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How to Lose Easily 10 Pounds in just 10 days : Extreme Diet Protocol



extreme diet

I am sorry to tell you that, but the magic pill to burn fat doesn’t exist.

And there is also no « magical » or « miracle » diet to lose weight

However, with the help of an extreme diet, you can definitely have very nice and strong results. In just 10 days, you can lose 10 pounds. Yes, you heard me right : 10 pounds. You will literally feel the result, even 2 days after beginning it.

So what do you do ?

Here is your protocol :

You can eat these following aliments in unlimited quantity

And the good thing is that there is no need to do sports, you just have to eat these foods :

  • chicken meat
  • red meat
  • fish
  • eggs
  • Green Salad
  • Cucumber

And now concerning the beverages, you can take :

  • water
  • coffee
  • green tea
  • diet soda
  • sparkling water


An exemple of your diet will be like :

Lunch :

  • chicken meat (day 1, day 4, day 7 and day 10) + green salad
  • beef (day 2, day 5, day 8) + cucumber
  • fish (day 3, day 6, day 9) + green salad



  • eggs (day 1, day 4, day 7 and day 10) + cucumber
  • fish (day 2, day 5, day 8) + green salad
  • chicken meat (day 3, day 6, day 9) + cucumber

Drinks:  3 liters of water every day and 2 cans of diet sodas only if you have sugar cravings

Exercise: none, but of course if you can, it is best.


Please Do NOT :

-Eat bread
-Eat Pastas
-Eat Rice
-Eat Sugar
-Eat Fruits
-Use Oils


And also remember that this diet plan should only last 10 days.

If you have to lose a lot of weight in just 10 days, you know now what you have to do.


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weight loss

Back Pain and Weight Gain: Is There a Connection?




back pain


If you are overweight, even by a little bit, and maybe even considered to be obese, and you are experiencing back pain on top of it, there is actually a connection between the two. According to the National Institutes of Health, as much as two-thirds of Americans are obese, or overweight. Not only this, but they experience back pain.


Why does back pain and weight gain have a connection? The answer is because if you have belly fat, it adds strain to your back. Think about it: You are carrying around extra weight and that hurts your back. Not only your back but it adds strain to your ligaments as well.


One thing you can do about the back pain, and doctors will advise you to do this, is lose that extra weight that is straining your back and ligaments. Here is how you can do this and not only get rid of the back pain but look good and be healthy and stay looking good and healthy and pain free for the rest of your life.


Physical Therapy Exercises


If you are experiencing back pain, your doctor may ask you if you want to go see a physical therapist. It is highly recommended that you do this. The reason is because they can teach you some very good back exercises that will not only help get rid of the pain for good, but will also help you lose that belly fat you are carrying around with you all the time.


Although you can visit a physical therapist for help with special back pain exercises, if you cannot afford to do this, you can actually look online for these exercises and print them out to do them every single day. You really need to make sure to do them every day and not skip one day for any reason. It is very important to do them every day to keep the pain away and to help you lose that extra belly fat. Think about carrying a heavy baby or toddler around. Hurts your back, doesn’t it? That is what it is like carrying around the extra belly fat you may have added over the past few years.


Eat Right Every Day


Everyone needs to eat right. It is just something you need to do to be healthy and remain healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat and low carb foods and snacks are all good for you. Instead of going out to eat at a fast food restaurant, cook homemade meals and eat at home. Eating fast food is not good for anyone, ever!


You can find good recipes online if you cannot afford to talk to a nutritionist. Many people say they can’t afford to eat healthy. This isn’t true! Everyone who works and makes money can afford to eat healthy. It doesn’t matter if you buy the cheapest fruit and vegetables the store has, as long as you are eating good, and healthy food every day.


So, the bottom line is this, exercise and eat right and you will lose weight and get rid of the back pain you are experiencing.


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weight loss

Weight Loss Programs: Are They Really Worth it?



weight loss programs


There are so many different weight loss programs you see on those television commercials, every day. They especially show them at night and if you are a night owl, you have most likely seen them before. You know the ones: NutriSystem, Weight Watchers, GoLo, and many more. They sound good and look like they really will help someone lose weight but are they really worth the money you will be dishing out to them? Let’s discuss the reasons why they may or may not be worth the money, time, or effort.


The Cost


One thing is for sure about the cost of these programs is that it is too much. Is the program worth the cost of it? It really depends on the person who decides to try it out and the program itself. You need to ask yourself this: are you going to keep the weight off or will it be a waste of time? Once you answer that question, you can then decide if the cost is worth it for you.


The Food


Sure, the food may look good on TV but does it actually taste as good as they say it does? It would be in your best interest to ask friends and family who may have used one or more of these programs about how the food tastes and if it is actually worth it for you. It is always best to get a recommendation from someone you know before trying it out so you know it is worth it from the beginning. This is because, for all anyone knows, the food might look good but it might taste awful.


The End Results


Does it actually work the way they say it does? Although they hype you up by saying you are guaranteed to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time, how do we know this to be as true as they say it is? Again, this is where you should find someone you know who has used these programs and knows the truth about them before you decide if the end results will be worth it to you.


The Weight Loss


Can you actually lose even one pound with these programs? This is not only where you will need a good recommendation from a close friend or family member, but you can also do your own research on these companies. One thing you can do is read reviews online and check the Better Business Bureau for either good or bad reviews from those who have actually used them. However, here is a word of warning for you: some online reviews are paid reviews and are not always truthful so be careful with the ones you believe.


After doing your research, trying one of these programs for free with a free trial if they offer one, and asking for recommendations from friends and family members, you can then decide whether or not if these weight loss programs are truly worth your money, effort, and time.


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burn fat

The Best Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss



Fat burning foods are so important for weight loss.

Because certain foods have what is called a “thermogenic effect”.
It means that your body will burn calories with the process of digesting your foods.

If you eat 100 calories worth of protein (25g of protein),
your body will use between 20 and 35 calories of them just in digestion.

So what are the best fat burning foods ?


1- Lean Meats are good fat burning foods

As I evoke it a bit before, proteins have a very high thermogenic effect,
by burning around 30% of the calories during digestion.

You can begin to eat more lean meats to get a good themogenic effect in your body.


2- Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains something called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that speeds up your metabolism after drinking it.

A study in an issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that green tea activates the body’s thermogenic fat-burning activity.

Moreover, green tea contains caffeine in it, and the association with the EGCG increase even more your metabolic rate.


3- Hot Peppers: little known fat burning foods

Hot peppers contains something called capsaicin that will heat your body up, making you burn more calories.

Eat these the way you prefer: dried, cooked, raw, in powder….


4- Coffee

The higher is your metabolic rate, the easier it is for you to burn fat and eat what you desire.

Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, which  can increase the metabolic rate up to 11%.

Coffee will also offer you a lot of benefits


5- Whole Grains

If you know me, you then know I am against a crazy carbs consumption.

But I admit that digesting whole grains burn almost twice as many calories than digesting processed foods.

So whole grains are good fat burning foods, if you consume them reasonably


If you also want to Discover the 3 secrets to Burn your Belly Fat, you can click here now.

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