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Sex and Relationships

How to Always Enjoy Good Sex with Your Partner



enjoy good sex


When it comes to being a long-term, committed relationship with someone you love, you want to be able to enjoy being with them. You want to always enjoy good sex with your partner. Sex is good for you emotionally and physically and is good for keeping a healthy and happy relationship that lasts a long time. Having sex has health benefits so if you think it is bad, it really isn’t. It is good for reducing stress and being really stressed out can make you sick and kill you. Think of having sex with your partner as a natural type of medicine for your body and mind.


Keep reading to learn some great tips for always enjoying great sex with your partner.


Make an Appointment for Sex


Yes, you read that right! Schedule sex by making an appointment for it and marking it on your calendar or to-do list. Some couples say that sex doesn’t always have to be spontaneous for you and your partner to enjoy it. Some couples say, according to Woman’s Day, that scheduling sex for them to enjoy time together alone is a must. This is especially true if you have kids, work a lot, and generally just have busy lives. So, make an appointment for every day, once per week or whenever you want and have the time for sex, so you can enjoy some alone time with your partner.


Lock the Bedroom Door


This is a must if you have kids, and especially if you have a lot of them. Many couples agree that having that extra security, just by locking the bedroom door, can allow them to let loose and really get into enjoying great sex with each other. Not only this but some couples agree that teaching your children to knock and wait for you to tell them they can enter is always a good thing to do. Also, making sure you put your kids to bed at a certain time every night can allow for the two of you to really enjoy some alone time. Make sure there are no TVs, or other electronics and tech gadgets allowed in the bedroom during alone time together, to distract either of you.

Enjoy and Perfect the Quickie


Sometimes, with kids running through the house and living a busy lifestyle with work, you might not always have time for a long, sexual and romantic experience with your partner. When this is the case, enjoy and perfect the quickie so you still enjoy being with your partner. Even if it is a quick five minutes, you can still enjoy being together.


Experiment Together


Trying different positions, sex toys, or lubricants can help you enjoy great sex with your partner. Although it is good to experiment together, make sure you ask them about the position, sex toy, or lubricant you want to try. Make sure they are game with it too because you never want to force anything on your spouse or partner.


Trying these different tips will help you always enjoy a great sexual experience with your partner and having sex often is good for your health and your relationship.


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Sex and Relationships

Five Things You Should Always Do During Sex




during sex


Sex is a good thing. It is not only good for your health, but it is good for keeping a healthy and happy relationship going. Sex is more enjoyable with someone you love. Although having sex is truly good for your emotional well-being and physical well-being for both you and your partner, there are certain rules to keep in mind before having it or during it. Here are four things you should always do during sex.


Make Sure You Want to Have Sex Before You Start


If you are simply not in the mood for it or something else is making you not want to have sex with your partner, you won’t enjoy it at all. Make sure the both of you are on the same page before having sex so you will always enjoy having great sex together.


Ask Yourself Which Sexual Positions You Want to Try and Which Ones are Off-Limits


Ask yourself which sexual positions you are willing to try with your partner. Let them know before you start which ones you want to try and which ones you don’t want to try. Being open and honest with your partner from the beginning before sex is a great way to not only enjoy it together but will make your relationship stronger.


Agree That Sex Doesn’t Have to be Time Consuming


Agreeing with each other that your sexual experiences together don’t have to be a long time consuming experience will allow you to free yourself to have a quickie if you prefer. Quickies are perfect for couples who work every day and who have kids and don’t have time every time they have sex to extend it for as long as possible. Quickies can be romantic too!


Accept the Fact That Neither of You Have to Have an Orgasm Every Time


Accepting the fact that neither of you have to have an orgasm every time will allow you to free yourself to enjoy sex with your partner more. You really don’t have to have one every single time to have fun together during the sexual experience. As long as you are enjoying each other’s company, that is all that really matters.



Keep the Communication Going Always


One thing that is very important when having sex with your partner is to keep the communication going all the time. Talk to your partner about what you want during sex and listen to what they want too. This will allow you to not only bond closer together but to enjoy the sexual experience more often. You never want to keep anything from your partner when it comes to sex. Communication is one of the important keys to enjoying sex more and having a good and long lasting relationship.


By keeping these five things and more you can probably think of in mind of what you should always do during sex, you should always have a great sexual experience with your partner. Make sure to always trust each other as well.


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Sex and Relationships

How to Improve Yourself to Enhance Your Relationships




improve yourself

They say that loving yourself can improve your relationships. However, you need to know self-worth before you can give worth to others. There are ways you can know that you love yourself besides saying it to yourself every day. Here are some tips on how to improve yourself to improve your relationships.


Approve of Yourself


Don’t keep seeking approval from others. They will approve of what you are doing at first and won’t mind it at first either but after a while, they will start getting tired of having to approve of everything you do just to make you happy. You need to approve of yourself and the things you do on your own before you can make anyone else happy to be around you.


Give to Others


You don’t want to just take for yourself and not share what you take with others. Not only giving to others makes them happy but it will make you happy because they are happy. And, you can’t truly be happy with yourself unless you make others happy as well.


Reach Your Own Goals


When wanting to improve your relationships with other people, you want to reach the goals you set for yourself. By doing this, you are making them happy for you, for themselves, and they will be proud to be in a relationship with you.


Become Fit and Stay Fit and Healthy


You can do this by exercising on a daily basis and eating the right kinds of foods. The only way to improve your relationships is if they see that you are trying to improve yourself too in a healthy way. Don’t ever skip the exercises no matter how you feel because exercising makes you feel better anyway. Don’t skip meals because this will make you feel worse. You will also want to get a good night’s sleep too. Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.

Keep Yourself Clean on a Daily Basis


This means practicing proper hygiene. Get in the show every morning or every night, brush your teeth three times a day and in between meals, and keep your face and hair clean. Once those who you are in a relationship with see that you are keeping yourself up every day, they will want to be around you more.


Be Creative


Make something special for that special someone in your life. Be creative with it and make them something, not just from your heart, but something they will absolutely love. Being creative with what you made for them will also make them want to be around you more.


Be Aware of Yourself


Be aware of who you are and what you mean to the people in your life. Know that they love you for who you are and they always will. Always know your own worth and they will want to be around you more for this.


Once you improve yourself personally, you will definitely improve the close relationships you are in.



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