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Diet or Exercise: Which is More Important for Weight Loss?



Diet or Exercise Which is More Important for Weight Loss

Some people say living healthy is easy while others say it is the hardest thing they have ever done in their lives. Whatever side you agree with, one thing is for sure. Living healthy is better than living unhealthy. While this is true, what if your fitness coach told you that you had to choose between diet or exercise? Which one would you choose to lose the weight? Although you would want to choose the easiest way, it is better to choose the healthiest way or the more important way. Keep reading to learn which one is better for weight loss than the other one.


1 – Dieting: Which One is the Best?


When you start your diet, you probably think you should choose which diet is best; low calories, low fats, or low carbs. Which one is the king here? The answer is none of them because if done right, they all three can bring some great results. It really depends on the individual and how they go about their diet. It truly depends on how much they eat and if they eat smaller portions every day or if they eat healthier food every day.


2 – Exercise: Is it Effective Alone?


According to a research study that was done on exercise alone, without cutting calories, fat, or carbs, it was found that exercising without changing your diet is not as effective as just changing your diet.

3 – Exercising and Diet: Should You Do Both?


Now, let’s decide on whether you should include changing your diet with exercise and see how effective doing both together is. According to another research study that was done, it suggests that doing both together isn’t as effective as just diet alone. The reason for this is because people are terrible at calculating calories in versus calories burned. This was found during the research study when people were asked to go to the gym and do some exercises. They were then asked to go to a buffet and eat the same number of calories they just burned. What they did was ate two to three times as much food as the calories they burned in the gym. Because of this, they didn’t lose the weight they should have since they didn’t calculate calories burned versus calories taken in the way they should have to lose the weight they could have and should have lost.


So, what did we get with this information? Changing your diet is better for weight loss than exercising is. Although, this may be true, according to the research studies that were done to find this answer, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t also exercise while dieting to achieve our weight loss goals. Think of it this way, which makes you happier and releases more endorphins making your happier? Going to the gym and exercising or cooking in the kitchen and counting calories? Going to the gym does because physical activity is what causes the brain to release the endorphins to make us happier. This just means that by adding exercise to our changes in diet will make it easier to change our diets.


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6 Best Reasons to Exercise Besides Weight Loss



reasons to exercise

We have all been told how important regular exercise is but it isn’t just for weight loss or to gain strength. There are many other reasons for getting on the treadmill every day. Although most of us think of weight loss and getting stronger when we exercise, here are other good reasons to exercise besides for losing weight.


1 – Can Improve Your Memory


Did you ever wonder why you are able to think better after a good workout? It is because regular exercise gives your brain more energy and oxygen. Just by regularly exercising and making it a daily habit, you can improve your memory and even be able to learn better. This is a really good reason to exercise every day since no one wants to lose their memory.


2 – Can Improve Your Posture


Regular exercise can help improve your posture and help you sit up straighter. Having good posture is important for keeping your back straight and keeping the pain away from an arched back. The best way to improve your posture is to exercise the muscles controlling it and holding you back from having good posture. Just by exercising your abs, back muscles, and more, you can sit up straighter and prevent pain. You can do posture exercises either sitting or standing, whichever way you prefer.


3 – Can Improve Your Confidence


Regular exercise can improve your confidence in yourself as well. This is because, it does help you lose weight and when you start looking better and feeling better, you will feel better about yourself. However, there is more to it than that. Regular exercise gives you confidence because it can help you feel more accomplished and social, especially if you are working out in a gym where you can interact with other people who have the same goals in mind that you do.


4 – Can Help you Reduce Stress


As long as you exercise regularly, you can reduce stress. This is because when you exercise, you release endorphins that make you happier, reducing stress. Not only this, but while exercising, the act of doing so can help you get your mind off of the stress you have in your life.


5 – Can Help You Sleep Better at Night


If you have been having trouble sleeping at night, just start exercising regularly and it will improve your sleep at night. This is because exercising in the morning and in the afternoon can wear you out and help relax you to help you sleep at night. Just try not to exercise right before bedtime because it can have the opposite effect on you.


6 – Can Give You More Energy


Regular exercise in the morning and afternoon can give you the energy boosts you need to get through your day. This is because it gets your heart pumping blood through your body and this can make you feel more energetic. Although working out a lot can wear you out, regular exercise in the mornings and afternoons can give you the energy boost you need to get through the day without being tired.


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