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How to Boost Testosterone Fast



Here are my 5 top ways to boost testosterone fast

But before I begin, don’t forget that even girls need testosterone for a lot of reasons, especially for their sex drive and to loose fat

So here are the 5 most efficient ways to rise testosterone levels


1- Eat More Whole Eggs to boost testosterone

In the egg yolk, you have good cholesterol, approximately 180mg per egg.

And Testosterone is an hormone which is derived from cholesterol, and there is a very good link between free testosterone levels and HDL cholesterol.

So if you eat more whole eggs, you will have more cholesterol that can actually convert into testosterone. The actual convertion is a bit complicated, you can watch it here:

You have to pay attention that if you cook the yolk, you will approximatky divide by 3 the level of its cholesterol. Therefore, it is better to have the yolk raw, and to cook the whites, if you want to optimize your protein bio-avilibility.


2-Boost Testosterone by Taking Vitamine D3 and Zinc

Vitamin D3 is strongly link to testosterone, it is one of the most important vitamin to rise testosterone levels.

I highly recommend to take 5000ui of Vitamin D3 per day.

Zinc plays also a good role because when people have zinc deficiency, they often have suppressed testosterone concentrations.

You can take for exemple 15mg of zinc daily, to boost it.


3 – Boost Testosterone by Sleeping Well

If you want to rise your testosterone levels, a good quality sleep is crucial.

You need to have at least 6 hours of sleep.

Getting a good night sleep is just as important for your mental and physical health as a good diet and a solid exercise program.


4-Avoid Alcohol to Boost Testosterone

I know it can be difficult for some.

But consuming alcohol will rise your estrogens and therefore can decrease your levels.

If you occasionnaly drink alcool, to limit its effect on your testosterone production, drink below 1g/kg bodyweight, and it will limit at its best its negative impact on your hormone production.


5-Boost Testosterone by Exercising a Lot

It is often found in people who exercises a lot have high testosterone levels.

But it is not only that. If you perform weight lifting, it is actually the most effective method to rise your testosterone levels quickly and effectively.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is also very effective at rising it.

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