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Cholesterol: The Truth you Have to Know



Cholesterol is often seen as something devil. There are so much misconceptions about it.

1- Cholesterol is NOT Caused by what you eat

One of the important thing to know is that food levels of cholesterol do NOT correlate very well to blood levels to blood levels of cholesterol.

Only 20% of your blood cholesterol levels will come from your diet.

For example, eggs have a lot of dietary cholesterol (more than 200 mg), but this isn’t dangerous as we thought it would be in the past.

Just some cholesterol in food will finish as cholesterol in your bloodstream. Because when you dietary cholesterol rises, your own body will compensate by  producing less of it. You have your own regulation.

One of your liver’s mission is to remove excess cholesterol from your body, it all comes then to your genetics with your liver’s ability to regulate it to a good level

So don’t fear eggs.  Eggs are an excellent for a good source of protein and contain unsaturated fat (good fat)

2- Why Cholesterol is Good for You

If it were bad, your liver wouldn’t produce it, and is making more than 75% of your body’s cholesterol.

It has a lot of health benefits:

  • It plays a crucial role in your brain for connecting your neurons together. Your brain countains more than 25% of your body’s cholesterol
  • It interacts inside your cells wth proteins, giving them more importance
  • It is the precusor to bile acids, so without it your whole digestive system will be affected
  • One of its most important job is to help in the production of hormones. After being stored in the ovaries and the testes, it will then be converted to your hormones
  • It is essential for your own production of Vitamin D
  • It helps you to increas protein synthesis following exercise

Don’t look at it now in a negative way. It plays some much very important role in the functioning of your body.

Without it, you are not able to have an healthy body that fonctions properly, because it is found in every cell within you.

However there are some bad food you absolutly want to avoid:

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