To constantly increase your strength, we will expose 5 exercises very simple set yet very "challenging" to perform in your training week.

1) The “ dead hang ”

It's just a matter of letting yourself hang from a pull-up bar. The thicker the bar, the more your forearms will be stressed. Aim for 30 seconds first, then 1 minute, then 1 minute 30 ... gradually increasing your personal best, give yourself specific goals, for example 30 seconds more every week then every 15 days.

Time! This is the best way to beat your previous record and continue to progress, as there is a lot of room for improvement, especially if you are just starting out.

This exercise will give you tremendous strength for pull-ups and deadlifts.

2) The “Wall assisted handstand ”

In this isometric exercise, stand with your back to the wall, position yourself by mounting your feet on the wall so that your body is closest to the wall and stabilizing on your hands.

Watch out for the descent! Stay on your hands as long as possible. Only the toes of the foot can touch the wall.

This exercise will give you immeasurable strength in your shoulders.

Once mastered, do it with one hand, alternating your hand for about fifteen seconds, then when you are comfortable, around thirty seconds.

3) The “Advanced plank position”

In plank, advance your hands as far as possible from your body without collapsing. You can even use your fingertips. Use your abs to stay energized.

This exercise is fundamental for developing your abdominal belt, allowing you to perform more advanced exercises and generally increases your strength.

4) The Wall Squat

Lean against the wall, trying to form a right angle at your knees ( between the tibia and the femur) and at your hips (between your femurs and your lumbar). Try not to go over the tips of your feet with your knees.

This exercise will strengthen your strength phenomenally. Aim for a high number ( minimum 3 minutes of isometry).

5) Chakrasana

An awkward exercise that will allow you to take it to the next level. This is to do the best you can to keep your arms aligned with your head and neck, while looking between your hands, and keeping your hips pushed up to the sky.

Take out the chest as much as possible.

Maintain this posture for 3 to 5 minutes while breathing well, without blocking inspiration or expiration. Optimize the use of your body muscles.

This posture is excellent for gaining strength throughout the body, as well as flexibility and balance.

You will gain a lot from practicing these exercises in addition to your usual routine. Do not be discouraged: the pain and the burning sensation can become very intense, it is a challenge for your mind. Especially breathe deeply, and slowly. Concentrate and enter trance.

Be very progressive and write down your results, to do better each time.