Online education has become a crucial aspect in people's lives, who have had the possibility of accessing and using each of its tools and resources. We know that the new information and communication technologies have been transforming and evolving in order to improve learning methods, creating new methodological strategies, implementing techniques, dynamics and facilitating knowledge.

Students have a wide variety of content, topics to study through social media, blogs, platforms. Its goal is mainly based on being able to train using technology to facilitate teaching processes, also adapting new languages.

The vast majority of people prefer to train through the different courses offered by the web and more and more teachers are encouraged to this new challenge of teaching virtually. However, everything may seem simple but to create a successful course you need to follow certain rules and processes and not fall into the trap of making mistakes during its completion.

In this article, we are going to give a list of some of the mistakes that can be avoided to create an adequate online course, so that we take them into account and our course can take off to success and popularity without any problem and taking all the necessary precautions to achieve it.

When we start as digital teachers, it costs us a little more to understand the operation of the platforms, it is difficult for us to generate a quick influence on the students and achieve profitability with our knowledge. You should know that mistakes are made regardless of whether we know what we are doing or not, the idea is that we can prevent some of them and continue to improve in the online educational field.

One of the first mistakes that occurs when creating an online education is the lack of knowledge about new technologies. Unlike students, teachers have had to suffer the constant digital change and have had to adapt quickly, since it began to be used very frequently within the teaching and learning space. Not all teachers knowhow digital media works, that is why before carrying out the virtual teachingpath, we also need to train ourselves to understand and know how to use each of the tools and resources available on the web. Today there is the possibility that teachers through videos and audios can learn about how to handle educational platforms and upload the content they want to teach.

Technological knowledge is of the utmost importance for a teacher, because he must also transmit all that to his students, if during the course some kind of problem arises, he must know how to solve it immediately.

Other of the most common mistakes that appear in online education have to do with theinformation or content that you are offering and teaching to students. What is intended with an online course is to attract others with our format, with our experience and knowledge. It's about not boring your students, classes can'tbe too long because in some cases they end up abandoning it completely and do not get good results, which is what we want to achieve after all. Try to make your topic precise, complete and above all efficient and look for your target audience to carry out the course.

We know perfectly well that our classes must exceed the expectations of our users not only with the content that we offer them but also with the quality and the way in which we offer it. Many teachers comit themistake of not knowing aboutof the audio and video quality neededfor an online class. These are two very necessary tools within an online course, since it belongs to our aesthetics and the way in which we transmit our knowledge. It is important that we have a camera with good lighting and audio that allows students to hear clearly and without any interference. These are aspects that must be rigorously cared for in order to give an educational onlinecourse.

Other pitfalls that we must avoid when creating a course is the way we interact or relate withour students. We fall into the error that they simply have to learn and nothing else. However, this will not get us anywhere and without a doubt our online course may fail. That is why it is essential that we can meet thepeople who want to learn and be able to transmit everything we know to them through dialogue, through questions and answers, constantly interacting with them to get rid ofany doubts and teach them in a better way, using a same language and learning techniques or dynamics.

Before, during and after creating an online courseyou can make many mistakes but it is not something we have to be afraid of, quite the opposite. We must know how to recognize what mistakes are in order to avoid them and constantly improve to provide an education that is beneficial not only for us as teachers but for students as well.

We must know that creating a course entails a lot of responsibility, so we need to be prepared and know what we are facing by taking the necessary measures to incorporate new teaching methods to the technological world.

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