, that meditators have more gray brain cells than those who don’t meditate. Although meditating itself does not make you live longer, the benefits of it such as reduced stress can help you live longer.


5 – Helps Strengthen Your Immune System


Some people are said to have a low immune system and because of this, they can get sick a lot more and a lot easier. However, the practice of meditating on a daily basis can strengthen the immune system and you won’t get sick as much or as easy as you did before when your immune system wasn’t as strong.


These are great benefits of meditation that can make anyone want to learn the process of meditation to benefit from these things.


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