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Cholesterol: The Truth you Have to Know



Cholesterol is often seen as something devil. There are so much misconceptions about it.

1- Cholesterol is NOT Caused by what you eat

One of the important thing to know is that food levels of cholesterol do NOT correlate very well to blood levels to blood levels of cholesterol.

Only 20% of your blood cholesterol levels will come from your diet.

For example, eggs have a lot of dietary cholesterol (more than 200 mg), but this isn’t dangerous as we thought it would be in the past.

Just some cholesterol in food will finish as cholesterol in your bloodstream. Because when you dietary cholesterol rises, your own body will compensate by  producing less of it. You have your own regulation.

One of your liver’s mission is to remove excess cholesterol from your body, it all comes then to your genetics with your liver’s ability to regulate it to a good level

So don’t fear eggs.  Eggs are an excellent for a good source of protein and contain unsaturated fat (good fat)

2- Why Cholesterol is Good for You

If it were bad, your liver wouldn’t produce it, and is making more than 75% of your body’s cholesterol.

It has a lot of health benefits:

  • It plays a crucial role in your brain for connecting your neurons together. Your brain countains more than 25% of your body’s cholesterol
  • It interacts inside your cells wth proteins, giving them more importance
  • It is the precusor to bile acids, so without it your whole digestive system will be affected
  • One of its most important job is to help in the production of hormones. After being stored in the ovaries and the testes, it will then be converted to your hormones
  • It is essential for your own production of Vitamin D
  • It helps you to increas protein synthesis following exercise

Don’t look at it now in a negative way. It plays some much very important role in the functioning of your body.

Without it, you are not able to have an healthy body that fonctions properly, because it is found in every cell within you.

However there are some bad food you absolutly want to avoid:

–>Click Here to Know the Food you Must Avoid<–

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Natural Health

How to Live Longer: One of the Secret Keys of Nutrition



live longer

Discover here a very good advice, if you truly want to have a better lifespan.

More information here:

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3 Tips to Eat Clean and to Stop Eating Bad Foods



bad foods

Taking care of your daily food intake, knowing what to eat and what not to eat, and buying healthy and organic food are very important things to consider if you truly want to have a good life and to live longer.

Maybe you are a bit lost… Maybe you don’t really know how to have a clean eating.

Don’t worry. Here are 3 tips specially made for you, to start eating clean right away.


1 – Don’t Eat too Much Sodium

Some people swear that the worst enemy for your health is sugar. Trust me, in reality, in most cases, sodium is even worse. It leads to high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases and tons of illnesses.

And sodium is like a snake: sometimes you don’t see it coming. You think you are eating clean because you are eating frozen organic green vegetables ? Think again.

They are packed with tons of sodium, because they are frozen foods.

Limit yourself to 1,5mg of sodium per day, and you will be fine.


2 – Reduce Your Processed Food Intake

Every food today seems to be processed. However, it is always better to follow nature’s rules. For example, nature did not make red candies nor blue sugar drinks.

So a good rule you can keep in mind is: whatever you cannot find in nature, try to not eat it.

Eat natural foods like eggs, fruits, vegetables, fishes,… there are still tons of foods that are not processed.

Do not be like anyone else, and respect your body by eating natural ingredients.

3 – Try to Eat Less Meat


People are often confused on the fact they need to eat meat in order to have proteins.


Proteins are absolutely necessary to survive, but meat is totally not necessary. Eating meat puts a lot of pressure on yourself for your digestion, and the less meat you will eat, the more it will help to reduce your risk of heart disease.

There is no need to go into veganism either. Just replace the meat by eating fish and eggs, if you still want to keep animal protein sources.

And if you still want to eat meat, please try to avoid at all costs sausages and bacon.

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3 Tricks to Improve your Sleep and to Never Feel Tired Anymore During Your Day



improve your sleep

We are often losing one third of our life just by sleeping.

And yet, a lot of people complain that they don’t get enough sleep. When the alarm clock is ringing, some of us just don’t want to hear it, and we are doing everything to win some more minutes.

So how to improve your sleep ?

But first: why do we care so much about sleeping ?

Mainly because sleeping deprivation triggers low energy, low performance, bad decision making capacities, more fat storage…

You definitely want to improve your sleep.

Here are 3 tips you can start doing right now

1 – Sleep by 90 min Period Cycle

A full and complete sleep pattern is 90 minutes. Your mind and body need to accomplish several 90-minute cycles.

Have you ever felt tired even after 10 hours of sleeping ? It is because you may have woken up during a 90-minute cycles and not after finishing it. You would have slept 10 hours and 30 minutes if it was the case, doing 7 cycles of 90 minutes

Choose your number of 90-minute cycles that you want to accomplish and stick to it. Generally doing 4 or 5 cycles is what is best for you.


2 – Don’t Eat just before Sleeping

This is one of the biggest mistake you can make. If you eat before sleeping, your body will trigger all your digestion mechanisms and you will spend a lot of energy to digest the aliments you just ate.

But it is even worse than that…

Your body is not made to digest food in a laying position. You will consume extra energy to do so.

So what is the point of sleeping to have your energy back, if you spend it during your whole night ?

Think about it and don’t eat anything at least 1 hour before you sleep.

3 – Empty Your Mind Before Your Sleep


Right before sleeping, it will be very good for you to calm down, to relax your body and your mind, and to start to empty your mind.

So how do you empty your mind ?

I know it can be hard for some people. To enter in this form of meditation, if you have some trouble doing it, all you have to do is focus on your inner sensations.

Feel your head against your pillow. Really feel your legs on your bed. Feel every sensation you have at the present moment, and it will help you to drift into your wonderful dreams.


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Don’t Miss these 3 Secrets to Get Up Early Every Morning (and Easily!)



get up early

I know. We tend to have trouble to wake up early.

The alarm clock is ringing…and yet you don’t move. You want to stay in bed.
Yet you are losing a lot of opportunities that life offers you.

Early risers rule the world.

Do you want to know how to do it ?


1- Have Your Alarm Clock Away From You

Here is the most important advice I can offer you.

Put your alarm clock at least at 5 meters from you. Because you will have to get up to turn it off.

And by standing up, your brain is awaking itself, and you instantly change your state.

Then you have to go further and enter in an other room to further the process of awaking.


2 – Keep a Positive Attitude Whatever the Hours of Sleeping  You are Having

You can sleep as many hours as you want: if you are thinking that
when you wake up you won’t have enough sleep, get what ? You will
wake up tired.

Even if you sleep 12 hours and you tell yourself: “it is not enough”,
the law of attraction accomplished your desire: you feel tired when you wake up.

You just have to tell yourself that you will be alright whatever the hours of sleep you are getting.  Stay always positive


3 – Choose How to Fill your Morning Hours

What do you want to do when you wake up ? Do you want to meditate ? Do you want to do sports ? Do you want to read ?

Time is precious. And you will FEEL excited from then on when you wake up, because you will have a lot of things to do.

And the good news is: nobody will bother you! Because everyone is sleeping!


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Avoid to Eat These 3 Things Right After your Training



food to avoid

Nutrient timing and partitioning is essential to have a very good body and to feel great about yourself.

Many people, especially newbies, don’t really know what to take after a good workout.

And If it is your case, you may want to read what will be indicated below, to optimize your training.

1-Don’t Eat Solid Aliments

You need to eat foods that are very easy to digest. To go even further, having is liquid meal is the best thing you can do for nutrient targeting.

Of course you will be able after to eat a solid meal. Don’t get me wrong. But you will have at least to wait 1 hour before doing so.

If you truly want to eat something solid after your training because you don’t want to have a liquid meal (protein shake, raw eggs…) eat simple foods that will digest very fast, like white eggs and fruits.


2-Don’t Eat only Carbs

Carbs are good for replenishing your glycogen stores.
But if you want to have a good recovery, you absolutely need to eat proteins. Period.

Carbs won’t build new muscle tissues. Proteins will.

Having at least 30 grams of proteins after your training is very important, inasmuch as without proteins, it would be impossible for you to repair, maintain and build new muscle tissue.

Proteins will also help you to be in a positive nitrogen balance state, allowing you to be in an anabolic state.

You will then be able to build more muscle.


3 – Don’t Eat Fats Right After your Training

Fat intake will slow your digestion and your absorption of proteins and carbs. Your muscles will take more time to recover.

Studies have shown that eating fat after your training will reduce your human growth hormone levels by half of what levels were after fasting.

And this will occur as soon as you ingest more than 5 grams of fat after your workout.

So next time, only eat proteins and carbs, and everything will be alright for you.

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3 Reasons Why Eating Sugar is Destroying your Health




The worst ingredient to your meals is added sugar.

It can have detrimental impacts on your health and triggers all kinds of diseases.

Here are 3 reasons why you have to avoid added sugar at all costs:

1 – Sugar is a terrible drug : your brain is extremely addictive to sugar intake


Each time you are eating sugar, you brain will release a large amount of dopamine.

This dopamine spike is very addictive and some people just can’t fight this addiction.

Each time you are eating foods that are not natural (like for example, junk foods), you will release much more dopamine than foods coming from nature.

You may think it is not important, but you have to realize that every single drug acts in the reward center of the brain, and sugar makes no exception whatsoever.


2 – Sugar is one of the Precursor to Cancer


Unfortunately, nowadays cancer is one of the major causes of death in the world and is characterized by a constant and uncontrolled multiplication and growth and of cells.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates this kind of growth: the less insulin spikes you have, the more the growth will be regulated and controlled.

Eating sugar constantly will raise a lot your insulin levels, and this fact can ease the cancer development.

Moreover, all the problems associated with a high sugar consumption often trigger inflammations: another important cause of cancer.


3 – Added Sugar has Anti Fat-Burning Properties


Sugar intakes can have different effects on your brains and above all on the hormones that are controling your food intake

Even if it tastes good, added sugar won’t cause satiety in your brain or lower your hunger hormones (such as ghrelin)

Therefore over time, this can result into an increased calorie intake, simply because the calories coming from sugar aren’t as fulfilling as proteins or fats.

So stay away from added sugar. Period.


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Emotional and Mental Health

Secrets and Tips on How to be Emotionally Healthy




emotionally healthy

When it comes to your emotional health, it is just as important as your overall health. Although being emotionally healthy may seem like you are a happy person all the time, this isn’t the case. Being emotionally healthy is when you have control over all of your emotions. You are angry when you should be, sad when something bad happens, happy when something good happens, and even frustrated when it calls for it. It basically means, you have your emotions in check. Are you emotionally healthy? Keep reading to find out how to be emotionally healthy.


Keep Control of Your Emotions


If you keep control of your overall emotions and know when you feel the way you should at the time, you are emotionally healthy. When you are emotionally healthy, you know how to cope with certain feelings. Think of it this way, do you get depressed at times but know how to cope with it to be an overall positive person? This is how you keep check of your emotions.


Walking the Path of Improved Well-Being


Here are a few tips to walk the path of improved well-being, also known as being emotionally healthy:


  • Have the ability to be aware of your emotions. Know what triggers sadness, anger, and frustration. Address the things that make you feel these feelings and make changes to be a happier person and more emotionally healthy.
  • Be able to express your emotions when it is the appropriate time to do so. This means to let those close to you know how you are feeling when you are feeling it. Keeping things bottled up can lead to an explosion of stress and stress can make you sick and even kill you. Not only this, but keeping things to yourself can hurt your relationships with those closest to you.
  • Be able to think about things before you act on them. Don’t just jump in with both feet without knowing what is at the bottom or how far the bottom is from you. If you do jump in with both feet right away without thinking about it first, things can get bad and ugly for you and those around you.
  • Manage your stress. Know how to keep control of it before it makes you sick and possibly kills Stress is horrible and if you have too much of it, things can get bad for you pretty fast. Think about what causes the stress you are experiencing and change those things.
  • Keep work and play balanced properly. Don’t work so hard and too much that you never have time for yourself. Everyone deserves some time for themselves. Take the time to read a book, play a game, spend time with your family, and just take some time for yourself. Learn how to balance it all out so you WILL have time for yourself. Everyone needs to learn this.
  • Manage your physical health. Go to your physical check-ups with your family physician. Make sure you are physically healthy. If you are not physically healthy, you are not healthy overall. Try to exercise and eat right to stay healthy every day.
  • Make sure to keep connections with those close to you as much as you can. Spend time with friends and family and connect with them. Even if it is on social media, send them a message to say hi and strike up a conversation.


Using the tips above will help you be a healthy person overall.

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Back in Shape

6 Best Reasons to Exercise Besides Weight Loss



reasons to exercise

We have all been told how important regular exercise is but it isn’t just for weight loss or to gain strength. There are many other reasons for getting on the treadmill every day. Although most of us think of weight loss and getting stronger when we exercise, here are other good reasons to exercise besides for losing weight.


1 – Can Improve Your Memory


Did you ever wonder why you are able to think better after a good workout? It is because regular exercise gives your brain more energy and oxygen. Just by regularly exercising and making it a daily habit, you can improve your memory and even be able to learn better. This is a really good reason to exercise every day since no one wants to lose their memory.


2 – Can Improve Your Posture


Regular exercise can help improve your posture and help you sit up straighter. Having good posture is important for keeping your back straight and keeping the pain away from an arched back. The best way to improve your posture is to exercise the muscles controlling it and holding you back from having good posture. Just by exercising your abs, back muscles, and more, you can sit up straighter and prevent pain. You can do posture exercises either sitting or standing, whichever way you prefer.


3 – Can Improve Your Confidence


Regular exercise can improve your confidence in yourself as well. This is because, it does help you lose weight and when you start looking better and feeling better, you will feel better about yourself. However, there is more to it than that. Regular exercise gives you confidence because it can help you feel more accomplished and social, especially if you are working out in a gym where you can interact with other people who have the same goals in mind that you do.


4 – Can Help you Reduce Stress


As long as you exercise regularly, you can reduce stress. This is because when you exercise, you release endorphins that make you happier, reducing stress. Not only this, but while exercising, the act of doing so can help you get your mind off of the stress you have in your life.


5 – Can Help You Sleep Better at Night


If you have been having trouble sleeping at night, just start exercising regularly and it will improve your sleep at night. This is because exercising in the morning and in the afternoon can wear you out and help relax you to help you sleep at night. Just try not to exercise right before bedtime because it can have the opposite effect on you.


6 – Can Give You More Energy


Regular exercise in the morning and afternoon can give you the energy boosts you need to get through your day. This is because it gets your heart pumping blood through your body and this can make you feel more energetic. Although working out a lot can wear you out, regular exercise in the mornings and afternoons can give you the energy boost you need to get through the day without being tired.


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How to Prevent Insomnia and Sleep Better Every Night




prevent insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia every night or almost every night, you aren’t the only one who has trouble sleeping. Many people are having the same problem as you are. In fact, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, those who suffer from insomnia also suffer from stress, depression, jet lag, and being on certain diets can cause you to not be able to sleep at night. However, there are ways to beat this all too common problem. Here are a few things you can do to prevent insomnia and sleep better every night.


1 – Keep a Schedule


Keeping a schedule is something we all do every day as it is so it is not something hard to do when it comes to a sleep schedule. What you can do is, try to go to bed at a certain time at night and do this every night. You should also wake up at the same time every morning. Try to do this on the weekends as well, although you would prefer to sleep longer during your time off, it is better to keep a set schedule every single day of the week. It is best not to stay in bed for too long because then you will get lazy.


2 – Let the Sunshine in


Sunshine is good for everyone not just because of the Vitamin D it provides but also because it can help you get the natural energy you need to get through your day easier. As soon as you wake up in the morning, open the blinds and let the sun shine into your bedroom. Go outside while drinking your morning coffee and let the sun hit  your face for a little while. Although too much sun on the body can cause a sunburn, and not to mention skin cancer, getting sunshine on your body in moderation is good for you.


3 – Eat Better Every Day


Everyone knows eating right is good for the body. This is why we all should eat right every day to enjoy the health benefits from it. Make sure to consume enough fruits and vegetables all throughout the day, every day. Not only are they good for you but they taste great too. Make sure to get the right amount of nutrition on a daily basis to live your healthiest life.


4 – Cut Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine


Try not to consume caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine  a few hours before you go to bed at night. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and will just keep you awake at night. Although alcohol is a depressant and can help you relax and sleep, it doesn’t allow you to get the rest you need when sleeping. You will also wake up feeling awful, especially if you consumed way too much of it the night before.


5 – Try Yoga


Try yoga to help relax your body. Not only this, but you can do this in bed because of the easy poses. Some different types of yoga you can do in bed include meditation, the reclining twist, and the cross-legged bend. Try these poses before bed and see how well you fall asleep at night.


Trying these different things to help you sleep will allow you to not only finally beat that nasty insomnia but it will also help you sleep better than you ever have before. Waking up well-rested in the morning will give you the energy you need to get through your busy day.


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Essential Oils

Five Best Essential Oils For Your Health




essential oils

Having health problems can really mess things up for your life. Not just making your sick but when you are sick, you aren’t able to work or spend time with friends and family. This is why you need to do something to prevent any illnesses or mental health problems before they happen. You can use natural medicine to help prevent physical and mental illnesses from happening to you. The natural medicine is essential oils. Here is some important information about essential oils and five of them you can use for your health.

About Essential Oils


The great thing about using essential oils is that they are natural and when using them, you won’t need prescription drugs that cause unwanted side effects. You can use essential oils in your bath, inhale them within the air while using a humidifier, and even apply a couple of drops under your tongue to help with different things causing your illnesses. Here are five of the best essential oils for your health.


1 – Clove


You can use clove essential oils as an antiseptic for different infections. You can also use it as an antimicrobial, which is best for the treatment of e-coli. Clove is also said to be good for the prevention of pneumonia and even skin infections.


2 – Eucalyptus


 This great essential oil includes antibacterial properties, antispasmodic properties, and antiviral properties in it that can help prevent problems within 15 minutes of using it.


3 – Frankincense


Frankincense essential oils are said to be good for the use of preventing certain cancers. That is a great thing! This essential oil can also be used to strengthen your immune system and help with respiratory problems like bronchitis and allergies and can help ease anxiety and stress, which we all could use some help with most of the time.


4 – Lavender


Lavender is a great essential oil for helping you relax and helping you sleep better at night. Put some lavender drops in your humidifier and sit back, letting the aroma ease your stress, letting you relax and go to sleep in a natural way. You can also use lavender for healing burns, cuts, and other wounds on your body. Lavender also includes antioxidants within it.


5 – Lemon


 Lemon doesn’t just help with your ailments and mental health problems. It can also be used for cleaning your house and repelling the bugs that are around during the warmer months, and sometimes colder months. However, lemon can be used to help with the drainage of your lymphs. Lemon includes antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties as well.




Using these essential oils, whether inhaling them from a humidifier, putting them under your  tongue, or using them as a cleaning agent or to repel bugs, are a great way to keep yourself relaxed, prevent illnesses, and keep your home clean and free from bugs. Essential oils are the best thing to use because of their natural abilities. You can find them at your local grocery store or online and they don’t cost a whole lot, like most prescription drugs, cleaning agents with chemicals in them found at the store, and bug repellents that can harm your pets and yourself and family, cost more money than most people can afford. This is why it is better to use natural essential oils instead of everything else on the market that will eventually hurt you and your family and pets.

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Natural Health

6 Tips to Stay Healthy All Day




stay healthy

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, you want to be healthy and stay healthy all-day long. Not only does staying healthy all day allow you to feel better, with more energy, and look better, but it also reduces your chances of getting certain cancers. Living healthy all day, every day will also increase your longevity. Living longer is something we all want to do so staying healthy all day, every day for the rest of your life is something you need to do if you want to live longer. Here are a few tips that will help you stay healthy all day.


1 – Keep a Healthy Weight


Maintaining a healthy weight all day, every day is one of the best ways to stay healthy all day. You can do this by first making sure you already are at a healthy weight. If you are underweight, you will want to gain a few more pounds. However, if you are overweight or obese, you will need to lose some of that extra weight. You can do this by eating the right foods all throughout the day, every day and exercising regularly. Keeping a healthy weight for the rest of your life can help you feel better, look better, and reduce the chance of getting different diseases, including certain cancers.


2 – Tips for maintaining a healthy weight


  • Keep on the move as much as you can. Movement is good for you.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain
  • Eat smaller portions and eat slower during your meal.


3 – Exercise Regularly


Exercising regularly will help you live healthy all day, every day. Once you start your exercise routine, keep at it and don’t ever give up. Once you give up, you will start to gain weight again and be unhealthy. Although it may be hard to find the time sometimes when you live a busy lifestyle, it is very important to exercise for at least a half hour per day, every day. Take a walk for about 30 minutes or more. The more you exercise, the healthier you will be.

4 – Tips for Exercising Regularly


  • Choose the activities you like the most for your exercise routine. Some of these include gardening, dancing, and walking. If you enjoy your activities for exercise, it will be easier to do, and you will want to keep doing it.
  • Make your exercise routine a habit every day. Set aside 30 minutes out of your day to walk, jog, ride your bike, go to the gym, or whatever else you like doing for exercise.
  • Grab a partner to exercise with you. Exercising by yourself can be boring and you won’t want to do it anymore. Ask someone close to you, a friend or family member, to exercise with you at the same time, each day, and you will enjoy it more.

5 – Don’t Smoke


Smoking is a very bad and disgusting habit and if you haven’t started, don’t. If you have started, quit as soon as possible. It is easier said than done but it will be better for your health every day.


6 – Tips for Quitting Smoking


  • If you are trying to quit, keep trying, Research suggests it takes six or seven times of trying to be successful with it.
  • Speak to your doctor for help with quitting. There are smoking cessations available for those who want to quit, and most insurance providers cover these, so you won’t have to pay that much for them, if anything at all.
  • Join a quit smoking group online or in your neighborhood. Having a partner for this too, is better for you to have a greater chance of being successful with quitting for good.


Trying these and more tips can help you live a healthy life all day, every day for the rest of your life.

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Natural Health

7 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health



spiritual health

Being spiritually healthy is a good thing. When you are spiritually healthy, although this can be the most personal part of the different ways to be healthy, and sometimes, may be a little difficult to achieve, you can achieve being spiritually healthy. So, how can you achieve being spiritually healthy? Everyone is different and may have their own methods of being healthy this way. However, keep reading to find out what you can do to improve your spiritual health.


1 – Find out What Your Purpose is in Life


This just means to explore yourself. By exploring yourself, you can determine who you really are in life, what you can and should be doing in your life, and learn as much about yourself as you can. What are your strengths? Weaknesses? What makes you happy? What makes you angry, sad, or frustrated? Asking yourself these questions and finding the answers yourself is what spiritual health is all about.


2 – Search for a Deeper Meaning


Is there a deeper reason why you are here on Earth? Search deep down inside yourself to find this out. What are you really good at? What are your major talents in life? What should you be doing just because you can? Can you make money and live a good life with your talents? Searching for these answers and more will show you what your deeper meaning is to living your life.


3 – Let it All Out


Let your emotions come out as soon as you are feeling them. Don’t hold anything in or it will hurt you. Keeping your emotions inside all the time can cause you to hurt yourself physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Let it all out! You will feel a lot better after you do!


4 – Try Yoga


Yoga is a way of exercising not just your body but your emotions as well. It can help you lower your stress levels, reduce your blood pressure, help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and help you have more energy by beating the fatigue you might be experiencing. It will improve your emotional well-being, physical well-being, and spiritual well-being. Basically, it helps you improve your overall health!


5 – Get out More Often


Traveling anywhere, even if it is out of town, can help you feel good emotionally and spiritually. Although you may have never been out of your state or country, try to travel as far as you can. Traveling by yourself is a good idea. However, you can also do this with friends and family and increase your positive feelings, making you feel better overall.


6 – Think Positive More Often


Once you start thinking more positively, you will be happier overall and increase your overall health. Positive thinking can lead to positive things. However, don’t be overly positive! Balance it out and you will feel great!


7 – Try Meditation


Have you ever tried meditating? Why not try it at least once and see how it makes you feel? Meditating can help you feel great spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Basically, it is great for your overall health.


Trying the above tips will help improve your spiritual health! Once you have improved your emotional health, your physical health,and your spiritual health, you will be healthier and happier overall.


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Back Pain and Weight Gain: Is There a Connection?




back pain


If you are overweight, even by a little bit, and maybe even considered to be obese, and you are experiencing back pain on top of it, there is actually a connection between the two. According to the National Institutes of Health, as much as two-thirds of Americans are obese, or overweight. Not only this, but they experience back pain.


Why does back pain and weight gain have a connection? The answer is because if you have belly fat, it adds strain to your back. Think about it: You are carrying around extra weight and that hurts your back. Not only your back but it adds strain to your ligaments as well.


One thing you can do about the back pain, and doctors will advise you to do this, is lose that extra weight that is straining your back and ligaments. Here is how you can do this and not only get rid of the back pain but look good and be healthy and stay looking good and healthy and pain free for the rest of your life.


Physical Therapy Exercises


If you are experiencing back pain, your doctor may ask you if you want to go see a physical therapist. It is highly recommended that you do this. The reason is because they can teach you some very good back exercises that will not only help get rid of the pain for good, but will also help you lose that belly fat you are carrying around with you all the time.


Although you can visit a physical therapist for help with special back pain exercises, if you cannot afford to do this, you can actually look online for these exercises and print them out to do them every single day. You really need to make sure to do them every day and not skip one day for any reason. It is very important to do them every day to keep the pain away and to help you lose that extra belly fat. Think about carrying a heavy baby or toddler around. Hurts your back, doesn’t it? That is what it is like carrying around the extra belly fat you may have added over the past few years.


Eat Right Every Day


Everyone needs to eat right. It is just something you need to do to be healthy and remain healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat and low carb foods and snacks are all good for you. Instead of going out to eat at a fast food restaurant, cook homemade meals and eat at home. Eating fast food is not good for anyone, ever!


You can find good recipes online if you cannot afford to talk to a nutritionist. Many people say they can’t afford to eat healthy. This isn’t true! Everyone who works and makes money can afford to eat healthy. It doesn’t matter if you buy the cheapest fruit and vegetables the store has, as long as you are eating good, and healthy food every day.


So, the bottom line is this, exercise and eat right and you will lose weight and get rid of the back pain you are experiencing.


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Back in Shape

Can Eating Healthier Make You a Happier Person?




eating healthier

Do you eat healthy now? Do you already have a good habit of eating fruits and vegetables and feel happier every day because of it? That’s right! You read that right and it really shouldn’t come to any surprise to anyone reading this since fruits and vegetables are healthy foods and most of them, if not all of them, taste great as it is.


According to a study done in Australia, it is a fact that eating healthier every day can make you a happier person. And, as long as you keep this healthy diet going, you will be a happier. One thing is for sure, most fruits and vegetables either have no calories or low calories and no fat or low fat and eating them every day can help you lose weight and keep it off. This will allow you to have more energy which will make you happier too. Losing the weight by eating better and keeping the weight off, will help you look better which will also make you happier.


Eating Fruits and Vegetables Versus Not Eating Fruits and Vegetables


The study that was done in Australia showed that people who went from eating no fruits and vegetables to eating them every day made them healthier and happier. During the study, the participants had to eat at least eight portions of fruits and vegetables per day to be healthier and happier. As a matter of fact, those who went from eating none to eight portions per day, experienced a satisfaction equal to that of someone who went from unemployed to getting a job. Not only this, but eating these healthy foods makes the person eating them happier before it even improves their health.


Although eating better does make people happier faster, their health will improve too, however, it will take longer because, according to the Australian study, the improvement of their health from eating healthier occurs over a longer period of time.


Why Does Eating Healthier Make People Happier?


Many people may be wondering why this happens to those who eat healthier. Although it isn’t exactly clear why this happens to people who eat at least eight portions of fruits and vegetables per day, the study that was done suggests that it may be because of the increased pigments, otherwise known as carotenoids that are included in certain fruits and vegetables. One example of such food is carrots with the increased level of carotenoids. These carotenoids are actually linked to an increased level of optimism in those who eat more of it.


Not only is an increase in eating fruits and vegetables linked to the higher levels of optimism in people who eat them, but it was also found, during this research study, that getting more Vitamin B12 is linked to an increased level of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that can cause regulated moods in people making them happier overall.


Can these new facts about eating a better diet making people happier, help doctors to be able to convince people to eat healthier? What do you think?

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How to Boost Testosterone Fast



Here are my 5 top ways to boost testosterone fast

But before I begin, don’t forget that even girls need testosterone for a lot of reasons, especially for their sex drive and to loose fat

So here are the 5 most efficient ways to rise testosterone levels


1- Eat More Whole Eggs to boost testosterone

In the egg yolk, you have good cholesterol, approximately 180mg per egg.

And Testosterone is an hormone which is derived from cholesterol, and there is a very good link between free testosterone levels and HDL cholesterol.

So if you eat more whole eggs, you will have more cholesterol that can actually convert into testosterone. The actual convertion is a bit complicated, you can watch it here:

You have to pay attention that if you cook the yolk, you will approximatky divide by 3 the level of its cholesterol. Therefore, it is better to have the yolk raw, and to cook the whites, if you want to optimize your protein bio-avilibility.


2-Boost Testosterone by Taking Vitamine D3 and Zinc

Vitamin D3 is strongly link to testosterone, it is one of the most important vitamin to rise testosterone levels.

I highly recommend to take 5000ui of Vitamin D3 per day.

Zinc plays also a good role because when people have zinc deficiency, they often have suppressed testosterone concentrations.

You can take for exemple 15mg of zinc daily, to boost it.


3 – Boost Testosterone by Sleeping Well

If you want to rise your testosterone levels, a good quality sleep is crucial.

You need to have at least 6 hours of sleep.

Getting a good night sleep is just as important for your mental and physical health as a good diet and a solid exercise program.


4-Avoid Alcohol to Boost Testosterone

I know it can be difficult for some.

But consuming alcohol will rise your estrogens and therefore can decrease your levels.

If you occasionnaly drink alcool, to limit its effect on your testosterone production, drink below 1g/kg bodyweight, and it will limit at its best its negative impact on your hormone production.


5-Boost Testosterone by Exercising a Lot

It is often found in people who exercises a lot have high testosterone levels.

But it is not only that. If you perform weight lifting, it is actually the most effective method to rise your testosterone levels quickly and effectively.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is also very effective at rising it.

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Is Smoking Really Harmful to Your Fitness Goals ?



Smoking is dangereous and harmful to you. You know it.

True or not, some statistics may be very scary for some, such as the fact that 40% of male heavy smokers die before their retirement, compared to only 18% of nonsmokers.

For women, they may get menopause around 4 years early, have low weight babies while giving birth and develop a lot of osteoporosis.

If you smoke, why should you considering to stop smoking right now ?

1-The Real Risk of Smoking

The biggest misconception about smoking is the emphasis on lung cancer.

The real danger comes from vascular diseases, provocking heart attacks. All the toxins that you get when you smoke cause inflammations on your arteries, little by little.

Few people know that these vascular diseases, heart attacks,.. will cause much more deaths to smokers than all cancers combined

Then even if you may not have noticed it yet, smokers in general get sick much more often. That’s because smoking makes you becoming a sponge to bacterias, by paralyzing the cilia in your lungs. Cilia is the thing in your lung that put bacteria out of it.

If you don’t die because of it and reach an old age, you may will still have:

  • Diminished endurance (and poor sexual endurance too)
  • Bad breath
  • Diminished eyesight
  • Yellow teeth

2-Smoking also Reduce Your  Fitness Performances

When you really need oxygen during your workout, it will be harder for you to have it. If you have a reduced lung capacity due to smoking, the volume of oxygen you  get will be smaller, with less oxygen in your blood.

But that’s not it.

Smoking will also reduce your capacity to grow and transform yourself as it prevents dirctly cellular growth and will limit your nutrient uptake and repartition.

If you are serious to obtain a great physique on a long term, you know wht you have to do. Stop smoking

3-Why Do no Need to Stop Smoking Now

Here are some important avantages you will get if you stop smoking:

  • Breathing improves
  • Improved ability to cope with sudden exertion
  • Loss of smokers cough and reduction of phlegm
  • Natural decline in lung efficiency slows down to a rate similar to nonsmokers
  • Your senses such as your tasting and your smelling will improve
  • You will have a much more better breathing
  • You will diminish smoke related illnesses

Now pay attention. If you don’t smoke, be sure not to be a passive smoker.Passive smoking is when you breathe people’s cigarette, and it is almost as dangereous as inhaling from the cigarette itself. If you are  passive smoker, you may get increased risk of coughing, irritations, headaches and a lot more.

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The Best 3 Fruits For Your Health



If you get the timing right, fruits can really improve your health and help you to reach your fitness goals.

Like a lot of things in life, timing is crucial.


1-Bananas : The Recovery Fruits

This fruit is best consuming post workout. You can eat up to 2 bananas after your training.

They contain a lot of potassium and B6 vitamin, which prevent muscle cramps and lower your blood pressure.

They have a lot of fibers, which regulate the speed of the digestion.

2-Bluberries: The Anti Aging Fruits

Blueberries are very high in pterostilbenes and anthocyanins witch are powerful antioxydants. They will boost your longetivity.

They not only delay aging but also reduce illnesses by fighting heart diseases, cancers and DNA problems.


3-Grapefruit : The Fat Loss Fruits

Don’t get me wrong: grapefruits are not magic pills. Without a good diet and a proper training, it can be hard to loose fat.

But grapefruit will hell you to burn fat. It lowers the insulin levels in your body, which prevents the storing of fat.

With only 80 calories and a lot of fibers, it will reduces your appetite.

In addition to your hunger control, they contain a lot of vitamin C with  is crucial for your health.

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4 Advice to Improve Recovery Quickly



Recovery periods are very important but it seems that no one focus really on it.

They are so very important things to implement in your training if you really want to optimize your recovery.

So here are the things you should implement:


1-Improve Recovery By Not Staying Seated

When you walk, you will improve your blood flow in your body and you need it to put more oxygen in your muscles.

Remember the more blood coming to your muscles, the more oxygen and nutriments you put into them.

Of course if you are doing some heavy squats, you can stay sitting, but this is an exception to the rule.

2- Drink a lot of Water for a better Recovery

You have to stay hydrated during your workout, and it is absolutly crucial to drink a lot of water when your are training.

It will not only shorten your recovery time between sets but you will also feel a better pump and a better “feeling” on your muscle.

Water will also regulates your own body’s cooling system, which is important when you have a very intense workout

3-Have a Good Recovery By Stretching between Sets

When you stretch between sets, your muscles will rest and recover better

Do it for each muscle group that you are training.

The stretching will increase a lot the blood flow to the muscles you’re training. You will have less injuries and less cramping with this method.

4-Take a Cold Shower Post Workout

You may have already heard that elite athletes often take cold bath or shower. Even if it may not feel gool, there’s a good reason to do so.

It shortens recovery and speeds up a lot the recuperation from training.


Remember that these 4 methods are very effective, but you have to put them in practise.

They amplify their actions if you combine them all together, and you will benefit from a perfect recovery.


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Why Fruit Juice Could be Bad for You



There is a big misconception about fruit juice.

You hear again and again the same sentence : “Eat more fruits, they are good for you”

And this sentence is true to an extend, like almost everything in life, you have to pay attention to details.

In the years 1980 to 1990, we used to consume around 15g of Fructose per day (mostly from fruits). Today we eat like 75g, which is 5 times the amount, often from refined sugars (sodas, fruits drinks…)


1-Fruit Juice can have a lot of Fructose

Fructose is a type of sugar which most of it can only be metabolized by the liver.

And the fructose ingested will be transformed into glycogen and stoed in the liver, ready to use it as soon as it needs it.

But when the liver is completly full of glycogen (it can store around 100g), the next fructose ingested will be turned into fat by the liver.

It can be an issue if you want to stay very lean.

But that’s not it. Fat is not only the issue.

By eating too much fruits causing fructose to turn into fat into the liver, some fat can stay there and not get out wit the time.

This can lead to Fatty Liver Diseases (FLD) which are booming nowdays, with persons consuming exess amount of fructose.

Excess amount of fructose can be also lead to problems like diabetes, metabolic syndromes and obesity


2-Prefer Taking Fruits instead of Fruit Juice

Consuming fruits instead of consuming fruit juice is a no brainer.

Fruits contain water and fibers, and it will be difficult to eat too much fructose by eating only fruits.

So although it can bevery convenient, a real piece of fruit is much better than fruit juice.

You will get all the antioxydants and keep the natural fiber.


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3 Horrible Things That Can Happen if You Lift Too Heavy



lift too heavy

If you lift too heavy, you may endure a lot of consequences that can be detrimental to you.

When you want too build muscle, it is true that the technique of progressive overloarding to increase the size your muscle is very effective, however you have to do it in the right way…not lifting too heavily.

Here are 3 Horrible Things that May Happen if you Lift Too Heavy:

1- Injuries May Occur if You Lift Too Heavy

You can have a lot of different kind of injuries, if you decide to lift too heavy: muscle injuries, hiatal hernias, spinal injuries…

When you try to lift too heavy weights, your connective tissues will be affected in a bad way. You can have pulled muscles and tendinitis for example.

Your back can endure a lot of stress during your training. And if you try to lift too heavy, it can increase this stress a lot more wich can unfortunatly lead to spinal injuries.


2-Cardiovascular Problems

Heavy lifting can also results in damaging the aorta. When you lift heavy, you will notice a high increase in blood presure which can leads to an aortic aneurysm.

Moreover, you may have a life lasting enlargement and/or tearing of your aorta…


3-Lack of Efficiency of your Nervous System

Your nervous system can also  be impacted in a bad way. Because when you train too heavy you loose focus as your nervous system goes into a mode of hyperexcitability and overdrive.

It is a global issue because your nervous system is responsible for generating your muscular contractions

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3 Bad Foods to avoid at all or that you should limit



Of course you can eat whatever you want because it’s your own body, but there are 3 bad foods to avoid if you want to live longer, if you want to have a better health and if you want to feel better, deep down inside you.

The Top 5 kinds of food to avoid that I will reveal to you will also prevent you from having a lot of diseases or simply from having a lot of circulating toxins in your body.

1- Trans-saturated fat

A lot of vegetable fats that are used nowadays, such as …. Contain pleinty of trans fat, whichi are closely link to serious diseases such as cancers for exemples.

Please stay avay fom this list of foods

Instead you can eat….

2- Sodas

Sodas contain so much bad things you can’t even imagine…I know it can taste good for some and be very refresheshing but then…but the disadvantages (heart diseases, increased risk of diabetes, dissolves tooth enamel) outweight the advantages by far

Drink water instead and you will be perfectly fine

3- Sodium

Even if it is not an aliment by itself, and that the body needs it for your pH balance, people tend to eat way too much of it, usually from processed foods such as pizzas, soups, proessed meats…

All this lead to very bad problems such as fluid retention where you can feel « bloated », and blood pressure which make your kidneys, your heart and your blood vessels work a lot harder

To conteract that, the best is simply to avoid eating all this amount of sodium in such bad foods, or also eat potassium-rich foods such as bananas and spinach.


Now sometimes it can be very tought to choose healthy food when you go to a restaurant. So if you really want to know what to choose when you go out, you can click on the link below:


Click Here to Finally Know the Best Food to Choose in a Restaurant


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