One of the great things that has taken center stage in recent years has been online training and the evolution of different educational platforms. They provide a great diversity of resources and tools which we must have when embarking on this path of training. In which we have to know with precision and accuracy the advantages and disadvantages implicit within this world of the network and education.

In this article we are going to talk mainly about how to create our online course through a series of procedures and techniques, the importance of using them, creating attractive and effective content for those who decide to learn online.

Teaching online is not an easy task, much less impossible to do, but we must know that it takes time, money, skill, ability and intelligence to carry it out. First of all, it is essential to know in depth how each one of the tools that the web offers us works and from there, train ourselves and others.

Today, the web has become an essential factor for educators and students, providing accurate content, a wealth of information, reliable bibliographic materials, and much more. Undoubtedly, the Internet has significantly transformed our way of relating to other people, changing each of the areas in which we are part, especially the educational space.

Due to the great changes in society and the great influence it has, the Internet has revolutionized in terms of teaching and learning methods in comparison to the traditional education to which we  are used to. This does not mean that it has replaced it but it has taken a greater impulse since it gives us the possibility of learning what we want, where we want and obtaining positive results for our development and personal and intellectual growth.

With the arrival of web 2.0, the Internet has managed to reach thousands of people, and has allowed the development of new social networks, new digital platforms in order to improve communication and interaction, and has also managed to benefit those who have the idea of ​​creating an online course and of those who wish to access.

We can currently find a great diversity of proposals for online teaching but being able to develop our own is not easy, since we must take into account different requirements to obtain our educational platform and develop adequate, reliable, safe and above all stable learning.

In order to understand a little better what it's about and how we create our online course, we are going to take into account the ADDIE model, a way of communicating and transmitting our knowledge in e-learning, which requires five very important steps: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. You may have never heard of this technique, however many of the educators have put it into practice to obtain adequate online course and teach in the new digital age.

In the first instance, we analyze each of the options and contents that we are going to offer in order to correctly design our digital course, from the material that we will provide, the characteristics of our students, the resources that we will take into account, to the attention and time that we dedicate it.

Then we will design the way in which we are going to teach, the educational objectives that we must consider and decide how we are going to use technology, bearing in mind the advantages and disadvantages that this entails and being able to define the teaching and learning contents.

Now is the time that we carry out our idea and we can develop each of these contents and together with it choose a platform to transmit all our knowledge. This would be the third step we will take when creating our online course.

The implementation stage is vital to teaching, it is the way in which we are going to distribute the course, and where we can provide our support to the students, allowing them to trust what we are offering them and to freely consult about the information or theory that they fail to understand. Finally, we have to evaluate everything that we have put into place and identify what was wrong and with that be able to improve and this is a step that should not only be done at the beginning of the course but throughout the entire teaching.

The way to create your online course will depend on each of your skills and experiences within the world of education.It is important to know that once we decide to enter the virtual environment and thereby establish a mutual relationship with the educational environment, we must think and take into account an instructional design methodology, something that the ADDIE model offers us,  applicable to each and every one of the materials that we will present.

We know that creating a course in this new digital stage is one of the most profitable and promising resources that exist, especially if we know how to use the strategies properly. There is no doubt that a good online educator is based mainly on the ideas and objectives that are raised from the beginning, offering good content and using good teaching and learning strategies to attract many students and their attention with the information and topics that we apply in our online course.

It is important to know that creating an online course requires a good educational production, clearly thinking about what we want to teach, being able to define who we are going to address, inform ourselves and investigate each of the resources that we can use, have good elements at the moment to record our classes such as the audio, lighting and especially the space, implement learning techniques, be aware of those problems that may arise in the training process and above all being sure of what we are doing, since an Online course requires a lot of responsibility and seriousness when it comes to educating others.

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