As we all already know, the new digital age is allowing us to have a great diversity of tools to carry out different activities, including being able to study online, from our home or wherever we are.

The educational environment has, due to the new teaching and learning methods offered by the Internet, given many people the possibility to take courses, careers or have sources of information to further develop their academic knowledge.

Currently, teachers who are dedicated to teaching online, have a variety of materials that they can use to attract their students and meet their educational objectives.

In this article, we are going to describe some of the materials that can be useful and above all creative to give your own classes online, using each of the functions and elements that the different digital platforms provide us so that in this way we can run our courses and provide methods and exercises that help students to be adequately taught through the new information and communication technologies, adapting education as a virtual pedagogical device.

Becoming an online educator is not a complicated or difficult task, it is simply to know and understand each of the tools that exist within the computer network. Both the knowledge and the content, which is the most important thing we already have. It is time for us to get going and find a way to transmit it with the essential materials for a quality online class.

The objectives of our classes are not only academic, the idea is that students show interest in what we offer them and be able to digitize the subjects, the information, the bibliography, it's something that is important and above all else, it never gets old.

Students know how to access a platform, they know exactly where they should turn to learn, to look for sources of information, that is why as a teacher, we must look for the best ways to interact with them, achieve communication, attend to each one of their educational needs, accompany them in the learning process, and even respond to their concerns or doubts about the topics we teach them.

It is important that when we enter the educational technological field, we are clear about our principles, we know how to work safely with students using methods, exercises and techniques for each of our classes.

As we have already stated previously, the material that we offer you will help you understand each of the activities that are proposed.

First of all, surely you already know what type of subjects or courses you want to teach online, but you must consider what content you are going to offer and in what way, then you will only need an educational platform that has the best tools to start uploading allthe material you want.

In order to organize in a better way, you must plan having in mind each of the topics that you are going to address, the time you will dedicate and of course all the content so that your students can access with no problem at all. You can store all this in your personal computer or also within your own virtual classroom to have a better management of your activities.

Every time we are interested in teaching through the Internet, we must adapt to the context and take into account the needs of the students, the trends that exist on the web and be able to carry them out on our educational platform.

Updating each of your classes is a vital factor as well as the use of different social networks to be able to advertise your courses and thus more visits online.

It's time for you to start using the most creative and in-demand educational materials on the web.

Audiovisual material is crucial to give an attractive virtual class. In this case, you must have a camera or you can also use your own cell phone. You must be in a suitable, beautiful, orderly environment with good lighting. Your presence is also important, which will allow your students to listen to you carefully. All the videos that you also incorporate in your classes must have good quality.

Most teachers who teach online make creative and entertaining videos for their students most of the time. Before creating it, the choice of topic and content to be provided are taken into account, a script is previously made to be able to define exactly what you want to transmit through the video. You also have to be very careful with the audio, since it must be heard perfectly without any interference or annoying noises so that it can be understood. The duration of the videos will depend on the subject being taught, but it is always recommended that it lasts' no more than 30 minutes so it doesn'tbore the students.

To publish your educational videos, you just have to know and register on virtual platforms, on a blog, or share them on different social networks.

Each of the activities you carry out must be dynamic and innovative for each of the teaching and learning methods that you can provide. You can perform games, slides, infographics, among other tasks that can be motivating.

Including files in PDF or Word is also a good option for your online classes, since your users will be able to download all the bibliographic material to be able to read it as many times as necessary and through reading, they can ask you or have doubts about a certain topic.

The use of free dictionaries and translators is something essential that you should offer your students, so that they continue to incorporate tools and methods into their learning.

You should be encouraged to create each of your educational materials, so that your online classes or courses have greater accessibility for those who seek to learn through new technologies and you can improve and train yourself even more through the new tools and functions offered by the Internet.

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