Making the decision to create an online course is not one to be taken from one day to the next, we know perfectly well that it requires considering why we want to carry it out, for what purpose, what topics we want to teach and above all to who will our course be directed to. Being able to access the new information and communication technologies is a possibility that not many people have. Everyone should take full advantage of the potential that these have and be able to put it to the correct use.

Society has undergone changes at a social, economic, political, cultural and technological level, they havemanaged to impact our daily lives and havemade us think aboutthe meaning that we give to each of the tools andcontent that the web offers us daily.

And as it has been mentioned on several occasions, the field of education has been enhanced by new technologies and their great advance in society. This relationship that has been established for years, has been changing and evolving for the benefit of all social subjects. New teaching procedures appear and the role of educators begins a new process to be able to integrate into the digital age.

We enter the world of technology to understand, know and learn about each of its elements and how it works. This technology in its joint work with education, will allow us to interact and carry out an exchange of ideas and knowledge with other people.

That is why as teachers, it is important that we are clear about our objectives, we must know that we are entering a highly complex and varied world. Once we decide to teach online and create a certain course, everything that follows is much easier to adapt our educational methodology.

In this article, we are going to know a little more about the importance of our online course, what educational objectives we have to keep in mind and, most importantly, what subject matter we are going to choose to carry out our course and be able to differentiate ourselves from others.

When we talk about online courses, we refer to those classes that we do virtually, having access to an infinity of resources and tools available in each of the educational platforms that exist today and that have achieved popularity thanks to their innovative style and design. One of the advantages of online training is that students can access it from any technological device, from anywhere and at the time they prefer.

For people who design and plan online courses, their work is essential, their content can serve students and help them develop.So much so, that our objectives must satisfy the needs that students demand of us. The purpose of being able to teach virtually is to instruct or guide students so that they can know what they expect from the course and what they are going to study.

First of all, it is necessary that as a digital teacher we have a purpose to define and make sense of the course we offer, selecting the topic and content, also looking for ways to process the information and transmit it with great clarity. What we seek with online courses is provide educational, didactic, pedagogical and technological tools so that young people can stimulate their learning in a favorable way.

We have already taken the essential steps for our online training. Now we must re-think what subject we are going to teach, in what area we are going to specialize to start preparing our course. Let us bear in mind that we cannot  just choose any topic, we must be prepared in advance to avoid making mistakes and provide an adequate education with complete and true content.

It is not at all simple to choose a topic  which is of interest or attracts the attention of users. That is why it is much easier if we have already specialized in a particular subject or topic. That will make our classes easier to organize.

The first video that we upload to any educational platform will be our letter of introduction, it is what will somehow have an impact on young people and will make them decide whether to continue learning with us. It is clear that the information we select will be extremely important as it will allow students to be interested. There are many elements that we can use for our classes, from virtual whiteboards, pdf documents, slide presentations, complementary readings, dynamic activities, etc. That will depend on the time we dedicate to structuring the course and how creative we are when carrying it out.

We must be clear that the theme that we decide to give must be completely different from others, that is, everything that it encompasses. We know that within the Internet there isa great variety of repetitive courses but what can differentiate us is the content that we adapt and the ways of teaching that we use. It's about being innovative and smart. You can analyze and conduct research on the most popular courses that exist on the network and what type of information they currently handle.

The subjects can vary from music, cinema, singing, marketing, communication, advertising, design, art to foreign language and so we can name many more. It is not about copying the others but about making a better course, with charisma, that contains the necessary information, that raises an educational and technological dynamic with students. Some way our course has to be attentive to doubts, queries and as our classes go by, we can continue to innovate and achieve great benefits.

We are always going to ask ourselves what topic we can give in our online courses... the answer is simple but you must be sure of what you want to offer, having experience, dedication and time to transmit them through a good educational platform.

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