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How to Have Bigger Legs



How to Have Bigger Legs?

Here is a video that shows you the Leg Extension Exercise.

This leg workout is very good for you to have bigger and stronger legs.

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How to Develop the Medium Trapezius (Trap Exercice)



How To Develop The Medium Trapezius (trap Exercice ) David Michigan

Here is a good exercise, that you need to perform standind up, in order to develop your
middle traps.

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lower abs

3 Big Secrets to Have Lower Abs



lower abs

It seems for almost everyone that one the hardest thing to show is your lower abs.

Most people will go through their entire lives without ever having seen their lower abs (except maybe when they were young)

This part of the abdominal area which is just below the belly button is often underestimated and underrated. There are also a lot of misconceptions about it, and I will help you right now.

They are 3 main factors that you need to combine to have this abs: Diet, Exercises and Mental Focus 1 – Get Lower Abs by Adjusting Your Diet

You have to adjust right now your diet if you really want that part to show off.


1 – First limit your carb uptake at its maximum.

One of the biggest misconceptions there is, and you will hear that all the time, is that the body or the brain need carbs.


It’s true that carbs will provide a quick energy supply, easy to use.

However, the health of the organs is maintained with Glucose. And glucose can be of course obtained from carbs, but also from fat and protein, that convert into glucose. This process is called gluconeogenesis.

The less carb you eat, the more your body will be able to use its fat for energy, which will result in a fat burning process.

Pay attention, when I talk you about carbs, I don’t take into account only simple sugars.

I’m talking also about complex carbohydrates such as rice or potatoes, all carbs except these from green veggies or veggies.

If you REALLY want carbs such as rice, pastas, potatoes, be sure to only eat these before or after training, or only in very small amount.

Don’t worry you are just making a transition right now; you will be able to reintroduce them later.

Also create a caloric deficit: eat less calories (around 500-700) than you burn per day and you will see very fast results.


2-  Train Your Lower Abs Effectively

You will hear sometimes that abs is all about diet. It is true to an extent.

Yes you will always see the abs of someone extremely lean, even if this person doesn’t do physical activities at all. But the abs won’t look good, trust me.

To get good aesthetics lower abs, you still need to do direct lower abs exercises.

Some abs exercises focus more on your upper abs and oblique’s while others isolate just the bottom part.

So even if the abs forms one unique group of muscles, the key is sending more blood to this area by really targeting it.


3- Learn to Focus More on Your Lower abs

Here are 5 small steps you can already do now:

– Stay focused on this goal

Visualize and feel what it would be like for you to really have nice lower abs. Do it very often

– Look more at people with a six-pack abs and imagine having the same or better ones

– If you work other muscles, do a lower abs workout first. You will have more energy and more focus to do it.

– Watch your evolution in front of a mirror each week and see if you have to adjust something.


So to finish remember, abs are made in the kitchen, there are no doubt about it. But you also have to do lower abs ewercises and to really focus on it if you really want to make them shine.

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