Many tools, applications and platforms have emerged with the aim of facilitating communication, interaction, and educational processes and being able to improve relationships between people in the knowledge society. Internet as time passes, evolves, it is updated and provided better resources so that people can do the activities they want and also be able to satisfy their needs. The purpose of the new information and communication technologies is to offer young people and adults tools that they can incorporate it into the social, educational and work areas they frequent daily.

Among all the great apps that have gained momentum and become popular for their representative functions and features, comesZoom. A completely new tool that had its place only this year, due to social demand, since many people needed software that would allow them to interact through a digital network and create meetings and events in order to establish a dialogue.

In this article we will talk about this Zoom platform, its features and functions and how you can use this innovative and powerful tool the right way.

The Zoom app was founded by Eric Yuan and its popularity began during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a consequence of the social distancing that existed and exists today, people began to use it as a platform where, for example, work meetings are established, teachers began to use it in their distance educational courses or social relationships were created.

As defined, zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that can be used with the intention of digitally meeting other subjects through video, and / or audio. Clearly this software is one of the most used by small, medium and large teams around the world.

Without a doubt, it has managed to make an immediate impact on society and its success is due to the fact that more and more people decide to use it. The good thing about this platform is that we can also chat live and give webinars, that is, courses, workshops, talks, etc., where we can also record them and then repeat them. Among its most representative characteristics, we can rule out the quality with which videoconferences are transmitted, its versatility, its digital communication tools and the integration it shares with the social networks Facebook Live and YouTube, which makes it completely different from its competencies.

But what are its most distinctive features? The group meetings that we do by video conference can be of up to 500 people. Some offer free plans, but there are also other paid plans, but they offer more functions and possibilities. In the case of acquiring a free plan, the duration of a meeting, a workshop, a course is approximately 40 minutes with 100 participants. Once the connection is established between the group, it is possible to share the screen to observe what the other is doing. We can access zoom from any technological device, since it is available for the operating systems of our computers and smartphones. Due to its great technological social impact, zoom has been considered as a means of communication and interaction.

How can we use zoom? Its functionality is quite simple, it all depends on what we want to use it for, what is the reason and what plan we are going to choose. Zoom is currently managing and offering four price tiers, which are as follows: One is free for 40 minutes in length and meetings cannot be recorded, which costs approximately $ 14.99. Two pro, where we create an ID for the meetings, we can record them and it lasts 24 hours. Three Puddings, a $ 19.99 value, offers recording, transcripts and attention. FourEnterprise, costs the same as the previous plan and is intended for companies with more than 100 employees.

The steps that we have to take into account to use this tool are:

CREATE AN ACCOUNT: You must enter the website and register by clicking on the blue button. It will ask for an email and password. From there you will only have to confirm the account, click on the link and you already have your Zoom account created and verified.

CONTROL AND CONFIGURATION PANEL: It redirects you to a screen where you can start a test meeting or go to your account. The configuration depends on your tastes and the operation you give to the available tools.

CREATE A MEETING: To start a meeting, you must log in (start session) on the web and click on "Host a meeting". There you can choose whether or not you want to turn on the webcam or just share the screen. If you want to schedule a meeting for another time, go to Meetings> Schedule a New Meeting. Here you must put the Topic anda Description.

Here we have two options to be able to invite people to a meeting in Zoom: Before and during the meeting, this will depend on how you manage your space and your time. When starting a meeting in Zoom you will have other configuration options and you will find its interface, although it is easy and simple to use, it also takes time to learn, if it is the first time you use this digital tool.

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