We know that the digital world has changed exponentially during this period of time and has revolutionized new social spheres, changing the ways of communication and relationships between people and giving us the possibility of using our professions through the network, the Internet.

Without a doubt, the internet has become a very effective and necessary tool for the personal and professional activities of a human being, from the creation of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to digital web platforms or blogs. We know that its potential helps us to train ourselves even better in all the fields we undertake.

But one of the areas that has gained the most momentum and that has succeeded in positioning itself better on the Internet has been the educational space. As students we have great opportunities and possibilities to study what interests us most, in the most comfortable way, organizing our time and having endless resources and different bibliographic materials at hand, the all in one place and in the most convenient way. Being an online student has its advantages and that is why the majority of young people choose to learn through digital educational platforms.

However, being a teacher is another important and essential thing on the web. Few educators dare to take the route of online education, or perhaps they just don't know how. Many times these factors work against us, the lack of time, space, resources or even knowledge to start teaching.

In this article, we are going to learn about one of the newest and most popular platforms on the web, describing some of its benefits and how to use it for the benefit of those who want to sell their course through UDEMY.

In order to do our training digitally, we need to be clear about what and how we are going to teach. Although it is repetitive to say it, it is still essential that we set ourselves clear and precise goals and that we can also achieve them during the course that we decide to give to our students. Beyond that our idea is to earn a little more money with our knowledge, if we want to be constant and persevering we have to be clear about the resources and the tools we are going to use to capture people's attention. .

Once we have our education plan ready and we know what methods we will offer, we need to know which digital platform will give us the opportunity to sell our course and for that one of the best options now is UDEMY.

Udemy.com is an online learning platform for professional adults that uses content from online creators to sell and make a profit. Among its most representative features, this academy provides tools for users to create a course and then promote it and earn money from student registration fees. It was founded in 2007 by Eren Bali, who designed software for a virtual classroom. From there it slowly gained momentum and is one of the most widely used digital medias today.

This virtual site allows teachers to create their courses, their online classes on subjects they decide to teach, allowing them to access great resources such as adding videos, making Power Point presentations, viewing and downloading PDF files, audio, zip files and being able to conduct live courses in which it is also possible to interact with students, which is fundamental when creating online courses.

As a goal, Udemy aims to improve the lifestyles of people living in society, especially teachers, through new methods of teaching and learning and offering low-cost courses for those who want to learn. It currently has more than 7,000 experts, more than 12,000 courses and in different languages, which is why it makes it completely different from other platforms by its great reach and its accessibility.

As an educator, this platform allows you to teach everything you know, to be able to offer your own knowledge to others and to have materials accessible to your students. It is in a way the beginning of a new educational stage and a path towards the new digital age.

It is important that once you decide to create and sell your training on Udemy, you can take each of its steps into account to complete it correctly and start teaching smoothly. Although it is easy to register, you must pay attention to each of its procedures.

First of all, you need to plan your own course, and from there create it on the platform, add a title and so you can use the panel where you will find the settings where you'll need to enter the details. In this step, you will be able to find different options to organize your site. Second, you can start creating your courses' content. And finally, you can publish it. From this moment on you will have to promote the course, indicating the name, the price and the number of places you want to create, that is, of participants.

Using Udemy is not a difficult task but it is essential that you take your time before you start, so that you can gain your own benefits, enjoy your knowledge and step into this new online educational world.

It's time for you to start using today's web, which comes with great content and resources, using media or platforms that allow you to grow along new technologies. We can ask ourselves if we should be selling our course on Udemy, and without a doubt, it is totally reliable and successful to go down this route, but if we can do it using the right strategies and getting everyone's attention with all that we know and want to offer to people.

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