David Michigan is a personal trainer and fitness coach, and has a mission : helping as many people as possible by giving them the body and the spirit they truly want, deep inside themselves.

He lives to fulfill people’s body and spirit dreams, by trusting in their abilities, following their passions, even if he has to get them out of their comfort zones.

David will make your own dreams your TOP priorities, by creating for you new and better health and life habits, by commiting to never stop working on your dreams, even if you don’t see all the results right away.

You will with his help cultivate a growth mindset, not being a new you, but a better you. By anticipating what you truly want, you will have sooner what you really desire.

David Michigan will also give you a push from within to change so you will be more able to clarify your vision, to know really yourself and to create a plan of action for moving forward, according to your own fitness and health goals.

You will receive a lot of ideas, insights and energy tips that will unlock your potential to  whole new level. By expanding your awareness and your mind to muscle connexion, you will be able to leverage your gifts and talents hidden deep inside you, very close to the essence of which you truly are, to become a better true force of life.

David Michigan will help you to get on track with your fitness and life’s purpose, to overcome any fears and blocks you may have, and to take action toward your meaningful dreams and goals.



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