If there is something that has become fashionable and has managed to impact people's daily lives, it's the courses that exist digitally, which due to their size and scope have managed to overcome traditional teaching methods. New technologies have arrived to achieve a highly significant change in terms of educational processes and techniques and transforming those interpersonal relationships, incorporating new ways of being able to disseminate and transmit information, offering a new alternative to generate knowledge through computer networks.

Most educators have decided to take the path of creating online courses, with the aim of training other people and also improving their skills and abilities within the new digital educational environment.

When we create an online course, on many occasions we ask ourselves why we do it, although we are clear about how and for whom, we need to understand and be clear about why. We surely believe that it's what is best for us. In this article we will describe some of those justifications.

The most important thing about creating online coursesis that we have everything at our fingertips to be able to do it, the resources that technologies offer us, the tools that educational platforms offer us and above all we have the knowledge to carry it out. We have the possibility to teach others, to capture their attention and teach them, to have enough time to create quality courses.

This new technological educational method allows us to reach many people in the world and thus be able to offer them classeson any subject that meets their academic objectives and helps them learnin a new digital era.

The advantages that online courses offer us are varied and range from being able to organize our time to create and put them into operation, from anywhere. Thanks to the constant advancement of information and communication technologies, our course can be sold on a large global scale, as long as our material is attractive, interesting and worth it. Creating an online course can exceed our expectations and give us the satisfaction we seek when we decide to undertake something that we are passionate about doing.

But, what are the reasons to create an online course?

In the first place, online courses have become a profitable business that allows us to have extra money since we have offered our knowledge. For an educator it is not only important to teach, but he also likes that his work is valued and being able to have an income through teaching is an option also for his complete financial freedom.

If your content and everything you offer is extremely good or better than other courses, the impact you'll make on people will be much faster. That is why before creating, it is necessary to think about how you can surprise your audience, being dynamic, offering good quality and offering adequate teaching. The first impression is what matters, that will allow people to be interested in what you do and want to acquire knowledge about your specialty. It is about being innovative using technological tools and incorporating them into teaching and learning techniques.

We want to create an online course because we know we have that potential to teach perfectly what we know. We train ourselves to teach other people, to help them improve for the future. We must turn all our knowledge to new educational experiences.

As educators, we try to improve every day, to incorporate new knowledge and new skills, personalizing our content to make it known through educational platforms. As time passes, we want and feel the need to continue to improve our teaching strategies and our career as digital trainers. Those are the reasons why we want to continue creating online courses.

And we know that along the way, we will learn even more about the technological tools, which will allow us to offer better resources to our students, so that they can access and make use of each of the communication elements.

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