Due to the expansion of technology in recent times, there are things that have been digitally converted, exceeding the expectations of the subjects in the knowledge society. The social, cultural, political and educational spheres have managed to take the leap and adapt to the new information and communication technology in an effective and practical way.

As we know, people quickly and easily adapted to technological changes, and this is because in this new era we can carry out any type of activity within the web, from doing physical training from home, buying a product that calls our attention, enroll in a course or academic career, entertain ourselves playing, chatting and communicating with our friends, creating or watching videos as a hobby, buying e-books and much more. The Internet has given us the possibility of doing what we want, when we think of it and wherever we are. That is what attracts the most, being able to do everything from one place.

We have talked about many interesting things that currently make the web a leader, but there is a ery important topic for many people yet to be discussed, which may not be so popular but rather interesting. In this article we will enter once again the digital market and we will see how we can sell electronic books, in what way and where.

The e-book business has not yet managed to rebound in society, it is in full transformation looking for a way so that all people can not only access books but also create their own material or be a book distributor and sell on digital platforms. This is also an extremely profitable business if we do it the right way.

If you want to earn some money and enter the business market, this is a good opportunity for you to start having your own profits and grow little by little. The important thing is that you know how to sell, using marketing techniques or strategies to catch your customers, offering them a good product. To sell you have to offer readers a selection of books that may be difficult to acquire, you can only dedicate yourself to a specific genre or create your books, something much more complicated that we will develop later on.

To sell e-books on the Internet, we have to look for a platform that suits our needs and goals as entrepreneurs. We need one that allows us to establish a bond with our clients, a link for communication, so that in this way we can contact those who wish to acquire the product that we are offering them. By creating a relationship, the client has an image of trust and this will allow them to recommend us so we obtain more sales.

Like any business, you must think about what you are going to offer, how you will do it, what audience your sales will be aimed at, knowing their tastes and preferences, you must find a way to advertise the business of digital books.

What websites can I find to sell e-books? To achieve this you can try platforms like Lulu, Payhip, Amazon, Tagus or Bubok. Let's get to know a little more about these tools.

1 - Lulu. It's one of the most popular platforms due to its number of active users. It has easy to handle tools and you can take 90% of the profits.

2 - Payhip.This site allows you to upload your book in just a moment. People can pay for it through PayPal. The commission that you take is 100%.

3 - Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.It is one of the platforms that has the greatest demand since it is considered a leader in the digital book market and, in addition, it opens the doors to the Kindle, the most used ebook reader in the world. It has the best editing tools for your book. Here the benefits may not be as much as you expect.

4 - Bubok. It is a platform in Spanish, it has been on the market for a long time. It allows you to edit your publications, it also has agreements with numerous platforms so that you can freely choose the one you want to sell in.

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