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how to lose weight

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What Makes This Fat Loss
Free Course Totally Unique

1# You don't have to adhere to a strict DIET

Everything David will share with you, is very easy to do and very simple to follow.

The tips he will share with you can be used as a “Well” resource, where you will be able to take in, any response you desire to clean up any confusions.

You will be exposed to very advanced training and personal transformation exercises that will make you make progress that will go far beyond your body and mind.

2# Cutting-edge Information

David has been working with thousands of people for the past 15 years, and they all like his special methods and tools to provide the shortest path to transformation. 



You will gain access to these special secrets when you enroll in The Secrets to Burn Fat.


Very quickly your body will change and you will be able to easily reach your goals with his help.

3# Stay at home

With the David Michigan free fat loss protocol, you will be able to use this course directly at home on your smartphone or your tablet.


 This will ease your learning and will enable you to focus even more on what is being said. You will e able to get a better body while staying at home.


 You can still of course go to the gym or perform any kind of outside physical activities, but it is not needed. 

Meet Your Trainer

David Michigan is a personal trainer and fitness coach, and has a mission : helping as many people as possible by giving them the body and the spirit they truly want, deep inside themselves. You will receive a lot of ideas, insights and energy tips that will unlock your potential to whole new level. By expanding your awareness and your mind to muscle connexion, you will be able to leverage your gifts and talents hidden deep inside you, very close to the essence of which you truly are, to become a better true force of life. And you will with his help cultivate a growth mindset, not being a new you, but a better you. By anticipating what you truly want, you will have sooner what you really desire.

David Michigan
Life & Fitness Coach

What Students Say About David

"Thanks to you, I never do sport by constraint, always for pleasure, it is my new lifestyle. Thank you for everything."
Train Driver
"This change is not only a physical change but a much healthier lifestyle change. For all that I thank you a thousand times.”
"David is much more than a fitness coach. It is a person who perfectly guided and advised me in my eating habits with an exact science."

David Michigan’s mission is to improve millions of lives, which is why he releases top premium free courses all around the world.


Your free course will be delivered to you via your pc, mobile or tablet. & web experience. Here’s what you will receive each day:

Day 1

3 Simple Secrets to Lose Weight

On the first day, I will explain to you 3 simple secrets to loseweight fast. You will love it.

Day 2

5 Tips for Maintaining a Diet

Then, on day 2, I will you you how you can easily maintain a diet when you really know these 5 important tips.

Day 3

How to Lose Fat 2 Times Faster

Next, on day 3, You know a special protocol to burn and lose fat 2 times faster. It can be intringuing at first, I prefer to let you know. 

Day 4

The 3 Secrets of Self Confidence

Day 4 will be the day for you of knowing the 3 secrets of self confidence. Having the body of your dreams is extremely linked to your own capacity in truly trusting yourself.

Day 5

How to Apply the 3 Secrets to Have Confidence in Yourself

And on day 5, you will have a follow up of the previous day: this time you will discover how to apply theses 3 secrets of self confidence in yourself and daily life.

Day 6

How to Eat Your Favorite Food Without Storing It in Fat

Day 6 will be an happy day for you: you will finally know how it is possible to eat your favorite food (yes, really your favorite food) without storing it in fat. Sounds too good to be true ? Wait, until you see it…

Day 7

2 Training Methods You Must Do To Progress More Quickly

Finally, on day 7, you will know 2 training methods allowing you to have tremendous progress and quick results. Be ready for it ! 


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how to lose weight

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