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Protein: Why Do You Absolutely Need it in your Diet ?




The word “Protein” is very old. It comes from the Greek word “proteios” which meaning is “of first rank of importance.”

Your own body can’t produce proteins by itself. Carbs can be converted from proteins. Fats can be converted from carbs. But you get regular proteins only from food.

You have to know that All proteins are made up with a combination of 20 different amino acids.

1- Protein is Very Important to Build Muscle

Why it is so important to build muscles ?

Protein is really the building blocks of all your muscles.

Without them, it would be even impossible to maintain your muscle tissue.

In order to build muscles, you have to be in an anabolic state, where your muscle tissues in your body will obtain energy for their growth and maintenance.

To be in that state (as opposed to the catabolic state), you must provide enough protein to your body, so you will be able to use them as energy to maintain, repair and build your muscles

2- Protein Helps you to Have a Healthy Brain

Your brain needs a constant and steady supply of proteins to stay focus, to have a lot of energy and to keep concentration. Your learning and all of your motor skills will suffer if your brain don’t have access to these.

They are crucial to your brain to produce hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes.

Moreover Protein  is also essential for your happiness.  When we don’t get enough of it, your brain can’t produce enough serotonin, which is one of the main chemicals that regulates your mood. In natural medicine, some doctors believe that protein therapy is more effective in some cases than the traditional drugs that are commonly used to treat depression.

You will also produce more dopamine that will allow you to boost your energy, initiate a deep sleep and regulate your pain.

3- Protein Allows you to Fonction Properly

Here are some more benefits of Protein:

  • It is a very important element to build your bones and your cartilage
  • It’s the principal component of your hair and your nails.
  • It stabilizes your blood sugar levels
  • It promotes longevity by slowing ages

Don’t forget also to eat this kind of good food in your diet:

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