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Can Eating Healthier Make You a Happier Person?



eating healthier
Can Eating Healthier Make You a Happier Person?
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Do you eat healthy now? Do you already have a good habit of eating fruits and vegetables and feel happier every day because of it? That’s right! You read that right and it really shouldn’t come to any surprise to anyone reading this since fruits and vegetables are healthy foods and most of them, if not all of them, taste great as it is.


According to a study done in Australia, it is a fact that eating healthier every day can make you a happier person. And, as long as you keep this healthy diet going, you will be a happier. One thing is for sure, most fruits and vegetables either have no calories or low calories and no fat or low fat and eating them every day can help you lose weight and keep it off. This will allow you to have more energy which will make you happier too. Losing the weight by eating better and keeping the weight off, will help you look better which will also make you happier.


Eating Fruits and Vegetables Versus Not Eating Fruits and Vegetables


The study that was done in Australia showed that people who went from eating no fruits and vegetables to eating them every day made them healthier and happier. During the study, the participants had to eat at least eight portions of fruits and vegetables per day to be healthier and happier. As a matter of fact, those who went from eating none to eight portions per day, experienced a satisfaction equal to that of someone who went from unemployed to getting a job. Not only this, but eating these healthy foods makes the person eating them happier before it even improves their health.


Although eating better does make people happier faster, their health will improve too, however, it will take longer because, according to the Australian study, the improvement of their health from eating healthier occurs over a longer period of time.


Why Does Eating Healthier Make People Happier?


Many people may be wondering why this happens to those who eat healthier. Although it isn’t exactly clear why this happens to people who eat at least eight portions of fruits and vegetables per day, the study that was done suggests that it may be because of the increased pigments, otherwise known as carotenoids that are included in certain fruits and vegetables. One example of such food is carrots with the increased level of carotenoids. These carotenoids are actually linked to an increased level of optimism in those who eat more of it.


Not only is an increase in eating fruits and vegetables linked to the higher levels of optimism in people who eat them, but it was also found, during this research study, that getting more Vitamin B12 is linked to an increased level of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that can cause regulated moods in people making them happier overall.


Can these new facts about eating a better diet making people happier, help doctors to be able to convince people to eat healthier? What do you think?

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