There is a secret that many know, consciously or unconsciously, but only few put it into action, let alone do it right

The secret...

It's Advertising!

Online Advertising, an incredible leverage

You think you would never click on an ad, and lo and behold, you tried it once, just to see.

Too late.

Facebook has spotted you, an army of bots is chasing you and spamming you with products that match your click.

It's your turn to track down customers

You were a victim, but now it's your turn. Advertising is like a weapon. You can hurt yourself if you use it badly, but you can conquer it all  if you know how to use it.

You have to train yourself to do that, or dedicate an expert to do it.

Whatever your product is, it will be powered by the power of advertising.

You will win, it's Mathematics

We will simplify the equation of advertising and online sales.

There are X people who see your product.

There are Y people who click.

There are Z people who buy.

The conversion rate is the number of people who see / the number who buys.

The number X depends on your advertising budget.

The number Y depends on the quality of your advertising and the way you have set up your digital advertising agency.

The number Z depends on your landing page , on the quality of the page on which your customers fall.

Total earnings = Z x Product price - Advertising budget - taxes and exchange rates