We all know the great potential that technological tools have today and all that they can offer us to create online courses. Some people may already be tired of seeing advertisements for this kind of thing on the internet but they really don't know the work a trainer or teacher offers online behind all of that.

As digital educators we want to give our best and we feel the need to be able to offer our students all the elements and materials necessary for their academic development. Before creating a course, a workshop, a training, we need to have all the content that we are going to use, think educational and didactic strategies to carry out our classes, and be able to show people the quality of our product or service. Being a teacher in the new digital era requires a great challenge for our own capacities and abilities because we have to adapt to this new way of educating.

We seek to give students new ways of learning, using videos, pictures, presentations, supplementary reading, recreational activities, and much more. Those of us who create courses have the goal of incorporating new teaching and learning methods always using technology as a base and so that the student can know its functions and characteristics in order to use it correctly and responsibly.

As we have already mentioned, digital instructors want to incorporate new technological resources into their classes so that people can be even more interested in their content and understand the meanings, conceptualizations, etc. Many of us went create educational videos, in order to achieve better communication and explanation towards students. The idea is to catch their attention and  make themfocus on what they see and repeatit as many times as necessary.

There are many options to provide courses or training, we simply need to be aware of what we can use, in what way and with what intention. For this reason, in this article we will talk about how we can record the screen of our personal computer and create dynamic and pedagogical teaching sections, what software is the right one to use this tool and obtain good results for the online courses that I am going to create.

To create an educational video requires a lot of patience, time, production. We must know that we have to have a good presentation, which must be dynamic, fun and entertaining, to give a positive image to our students. Aesthetics and imagination are very important so that we can have good ideas and create something beautiful, beyond its content or the information we provide. The important thing is that through this video we achieve better learning.

But what is the most recommended software to carry out this task? Let's get toknow the best ones that can be found in the educational market.

First of all we can find Power point, it is one of the most used by teachers to create contents with their explanations in class. One idea is to record a creative video, aslideshow with the teacher's narration.Office 365 and the latest version of Powerpoint incorporate the additional option of recording your image on the screen through the PC's webcam during the presentation. The recordings are recorded on each slide, as well as the possibility of pausing the recording between slides to rest during the explanation, in case it's extensive.

Secondly, you have the built-in functionality of Windows and Mac. Both Windows 10 and MAC operating systems from the OS X Mojave version natively incorporate the functionality of recording the PC screen and audio, eliminating the need to use an external program.

To record yourscreen on aWindows 10 PC, perform the following steps:

-Enter the application you want to capture

-Type Xbox in the search box or press the key combination Windows + G

-Activate the audio to record your voice, and start recording by pressing Record or with the [Windows] + [Alt] + [R] keys

-Explain a topic or resolve a question

-When you want to finish recording, press [Windows] + [Alt] + [R] again.

-Your video will be saved inside the videos folder> Captures in .mp4 format

To record the MAC screen, press the cmd + shift + 5 keys at the same time:

-Use the on-screen controls that appear to select whether to record the entire screen, just part of it, or if you want a simple image capture

-If you are going to speak, choose the microphone to use from Options

-Now click on Record and start your explanation

-When you are done, use the key combination cmd + ctrl + esc to stop recording

-A thumbnail appears below that when you open it allows you to edit the recording

-Cut out the beginning and end and share the video with your students from the arrow icon

As a third option,the digital tool Recordit, is an application, which has always been free, it can bedownloaded directly to your Windows PC or MAC. It records your PC screenwithout audio.

You must start the Recordit application on your PC, select the piece of screen that youneed to record, click on "Record" and follow the steps with the solution. A public web link is automatically generated that you canpaste in a question forum, in an email or in a blog comment. You can also create a GIF of the recording and insert it into a blog.

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