If there is something that stands out and differentiates us from the rest of the people, it is our knowledge. Each social subject has been formed in different areas or specialties. If there is something that has favored the new information and communication technologies, it has been the continuous accompaniment and development of man kind, who thanks to his capacities and abilities have been able to exploit , the web and the tools they offer us, people have opted to live from their knowledge through technology, allowing themselves to satisfy each of their needs and carry out what they want to do and that they are passionate about.

In this article we will basically talk about those opportunities that we have within the online business and those activities that we can carry out in it, transmitting our knowledge, as long as we know what we are about to make profitable and what we face if we do it Online.

As we know there is a great variety of specialties, themes which we can develop. The most important thing about living from our knowledge is that we can do what we like the most, within a certain area in which we feel comfortable and on many occasions we believe that we are better than other people. All that depends on our wisdom, of what we have learned and perfected over time and the way we are going to transmit it.

All the businesses that we undertake on the Internet are profitable if we know how to achieve it, if we know how they work, using their tools, their platforms, etc. The main thing is to create an activity that gives us profit and thus live from what we know.

One of the things that are most used on the Internet, are online educational courses. Teaching and learning platforms that allow us to create a class on a particular topic and make it visible to those who are interested in training. Developing a course is one of the most profitable ways that exist today to transmit our knowledge.

Online education is available to all people who want to learn, from anywhere, at any time and at the pace they can. This business idea is a great possibility for educators, they can take advantage of the advantages and benefits offered by these educational media.

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular social networks and has managed to positively impact people's daily lives. Through this application, you can upload tutorial videos, a way to earn money from other people's views. Within this format, we share our knowledge, on many occasions solving problems of general interest that arise, such as recording a video to improve the performance of your computer, taking a fitness class, an exercise routine, giving a certain class and so many more possibilities.

One of the advantages of YouTube is that the people who see your videos can share it and help generate more popularity... live once more of your own abilities. Keep in mind that when using this social network, you must use a high quality camera, good  quality sound and excellent lighting, above all, your content must be the right one.

Another option you can appeal to is writing a blog. Here you can expose all your knowledge and provide questions or information to other people. There is a wide variety of blogs with different subjects but the idea is that you can write content that can attract the attention of your followers and keep them updated on each of the topics you offer them. Although it is not an easy task, it is essential that you know who your blog will be directed to and for what purpose, have your time organized to inform yourself and to write interesting things from your knowledge.

We can live off our knowledge by producing a radio show or streaming. It is something that most young people, communicators and even journalists do on a daily basis to share and transmit any type of data. The Internet offers us elements to carry it out but it requires previous experience so that people can listen to you or see you and in this way trust the material that you provide them. When putting together a radio program or streaming there are certain equipments that you will need so that your content comes out in ultimate quality with no interferences nor inconveniences when on the air.

We can think of many ideas to make a living from what we know most or from our profession. Technology will advance over the years and will continue to offer us the possibility of generating money, as long as we are prepared to offer our knowledge and capabilities. It is about losing fear and entering the digital world to make our work activity visible.

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