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Arm Muscles: How to Build Them Quickly ?



Arm muscles seem to have always be the show off muscles for your body.

Everytime you say you workout, people can get curious, and some of them ask you to contract your arm to touch it.

Arm muscles have to be built in balance, it is a must to develop correctly your biceps, triceps and forearm.

Now here are some tips to build them quickly and effectively:


1-Training Arm Muscles Back to Back

To cause maximum growth stimulus in your arms, one of a good way is traning back to back. By doing so you will have an increase in blood flow and you will feel an unbelievable pump in your arms.

So how do you do it ?

To do this superset, you can for example perform 10 reps of Barbell curls (for Biceps) followed by 10 reps of Triceps pulldowns (for Triceps).

It is very important not to take any rest by switching from Biceps to Triceps

Here is the correct laydown:

10 reps of Barbell curls – no rest – 10 reps of Triceps pulldowns – 45s rest

And then you repeat this whole set 4 times.

Your arms will burn like crazy and really grow.

2-Use Very Effective Arm Muscles exercices

I will give you some of my favorite exercices to build better arms.

I always use variety in my training, to hit different part of my arms and to have different feeling.

When you train, you should also have different exercices using dumbbells, barbels and cables

3-Really Feel Your Arm Muscles

Whenever you train your arms, or whatever part of your body, you must “feel” them right.

You have to really isolate them, without the help of your delts or your back. You have to no swing the weights.

Also, don’t let your mind distract you, be totally concentrated in your arms. That’s why you are here for, you have no time to loose. So instead of be distracted, be focused on the movement and really feel your arms.


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