Being able to study is the most important thing for a person. Having the possibility of learning in an educational institution is what most of the subjects of society always consider. However, times have changed a lot and with it technology was noticed, because it has become essential. With it, changes have appeared, changing our lifestyles, our way of communicating and relating, changing new social and educatinal interactions, work and personal environments. Have new technologies really brought something positive to our daily lives? There is no person who doubts this.

Information and communication technologies have managed to make our life a little more flexible, more comfortable, calmer, giving us the possibility of doing any activity on the web, from wherever we are and at the right time. Digital offers us entertainment with interactive games or videos, chat with our friends or family, establish new social relationships through social networks, sell or buy a product, create digital courses, study at the best universities and many more activities.

We have been saying it for a long time and each of us can verify that, during this last time, the web has incorporated new teaching and learning methods, where people create virtual classes using the best educational platforms, and teachers take on a new role and they are being introduced in this new modality. Training has managed to revolutionize the internet and more and more educators are encouraged to teach, more educational institutions that face the challenge of changing methodological processes and more universities offering their careers online.

In this opportunity, we will talk about online universities, a complex but extremely interesting topic in this age of digital education and we will describe the benefits they offer us and the disadvantages we find in these online learning sites.

Virtual education has managed to position itself positively in society. A new modality of distance studies that allows the incorporation of new techniques, processes, content, resources and materials to develop professionally in what we are so passionate about and that we want to practice. This educational environment allows us to create a bond of trust and respect with our teachers and achieve interaction and communication between them, to achieve better learning and where instructors can transmit their knowledge through virtual classes.

Online universities continue to advance and present a new educational model that allows young people and adults to choose their career, study from any technological device, from the comfort of their homes and organizing their time to develop it. Not all of us have had the opportunity to physically attend a university or perhaps we have not been given the time, however today we can have that opportunity but without having to worry about space, money or time. Choosing a specialty, a university, is also taking advantage of each of the tools and resources that technology offers us.

But let's bear in mind something very important, and that is that not all universities in the world have managed to adapt their studies to new technologies. This is a worrying situation because most have not been able to incorporate their content digitally. It is something that continues to be in process.

What are thebenefits or advantages that an online university can offer us?

We can save time and we know that when we study digitally, we have the possibility of choosing the schedule that best suits us, that best suits our daily activities. The money we invest in virtual classes is not the same that we would spend attending a university, from saving transportation, food if we spent a lot of time there, and even bibliographic materials, now with technology we can download them. This is also another advantage of online universities, which is more accessible and economical. Digital quality also plays a fundamental role in our training, since we can find in it the careers or topics that we want to study to be professionals tomorrow.

But do we really know what its downsides are? Let's be attentive to this. Being able to spend a lot of time in front of the screen can play against us, so we must organize our times and remember that rest is necessary to keep up with the study. Having digital material, we often read the books and spend hours doing it. That is why we must spend time resting and retake the study when the time is right.

Many of the young people think that studying online is simple or does not require a lot of dedication. However, it is necessary that we take our career seriously and with great responsibility, respecting the teachers' time, being punctual in classes, being attentive to the content and continuing our training development.

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