We are becoming more and more aware that universities have begun to fail as a consequence of social situations and changes throughout the world. People have stopped attending face-to-face classes as these academic institutions have been replaced by new ways of teaching and learning, leading to the decline of universities. Technology has grown enough to transform education and allow young people to study in a more traditional way, in a completely digital way.

However, this is not something new, but for a long time the universities have been affected by various social, political and technological factors. And students have looked for new options to learn in a more practical and accessible way for them. This does not mean that the quality of education changes, but rather this academic process allows improving teaching methods and incorporating new tools, resources and materials.

The demand for digital education has really grown a lot and the internet has ensured that teachers have the opportunity to create online courses for students who want to start a career and leave universities aside. In this new era, students have the option to choose between many topics, specialties, and to develop their digital skills in order to incorporate them into their academic growth and development.

Has the university really disappeared completely? Many specialists believe that the university has not been able to adapt to the new information and communication technologies, much less incorporate digital tools into its teaching process, however some universities in the world have tried to keep up with technology, using this new modality and ensuring that its students can finish their careers online, a constant challenge faced by both its directors and its academic professors.

The digital experience is something new for students, however they are attracted by this new technological initiative, which has allowed them to enter a new field where it is possible to study, where there is no limit of space or time, and that contributes above all to their educational and professional development.

We must know that universities are still in a stage of digital transformation and adaptation but it is necessary that they achieve it as soon as possible since online teaching is increasingly popular, powerful, necessary and is taking its course. Today there are many courses that can be done online, educational platforms that offer new specialties, social networks that have managed to adopt online learning methods such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, among others.

Let's go to an example of how the social network YouTube has succeeded in replacing academic universities. This platform is a new educational tool that allows us to reinforce all the content that we have learned at some point, whatever the area, and we can complete our knowledge with the videos that appear in it.

YouTube is not only music, perhaps in a very distant time it was, but over time and with the evolution of technology it has managed to make the leap and position itself as one of the most important sites for education. Thanks to its functions and features, students can learn from any technological device and from anywhere they are.

Its influence, its potential, its accessibility and its reach have managed to positively impact people's lives and especially in the educational field, leaving behind most universities. We know that it is not a matter of replacing these educational institutions but of being able to find a new way of accessing resources that students can use and understand, connecting and searching for audiovisual or written content.

The role of the university teacher in this new era is very important, because they must resort to the new information and communication technologies as a pedagogical strategy and adopt their contents to them. Audiovisual material has a lot of power and is something extremely attractive, dynamic and traditional for those who want to start an online career.

Universities are still present, it is a latent image that continues to evolve and achieve the push it needs to join the digital era in a productive and positive way.

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