Information and communication technologies are in a constant evolution process and play a central role in people's economic and social development. These technologies allow, in one way or another, to satisfy the different needs that man has in relation to the way he can communicate and interact with the rest of society.

One of the spaces that is influenced by the continuous progress of technology is the educational one, which constitutes an indispensable resource for both learning and teaching.

The different social, economic, cultural, political and technological changes have had a considerable impact on the educational field, allowing us to reflect on the different ways of teaching and learning through the new virtual platforms.

For some time now, the Internet and its uninterrupted advance, has allowed people to access sources of information, educational content and pedagogical materials, with the intention of improving procedures and training for both students and teachers.

The incorporation of teaching and learning methods in the new technological context is essential for the quality and development of education for all social subjects.

New technologies are considered essential tools for people, since it allows them to access a variety of virtual pages, platforms, websites, blogs and educational social networks, with the aim of finding information on a certain topic, developing a better orality , writing, reading, etc.

The web works as a means of communication that teaches students and captures their attention through virtual classes or courses and in this way make them learn in a better way.

The advantages that the Internet offers us today in terms of education are varied from the time we dedicate to classes, the content we can access, the comfort, the place where we are and to the money we spend on studying what we like.

We know that online education is specifically geared towards meeting the needs that people have, and with this, it gives us the opportunities we need for our personal, social and educational growth. Online education is a way of being able to innovate and improve the content and teaching methods.

Without a doubt, traditional education has been replaced by virtual education and has changed thanks to the advancement of the digital age. Not everything ends there, but year after year, the Internet generates changes that allow the educational environment to improve even more and have better opportunities for students so that in this way they can prepare for the future job market. But on the other hand, the role that teachers who teach online play today is essential to provide quality education. This is something that in the future could change, demanding better technological skills from teachers.

That is why we ask ourselves what online education will look like in the future and what role teachers will have in terms of new technological innovations.

Through this article, we seek to orient ourselves towards what is to come and try to understand how online education should work or how it should be so that all people can have access to it through technological devices and make correct use of the materials that are can offer them.

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