More and more students decide to learn through online courses or digital platforms that exist today. It is not that they do not want to attend a school or a university to educate themselves but that new technologies are offering tools and new resources to be able to do so from digital social media, where it is possible to choose any type of specialty, organizing theirschedules , and connecting from any technological device where ever theyare. Those are the advantages that most attract students to choose online courses.

E-learning education has become very important in today's society, since its academic offer is infinite and we can find online courses, master's degrees, careers, among others, that allow us to know another type or another way of sharing and transmitting knowledge , new learning methods.

Courses are possible today thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, which makes it possible for people to access it and make use of all those activities that the digital world offers them. The challenge of online education has to do with enhancing the curricular content to another type of format, much more traditional, more dynamic, attractive, effective, safe and complete. Enhancing each of the technological elements so that students can adapt everything to their personal, as well as professional, growth.

Both education and technology must adapt to new transformations working together to improve each of the social areas and labor sectors.

On this occasion, in addition to being able to talk about the importance of online courses, we will address in this article how to certify our online teaching, something that many people need to know.

This new educational modality and the learning procedures in this digital age take a greater role, which makes each of the courses or specialties take a greater degree of responsibility, demanding in some way that teachers implement certificates to verify that we have carried out such courseand have formed ourselves academically through technology.

Certifying an online coursemeans improving our teaching, formalizing the subject that we have decided to study and being recognized for that.

The search for online courses is mainly based on their accreditation, that is, students are looking for a career or a subject, subject that is certified so that later, in the future, it can serve as proof of knowledge and skills. knowledge that they have acquired at that time.

That is why it is important that as digital teachers, before creating a certain course, we know that people can study if we offer them a guarantee of that teaching, through a certificate.

But how do we carry it out? To certify an online course or training we need to have the necessary information about the student, that is, their personal data, such as the first and last name, the date on which they entered and finished the course, the title with which the studentgraduated and the hours he completed in the course.

To submit itwe must uploadthatdata, so that the student can verify them. We must also monitor their development, their activities and their respective qualifications.

We know that this certificate will be online, which allows students to add it to their curriculum vitae, to their studies, to their training. To do this we will have to choose the appropriate format, which can be manually, that is, design it through Word, Photoshop, PowerPoint. Otherwise, if we have to issue several of them, we can use an automatic format, where we only have to put the student's data, such as using theCanva application. At the end of this stage, you must make sure to sign the document so that it has greater validity and finally send the certificate to whom it corresponds, in this case we recommend that you do it not only in JPG format but also in PDF, Β also the student will be able to see it and have it on the platform on which theydevelop the course.

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