The educational model has changed a lot in recent years and has become essential and paramount for people around the world. Each of the teaching and learning methods have taken a 180 degree turn, incorporating them into the process and technological change.

Training, educational study and its integration into information and communication technologies were constantly evolving to favor and meet the needs of social subjects to carry out new teaching modalities within the knowledge society.

The important thing about the virtual educational process is that it will allow both students and teachers to be able to properly use each of the communication and technology tools for personal and professional benefit, generating a link between the two to generate an interaction and exchange of ideas and knowledge within the context of the web.

That is why today, there is a demand on the part of society to implement new and better educational media on the web, so that you can have access and use the new information and communication technologies in the educational space and in this way provide the necessary tools for individual learnining and have the possibility of studying from anywhere and most importantly being able to do it at our own pace.

Over the years, the Internet has offered us educational platforms or social teaching media, to reduce the digital divide and make it possible for people to train in topics of general interest or otherwise for educators to have the materials necessary to teachothers at their fingertips, through their own knowledge.

On this occasion, and particularly in this article, we will be able to talk about one of the online learning communities that has managed to differentiate itself from others, due to its format and style, and we will also look for a way to earn money through it as educators. We will talk about the SKILLSHARE educational platform.

As we have already named it above, this innovative virtual medium is a North American online learning community for those who want to learn from fully educational videos. The classes offered in it are not accredited but are available by subscription. The main objective of this platform is based on interaction rather than giving lectures and learning by completing a certain project.

Skillshare offers courses on all types of topics such as design, business, advertising, film and video, food and drink, fashion and style, games, technology, music, photography, publishing, writing, art, writing, finance and many more subjects, which goaccording to the timeand rhythm of each person.

This online medium uses new teaching and learning methods and procedures, for students who wish to train in any of the areas it offers or for those educators who need and want to give online courses and in this way also earn extra money through this platform.

If your idea is to be able to make money as an educator within a digital community, it is recommended that you do it through Skillshare and you will have the possibility to teach on the subject you want and share your content in video format.

Maybe you are new to all this, so in this article we will also explain how you should register in this online educational community. The first step is to enter the Skillshare platform and click on the option "START A CLASS" and you must register by linking your account either from Google and through the social network Facebook. During the third step, you will see on the screen the option to UPLOAD YOUR CLASSES. There you will have the possibility to customize each of the tools available on the site, select the educational category to which you are a member, make a description, put a title and the level to take said course.

Keep in mind that before entering the page and taking the path of teaching virtually, you must correctly plan your learning methods for your students, have specific and quality content, and also structure each of your classes.

You must think about each of the important points that you are going to give in a course, since the duration of a class in Skillshare is approximately 10 minutes, depending on the topic to be covered in the video.

When teaching, you always have to take into account how todo it, for what and especially for whom. We access an online educational medium, which we must make the most of, the benefits it offers us and give it the correct use. We create an educational project with the purpose that our listeners, that is, our students, can feel comfortable, learn through our methodology, constantly interact, participate and interact with us, their instructors.

To carry out the teaching, it not only depends on the knowledge we have or the training we have had, but we must have a vocation to be able to do it. However, many of the educational instructors look today and according to our needs, that through our knowledge, we can generate additional money and we look for platforms that can pay us for that task.

Skillshare pays its educators for those minutes that its videos are viewed. It is clear that this depends on the areas in which we specialize and if we can attract people's attention so that they can see it and take the course we offer. A very important piece of information is that the means of payment used by Skillshare is PayPal, a NorthAmerican company with a global reach that operates an online payment system and supports money transfers between users.

Educating is not a simple procedure but if you are able to encourage yourself to do it through the networks, social media, educational platforms, it is an opportunity that you cannot miss. Both the experience and the benefits will be extremely useful for tomorrow, and above all you will leave a lesson to those who still need and want to learn virtually. Skillshare is the way if you want to teachand earn money for each of your classes.

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