Being happy most of the time, is it reserved for certain lucky people? Or can you work your happiness as you work your flexibility, your balance, your diction or any other personal parameter?

1) Happiness, sometimes sporadic, sometimes built

In fact, when the body works well, that is, when the physiological state of the body is normal, each individual tends to be happy by himself, to feel good, it is due to excess stress, whether eating, professional, emotional, Relational, environmental, that the body is affected and that negative sensations take over. Happiness, therefore, is subject to external parameters, yes, it is true.

But can we be happy, even in hellish conditions?

Some people affirm it!

The first key is simply to do everything possible to improve your physiology: good nutrition, good lifestyle, good environment. Clean!
Take the time to make a checklist to get organized:

  • Foods  to consume for optimal shape
  • Hygienic measures to adopt so that "energy circulates" in your environment, to feel better ...
  • Good habits to adopt and maintain.

2)Happiness, through pleasure

Philosophers often love to separate happiness from pleasure, denouncing pleasure as something temporary, useless, fleeting. What life experience tells us: Pleasure can be a path to happiness, if you respect the first key, that is, if you do not harm the body. You will understand that unhealthy food, as tasty as it is, is not recommended in the long term, like drugs or any kind of easy pleasure.

The body must deserve pleasure, to associate it with its reward system, which is made up of real neural circuits , and that it is modulated by the release of neurotransmitters. If you give yourself pleasure when you don't deserve it, you cause a short circuit that leads directly to addiction.

The key number 2 is then: reserve small (or great) pleasures, when you have performed a task, a job, an effort; when you have overcome an obstacle. Don't start the day with a treat, first make sure you do something right, to deserve it.

Be honest with yourself and analyze the distractions that keep you away from your goals.

Divide work time and leisure time.

3)Happiness, through peace

Inner peace is an excellent way to obtain happiness.

When one has managed to silence his own demons, the mind is clearer and happiness can be born in silence, in this space of calm and tranquility.

How do we achieve that peace?

Yoga is an excellent path, because everything is already there: breathing, relaxing positions, meditation ... There is a style for everyone, everything is in finding yours.

Qi Cong is very good for those who need to release tension. We return to the fundamental movements that make us human, we learn to tame breathing and subtle energies.

Sport allows you to free yourself from excess tension, mental or emotional. Sometimes you just can't sleep because you have too much energy.

You have to spend it! Good cardio = good endorphin release = good post-workout time.

Meditation is a great tool. Meditating for 5 to 20 minutes, once or twice a day, is very beneficial and will allow you to free yourself from your emotional tensions, from your stubborn thoughts.

4)Happiness, through performance

Being successful in what you love to do is a real key to happiness. It brings recognition, satisfaction, pride.

Become someone good at what you do, not demanding too much or being too hard on yourself, without seeking the direct satisfaction of your loved ones, in the long term always becoming more subtle, simple and constant.

When you are successful, you feel satisfied with yourself. Sooner or later satisfaction leads to happiness.

5)Happiness, by the judicious choice of relationships

This is a trully important key! There are people who pull you down and people who pull you up. It is so. You must know how to illuminate your soul and make yourself feel good.

It is simple and complicated at the same time: simple, because deep down we know who the right people are for us. Complicated, because if the relationship is long, it is difficult to let them go.

Learn to dose, without judging, without accusing. Simply approach those who teach you, they make you grow, they make you see the positive side of things.

6)Happiness, due to the absence of complaints and frustrations

Do you know this person who spends his time complaining, even if he has everything he wants?

You don't want to be this person. Complaining, for a yes or a no, is a sign of mental weakness, whether assumed or not. Complaining is accepting the mediocrity of a person or a situation.

Not! It is often not very constructive. It is necessary to provide a better point of view, a better analysis, real solutions.

Say it sucks because it does, this is obvious and inappropriate.

Present a functional alternative, putting yourself in the other person's shoes for a few seconds, understanding the cause of the cause, this is a path that leads to happiness.

7) Happiness, valuing life

We will all die, right? We do not know very well what happens next, in any case, the elderly tell us the same thing: profits, life passes quickly. Let's keep this fact in mind so that we can really appreciate the simple things in life.

Let's go back to the simple pleasures: eating, breathing, seeing someone smiling, listening to music, watching a good movie, running, playing sports. Each moment has its place and each moment must be honored.

Guillaume Michigan