Being proud of your body, being in harmony with yourself… A lot of “normal” or “perfect” people could tell you this kind of weird thoughts. It is always easier to be proud of your body and love yourself when you look like the perfect model of your era: high, slim and beautiful for women. High, fit and beautiful for men. That’s right, nowadays, we can work and make a lot of things to change some details… We can do sport du get slim or fit. But, we can also watch out our food.

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About me, for example, I could stop feeding myself, I will never be as slim as Kendall Jenner or Cindy Crawford. Despite doing sport everyday, diets and all my desires, I will stay curvy. With strong breast, wide inches, big bottom. Because, that’s what I am. I am a simple curvy woman.

So, why does the nowadays society force people to be twins ? Whereas advertisements and brands tell you to stay yourself. Then, why are androgyne, flat and almost dead women the only models ? A woman is normally supposed to be shiny and healthy. Finally, why do you refuse your body as it is, tall or small ? Slim or curvy ? You are unique. You are yourself. So, be proud of your body ! And love yourself.

I know, it is an easy speech. But, nothing would change your bones, your size and your morphology. Miracles doesn’t exist, magical operations neither. Only your mind, your brain, can make you accept who you really are.

Time will be your friend: days, months, years… However, you will be fine. You can manage it. For some of you, you need to find open-minded people. For others, living without any judgement. Don’t let you break by “perfect” pictures. Because, nobody is perfect. You just have to live happily with yourself. You need to believe in yourself, to be surrounded by open-minded people who love you. And finally, always remember that you are unique.

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See you soon !

Clotilde – lesvolutesdeclaudia