As we already know, the new information and communication technologies have produced an enormous change in the daily life of society, forcing them to adapt to the new transformations and giving them the possibility of entering the virtual world.

One of the things that has become a fundamental element for people is continuous learning through social media, educational sites, among others, allowing each student to study and learn in any instance and from anywhere, organizingtheir time and space. Through the new digital age, people have at their disposal a series of tools to learn about the subject they want and in this way achieve better personal and professional growth for the future.

Due to the evolution of the Internet, today we can find and learn about the large number of courses that exist virtually. In order to choose the right one, as students, we must be sure and investigate which one is the most complete.

As educational instructors, we must know which site we are going to use to teach our courses and the advantages that they are going to offer us. We know the importanceofthe way the student feels about the information that is given in the courseand the interaction and relationship that can be established with the teacher.

That is why within a platform and an online course, there is the possibility that people can not only rate the dictation of the classes but also consult about their contents so that in this way, the educator who provides the knowledge, can know what theyare facing, how to handle situations and be clear about theeducational content.

In this article we are going to learn a little more about educational platforms and their purpose, as the title states, what it is about, what it is for and how a review works within our account on one of the most popular and complete platforms that exist today on the internet. In this case we will explain my review on Udemy.

Perhaps many of us do not know this website, however being able to use it is one of the most successful and popular possibilities within the new teaching and learning procedures. We know that during this time new modalities are being carried out that allow us to study and teach from our home, offering safe, reliable, quality materials and content, organizing our time and offering our knowledge.

For many years, Udemy has wanted to enter the educational world, but it seemed unable to achieve it since it did not have the necessary funds for its respective development and thus achieve popularity. Although this platform was founded in 2007 by Eren Bali, it took a few years to gain the necessary momentum and it was only in 2010 that this educational product began to be successfully developed.

Currently, this learning medium has managed to capture the attention of both students and teachers, becoming one of the largest online course platforms in the world. On the one hand, the design of this site aims for students to decide which subject to learn and achieve growth in them. For instructors, Udemy is a very important tool when it comes to providing their knowledge, creating and sharing courses that can be free or paid but offering attractive, efficient and necessary content for students.

To all this, we wonder what are the advantages or benefits that Udemy has. In the first place, the appearance of these educational technological platforms gives us the possibility of being able to learn and/orteach what we want. This in some way allows us to get passedthe digital barrierin relation to our education. Wanting to study from anywhere is something fundamental for all people. This also allows us to organize our way of taking a course, when and where.

The most striking thing about this website is that we can find many interesting topics offered by teachers to study, from finance and accounting, business, software and computing, office productivity, design, personal development, marketing, photography, music, health and fitness, to teaching and academic disciplines.

Being able to educate within the social and digital context is a present and latent challenge for educators who dare to face these technological changes, adapting to them and knowing each of the tools that an educational platform can provide. Undoubtedly, this implies designing and carrying out each of the objectives of the virtual teaching proposals that we carry out.

And in order to improve the techniques or learning methods, we need to establish communication and interaction with our students, who in each of the sessions or classes will give us their opinion, whether positive or negative, including any doubts or queries that arise regarding the content and information that was given.

We know that as students, within the Udemy platform we can include a brief review during the course'sdevelopment. There are three ways to do this:

1- In the mosaic display of the courses under the “My Courses” tab.

2- On the course's media player, leaving a grade for the course.

3- When your educator requests it.

It is important that we are clear about what we want to ask and do it in the correct way, as respectful as possible. Those who offer the course will have the possibility to respond to each of our concerns to improve the methods andhelp other students.

Being able to make a review is not complicated, it is mainly beingclear and specific about what we want to expressin thereview.

Star ratings are essential for educators in the courses they undertake. A bad grade will make them rethink learning activities and a good grade will allow them to innovate even more. Everything you think about a certain online course will also help other students know your concerns, understand what needs to be improved or which part has been the most interesting.

When writing your review, you must be honest and take care of every detail so that the teachers can understand what you are asking them and help you have better expectations in relation to the classes.

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