Not all people like to write, some can express themselves better, others prefer not to, it all depends on the capacity and ability we have to write any subject and of any genre. Not all of us dare to create our own book.

This is something that has undoubtedly changed over time. Like everything else, books have managed to transform and evolve, changing their aesthetics and even their way of being created  and obtained. They've sold us paper books, something we were always willing to buy, about any genre and any author. We would go to the store and feel the books. That has had an extremely radical change, because now we can get them on the web. Writers have already decided to publish their work, their ideas on digital platforms and offer them to readers.

Technology has undoubtedly revolutionized every social space, offering new tools, renewed activities, new resources and materials and all in one place. With books, it is exactly the same, now we can have electronic books available and in turn, can create our own. That is what we are going to develop in this article. How we can create a book in a few days.

But first, what is an e-book? It is a digital file of a specific text that can be read from any technological device, whether from a Tablet, a cell phone, a notebook, etc. Among its main characteristics we can say that a digital book weighs approximately one megabyte, depending on the storage of the artifact you use to download it. It is also possible to incorporate sounds and images and increase the size of the book that we buy. It also presents a completely new and aesthetically renewed structure.

Now we ask ourselves, how can we create a book? We know that we have to offer a book with a compelling genre and topic, that really interests readers. In order to do so we need our experience, creativity, and imagination to write.

First of all we must create a project, have an idea about what we are going to tell. Being able to organize our time, planning when we are going to write and what we are going to base on to make it real. We must think about what the design of our cover will be, because the first image is the one that will allow people to choose you, as well as the title it may have, we are talking about a cover that must present a good aesthetic and motivate readers to buy our book.

Writing our first book can take us many days if we have other activities to think about, but the truth is that it can take us no more than three days if we set ourselves this goal. Ideas and knowledge are in our mind, we just have to dump everything on empty pages. We need to concentrate within a space of comfort and tranquility, without any disturbance.

Being able to write our pages, our contents is something that adds up a lot, to exploit the potential we have in some lines and show people what we are capable of and that when reading our work they can feel identified.

Once we finish writing, the next step is to re-read as many times as necessary to correct any type of error, either in the writing or in the spelling and you can continue adding sentences that have remained pending. Sometimes we think it is better to edit the book on our own, however we have the option of hiring someone to do that job for us.

What follows is to publish the book and launch it on the digital market and for that we have some platforms that will help us sell it a little faster. Most of the websites always keep a percentage of your profit, for some it is a problem and for others i's more of a motivation to share it more and make even better profits. To promote a book is to show readers our material and achieve the satisfaction of being able to sell it.

For example the platform Byeink allows you to create, edit and layout your work in one place, always obtaining a professional-looking eBook. It offers the possibility of direct sales and 100% of the profits go to the author. You can place your e-book with "social payment", with PayPal or credit/debit card.

Bubok is another very simple, powerful and effective online self-publishing platform that allows anyone to become their own publisher and publish their books at no cost. It offers both writers and publishers all the tools and services necessary to publish and sell their work in electronic or paper format, with runs from a single copy.

As a third option is Kindle Publishing Programs in which you can enjoy tools to create and upload content for free. If you are an editor or author, you can make your books available to customers in electronic format using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). To start, all you need is to have the book in question in digital format.

Creating a book in this new digital age is a unique experience, although it may fail, it is important that we analyze what happened and try one more time, using all available resources. What can you lose? Absolutely nothing, you just have to encourage yourself to do it and publish your first e-book.

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