The field of education has joined the different changes in the new information and communication technologies, producing great transformations in relation to teaching and learning methods. This ongoing relationship has been strengthened by the number of people who access and use each of the educational technology tools and resources which both students and teachers can work with.

Today, educational systems have achieved great modifications in order to satisfy the needs of social subjects, offering them different dynamic and interactive contexts, which allow them to adapt to new traditional methodological processes, together and hand in hand with the technological evolution.

During 2020, the digital environment has been collapsed by the number of educational or online training/learning platforms that were designed so that people have the possibility of accessing them and learning everything they like from anywhere and at any time. The incorporation of teaching methods to networks allows us to create new ways of accessing, generating and transmitting knowledge and brings with it advantages and benefits that must be taken advantage of completely.

New educational technologies take on a greater role when they allow people to have these tools at their fingertips and have content that adds to their experience and learning. But for educators this has become an extremely profitable, efficient and safe job market.

That is why in this article we will talk about the online education market during 2020 and what is coming up in 2030, focusing on the role that each teachers fulfill in the new educational digital era.

Teaching is a very important factor in the human life, it is a procedure through which it is possible to transmit certain knowledge or content of a specific area or subject. It has managed to positively impact the digital age, that is why many teachers have taken the path of creating online education courses due to the situations and changes that current society is going through and thus being able to generate anoption to learn digitally.

The education market in 2020 has gained momentum in a significant way and it will continue to grow as time goes on, reaching a 2030 with greater influence and success. This new e-learning modality has exceeded the expectations of all educators, integrating new learning systems, as well as incorporating information and communication technologies and methodological strategies.

The challenge of implementing pedagogical content to the virtual space is something latent, which is always there and tests each teacher, who tries to relate educational concepts with technological resources and offer better methods.

The most important thing in this new digital era is that the educational demand is increasing and many teaching platforms are starting to get updated, which are taking a greater role, motivating students and managing to capture their attention, encouraging them to think more, to have wisdom and especially achieve understanding.

It is believed that in the future this will continue to grow, always favoring those who want to learn and giving teachers not only the challenge of implementing technology in education but also the opportunity to undertake through their knowledge, incorporating their courses into the market of online education.

Online teaching is one of the biggest trends worldwide, since it has managed to break the digital barrier, incorporating new resources and elements for a quality and equitable education, allowing the evolution and intellectual development of students.

The education market will undoubtedly have new changes by 2030, in which the way to be able to incorporate learning on a constant basis and that covers topics of general interest for the learning will be rethought and exceed the expectations of educational institutions and teachers in charge. As new technologies and education advance, the business that this implies will also do so at its own pace.

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