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cheat meal

Don’t Cheat too Often: What to do When You are Having a Cheat Meal



cheat meal

Most of us like to eat. And sometimes, when we are invited a tour friends’ house we don’t know what to do in front of all this food.

Should we eat a lot ? Should we respect our diet ?

Whatever your choice is, they are some key principles concerning cheat meals, if you do not want to get fat or be in a bad health.

1 – Do Not Eat Too Much of It


When you are having a cheat meal, the key is not to eat to eat. Yes, of course you can eat whatever you want. But this doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want. There is a big difference between the diversity and the quantity

And unfortunately, as we often like to eat in large quantity, the limit can be reached easily, especially if you are drinking sugar beverages, like fruit juice or sodas.

What i do recommend you is : eat what you want, but try at least not to fill your plate completely.


2 – Don’t Have Cheat Meals Everyday


What I am telling you seems obvious, and yet more and more people tend to have cheat meals every day. Some even have a cheat week.

It is not just about getting fatter. It is also related about your health. Being fat and being healthy are two separate things, even if of course they can be linked together.

You can be slim and still be in a very bad health. So pay attention.

Also, the more cheat meals you have, the more you will crave for it.  Sugar is, for example, one of the brain’s favorite drugs. The more sugar you eat, the more reward mechanism you send to your brain, the more it will crave for it.


3 – Eat very little (or do fasting) for the Following Meal

If you had a very good meal, full of calories, you really have to pay attention for the meal that follows it.

Don’t eat like a lion or a caveman all day long, or you will definitely pack a lot of fat.

The best thing you can do, is intermittent fasting. Just eat your cheat day, and then fast for at least a 12 hour period. Drink a lot of water during the whole day.


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cheat meal

Do You Make These 3 Cheat Meal Mistakes ?



Are you doing one of these 3 cheat meal mistakes ? If you are not sure, I highly encourage you to read below now.


1- Cheal Meal Mistake n°1: You Do a Cheat Day Instead of a Cheat Meal

It’s a cheat meal, not a cheat day.

If you eat all day long, you will definitely have some problems, in one way or another.

Here are a few tips that you can do to not eat all day long:


  • Do NOT eat in front of your TV, because there are great chances you overeat by being distracted
  • Drink a lot of water during the day
  • Eat your cheat meal at night (yes you can), this way you won’t cheat anymore during the day
  • Don’t be in a straving mode after you cheat meal, you can still eat but only good food.
  • Take your time when you eat your cheat meal, this way you will be less hungry
  • Don’t starve yourself beforehand or you’ll be more likely to overeat


2- Cheat Meal Mistake n°2: You eat too much of it

Please, don’t eat like 3000-5000 calories in one setting.

It is very easy to attain this limit (even for a woman), and even more when you drink sodas with your meal.

If you do this, you can almost ruin a few days of dieting.

Always have a long term goal, and don’t take the easy satisfaction.

You will be so proud of you if you do things in the right way



3- Cheat Meal Mistake n°3: Cheating too Often

You need to be consistent with your diet, and you will never adopt a healthy one if you cheat too often.

Why ?

Because your body won’t be able to adapt completely. Your taste sensations won’t adapt to good foods.

All you will do is keeping a dirty addiction to junk foods and develop more cravings.

The less you cheat, the more your cravings will dimunish over time. And you will be more at ease to maintain a healthy diet.

Moderation is key here.

You should also eat good food when you go to a restaurant

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