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Stubborn fat

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Quickly



Men and Women have always wanted to get rid of stubborn fat, because it seems like that these fat areas will never go.

For women, their concerns are often with the fat accumulated on their triceps, thighs and waists.

Whereas for men, they often want to get rid of the fat around their bellies to show perfectly their abs.

You will often hear this statement: “You can’t lose fat on target areas, spot reduction doesn’t work”

It is partly true, because you can begin to lose fat in other areas, in a first place when you have a good diet.
But Spot Reduction Can Also Work.
If you do have some fat areas that don’t seem to burn, they might be a chance that you have poor blood circulation in these areas.

These fat areas are full of alpha-2 receptors that are limiting fat burning, lipolysis and fat oxidation.

So how do you inhibit the alpha-2-receptors to get rid of stubborn fat ?


1- Perform High Intensity Exercice

The more you will exercice with a high intensity, the more you will produce hormones called catecholamines.

These hormones have a direct impact on inhibiting alpha 2-receptors.


2- Have Low Insulin Levels to get rid of stubborn fat

Insulin has a very important role concerning fat loss.

Having low insulin levels will allow you more of your Human Growth Hormone (HGH)  leading to fat loss.

So how do you have low insulin levels ?

You don’t have to do a intermittent fasting. You just need to consume low glycemic carbs.

Just reduce all high glycemic food, as much as you can.


3-Get rid of stubborn fat by improving your blood flow

The more blood flow to the area you send, the more you will produce fat burning hormones, and they will to release more fatty acid.

Insist your workout on the zones which you desire burn stubborn fat.

Of course burning regular fat is easier than burning the stubborn one, but if you apply these 3 methods it will facilitate a lot the process.

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