We know that as the years have passed, digital tools have notably changed and transformed within all social spheres. Today all of us have access to the network through numerous technological devices such as notebooks, cell phones, tablets, even desktop computers. We are connected most of the time, visiting web pages, watching videos, listening to music, communicating through social networks, buying any type of article, reading a book, newspaper or magazine and even studying through educational platforms.

Among its advantages and benefits, we can say that the web offers us a multiplicity of tasks to do and allows us to access and use its different tools from anywhere and at any time.

Many of us exclusively use the internet to improve professionally. We can see that the new information and communication technologies give us the possibility of using materials and content to study in a much more calm, comfortable, safe, attractive and interesting way.

Online education today and due to its great evolution in the world of technology, has become a necessary and essential element for students, also for those adults who need to improve in their respective tasks or careers. However, not everyone feels comfortable or does not frequent these new teaching and learning methods.

It is clear that the new digital educational techniques are very good for continuous learning, since they help to generate knowledge, developing each of our professional capacities.

We wonder why some people don't dare to try an online course. The idea of ​​this article is that we  get to explain why they decide to abandon a course during its development and think about what it takes for these social subjects to be able to incorporate new educational methods into their daily lives.

In certain occasions it is believed that everything found inthe internet is not safe nor reliable. We arrived despite the fact that the information and its contents are not entirely true. However, it is a doubt that is always latent and is one of the excuses for not daring to do an online course. But for this there is also a clear solution and that is to verify the website or the educational platform we want to enter.

It is very important that we know how the digital world works and be able to navigate in a much safer and more responsible way, avoiding, for example, suspicious links, not accessing platforms that do not have a good reputation or downloading content from official sites. If we decide to do an online training, it is necessary that we investigate a social media that is reliable and that has a greater visualization and popularity in the digital market. The important thing is to access recommended media and that they provide us with everything we are looking for to educate ourselves.

Doubt also arises on the way. In other words, we enroll in a course on any subject, we access each of its classes, its activities and get to seeits evolution overtime, but there comes a moment when students decide to abandon everything. And why is this? There are two explanations...

The first is that we are unable to take the time we want to dedicate to the course. This is not a lack of responsibility, because personal inconveniences may happen during the course. That is why every time we consider studying digitally, we must be aware of all that this entails and think that there is a flexible schedule to carry it out and that it is possible that we can manage our time without having to put aside our study.

The second explanation has to do with the information and content that educators give us. Your classes may be boring, it may be that the correct material is not uploaded or you cannot understand what you are being taught, as well as that your instructor does not constantly communicate or interact with you, etc. There are many factors that can causes course to not turn out well and have negative results and that will depend exclusively on the role of the teacher. In this case, and as we have mentioned previously, we need platforms that ensure the quality of our training.

Finally, many of us want to know what it takes for more people to dare to train through online educational platforms. The answer is very simple and it is enough to want to acquire more knowledge than we already have, the need to develop all our skills. It is clear that an online course must attract our attention and that is something that educators must refine to meet our learning expectations. To dare is to risk and achieve our goals, using the technology that is offered to us today.

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